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"What color is your heart? Black? "

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Guilt. Please Read and Review

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The three boys left Gerard standing on the sidewalk, jaw dropped, while they went inside the pizza joint.

'Because I need help healing too.'

Her words reverberated in Gerard's head.

Violently he shook his head, as if to get rid of her words, and he went inside to find his friends.


"So you don't LIKE like Paisley," Ray asked Frank.

"No. As a friend, yes. I'm fine being single right now. Man, I feel for Paisley," Frank said.

"Yeah," Mikey said as their waitress brought their pizzas.

Shortly after, Gerard came in and sat down next to Frank in the booth.

Frank responded with a glare.

"What color is your heart? Black? Or do you even have one," he asked?

Gerard stared down at the pizza he had placed on his plate.

"Yeah I have a heart."

Mikey looked at Gerard and sighed.

"I think I know why your hurting," he began, "Dude, grandma died months ago. You have to try to move on. I mean yeah it hurts to know she's not here, but honestly, do you think she'd approve of you treating someone like the way your treating Paisley? She's right you know. You need someone to help you heal."

Gerard looked up at Mikey and closed his eyes. Shaking his head he stood up and walked out of the joint, leaving his pizza untouched.


Gerard lay on his bed facing the calendar on his wall. It was Saturday. Friday had seemed like it was never going to end. Mikey was right and so was Paisley. Gerard rolled onto his back. Someone flipped the lights on.He closed his eyes.

"Go away Mikey," Gerard said.

"No. And I'm not Mikey," Ray said.

"What are you doing here," Gerard asked?

"To give you Paisley's address," Ray said.

Gerard didn't answer.

"Yeah, I'm putting this on your desk."

Still no answer.

Ray placed the index card on Gerard's paint splattered desk and exited the basement, slamming the door to signify his departure.

Gerard lay in the same spot several minutes before throwing his legs over the side of the bed. Once in a sitting postition he stood and walked over to his desk. Looking down he gingerly picked up the blue index card.

'Paisley Walker
Heartford Place
8901 Harrison Avenue
Appt. 601'

Picking up his bag, index card in hand, Gerard exited through the basement door and got on his bike.

Guilt and realization had caught up with him over night.
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