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"I see you've found my self portrait."

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Gerard visits Paisley in her apartment. Please R & R! xoxo Dani

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Gerard had began his trip at 11:30 Saturday morning. By the time he reached his destination, it was 12:45. Slowly he got off his bike and gingerly walked it up Heartford Place's drive.

'I've probably caused permanent damage to to my crotch,' Gerard thought wincing slightly, 'Damn this is a steep-ass drive.'

By the time he reached the top he was nearly out of breath.

'A little further,' he thought, 'Nice complexs,' Gerard thought to himself.

After walking another ten minutes he found 601. Leaving his bike at the foot of the stairs he climbed up. Once on the landing pocketed the card and knocked on the door.

After several minutes Paisley answered the door. Crossing her arms she leaned against the doorframe.

"What do you want?"

"I came to say I'm sorry."

"Oh yeah. I'm really going to believe you after the way you treated me yesterday."

"I also came to tell you your right."


"Someone I love, gone. Needing to heal. Needing someone to help me. Everything you said yesterday," Gerard said earnestly, making eye contact.

Paisley nodded and shut the door.

Once it was shut she leaned against it and shut her eyes and began to think.


Gerard shuffled his feet and looked at the door again. Sighing he turned and walked down the steps. Paisley heard him move and opened the door. She walked over to the top of the stairs and watched him.

"You wanna come in?"

He looked up at her and nodded.


When Gerard reached the top of the stairs, Paisley turned and opened the door. Once he was inside she shut it and told him to make himself comfortable.

"Um, wouldn't your parents mind you have a boy in the apartment by yourself?"

"Their not here."

Gerard rolled his eyes.

"Yeah that's why I was asking."

Paisley shook her head.

"Their not here. This is my apartment."

"Uh it's pretty cool your parents let you live on your own."

"If you count your dad being in a coma for the past three years and being taken off life support two months ago, your mom dead, and your aunt not being able to take you in because of her three other children, cool, then yeah."

Gerard cringed.

"Wow. Um."

"Would you like something to drink? coke? tea? water."

"A coke would be nice."

Paisley nodded and went into the kitchen.

While she was gone, Gerard decided to explore a little.

Walking over the shelf next to the tv he perused the pictures.

Before he returned to his seat one caught his eye. Picking it up he examined it carefully. It was a hand drawn picture of a teenage girl sitting in front of a mirror, eyeliner smeared and mascara running down her cheeks. In the mirror could be seen lightening bolts, black clouds, and such. Just as he was about to sit it back in it's spot, Paisley was at his shoulder.

"I see you've found my self portrait."
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