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"Ever wonder why you've never kissed a girl?"

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Gerard pisses Paisley off. Please R&R!

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"So are you cool with Paisley now, "Frank asked as Gerard as the foursome walked to Ray's car.

"Yeah. I guess. I can tolerate her if that's what you mean," Gerard said as Ray gave him a look.

"So who's up for pizza," Frank asked as everyone piled into Ray's beat up Toyota.

"I could do with a hot slice of pepperoni and garlic pizza right now, "Mikey said from the backseat.

"Nice Mikes, ever wonder why you've never kissed a girl," Gerard said from the passenger seat.

"Funny. Not like you have either," Mikey replied.

"I'm waiting for the right girl. With most the girls at RHP you have no clue where their mouths have been," Gerard replied.

"Or what's been in them," Frank added.


"Hey isn't that Paisley right there," Mikey asked fifteen minutes later.

"Where," Frank and Gerard asked in unison.

Frank looked questioningly at Gerard who recovered quickly, "Because she was still sitting on the steps when we pulled out of the parking lot. How the hell did she get ahead of us?"

"That's right. Maybe she just walks really fast. We've been caught by five redlights already," Ray replied, "Should we ask her if she wants to come with us?"

"Yeah," Frank replied enthusiasticly.

"No," Gerard said.


"There's no room. You and Mikey are practically sitting in the other one's lap back there."

"So she can sit in someone's lap. Since you two are cool now, she can sit in yours," Ray replied nonchalantly.

"Yeah," Frank replied rolling down his window as Gerard scowled at Ray.

"You know you like her," Ray said under his breath.

"No I don't. I tolerate ," Gerard replied.


"Hey Paisley!"

Paisley stopped on the sidewalk and looked around for whoever yelled her name. Turning she saw a rusting two-door Toyota sedan pull up next to the sidewalk.

"Hey Ray. Guys."

"Hi Paisley, wanna come eat with us? We're gonna go get some pizza."

Paisley nodded, "Um sure but is there any room?"

"Yeah. You can uh, sit with Gerard," Ray said winking at her.

Kneeling down slightly she spoke to Gerard.

"Do you mind?"

Before Gerard could answer Ray hit him in the thigh.

"No I don't mind," came a pained reply.

"Ok," she replied walking around to the passenger side. Gerard opened the door for her and she gently sat on his lap sideways, "Are you comfortable."

Gerard nodded.

Once she was settled, Paisley shut the door and Ray drove on.

"How did you catch up with us if when we left you were still sitting on the steps," Frank asked?

"Oh, someone from third offered to take me home but I found out that they take a right where I take a left so I just asked them to let me out and I'd continue from there," Paisley replied, "I think his name was Ben Fowler."

Ray had been sitting at a red light and his foot slipped off the brake.

"What?!" Frank practically yelled.

"Paisley, Ben is like the biggest player is the school. He feels up every girl he sees," Mikey said wiping his glasses off.

Paisley turned to look at Mikey, being careful not to hurt Gerard.

"That's why I got out the car Mikey. He started putting his hand on my thigh and I told him that he'd be going too far out of his way and to just let me out there."

"Thank God," Gerard said under is breath.

This caused Paisley to smile.

"Were you worried about me Gerard? You think I was gonna leave you guys and be hurt by some jock?"

Gerard glanced up at Paisley, eyes locking with hers. Ray had parked the car while he and the two in the backseat watched the scene happening in the passenger seat.

Gerard broke the moment.

"No, you just moved your ass and took all the weight off my leg."

Paisley's mouth dropped open.

"Um we're here," Ray said opening his door, letting Frank and Mikey out of the back seat.

"Thank you," Paisley said grabbing her bag and opening the door. Once her feet were on the concrete she took off for her house.

"Paisley, where are you going?"

"Home. So I don't have to listen to an effed up boy who likes a girl but is too damn whatever the hell he is, to admit it and treat her like shit when it's obvious she LIKED him too," she replied emphasizing 'liked'.

Gerard got out of the car and looked at Paisley.

"How the hell can you say you like me when we've barely known each other eight hours?"

Paisley softened abit, "Your eyes. In first period and just now. You can tell alot about a person from their eyes."

Gerard looked at his friends. Turning back to Paisley he smirked, "What do mine tell you?"

"That your hurting inside. I can read you like a book and the pages are all torn and frayed. Someone you loved has gone. You need someone to help you heal,"Paisley said before walking away.

"All this from a couple of glances,"Frank asked?

Ray and Mikey shushed him.

"And you can tell this how," Gerard asked?

Paisley stopped and turned halfway around.

"Because I need help healing too."
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