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"Did I just see you almost smile?"

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"So this is the last period of the day, right,"Paisley asked as she, Frankie, and her two new friends walked outside.

"Yeah. Um, hey Paisley, we normally play croquet," Ray said.

"Ok," Paisley said smiling.

"With Gerard," Mikey added.

"Oh," Paisley nodded understanding, "Hey you know what? I'll sit a little ways off from where you guys are playing and I'll read my book."

"You sure," Frank asked?

"Mmhmm. Postitive," Paisley said as they walked onto the field where Gerard could be seen playing croquet, by himself.

Paisley sat down on a warm patch of grass and pulled out her book while the three boys walked over to Gerard and each picked up a wicket.

"How long you been out here," Mikey asked?

"Not long. Maybe ten minutes," Gerard replied glancing over at Paisley.

"I think you should apologize to her," Ray said catching Gerard's glance.

"Who," Gerard asked?

Before he could hit his ball, Ray walked forward and placed his foot on the ball. Leaning forward Ray was next to Gerard's ear before he started speaking.

"Paisley, because how are you ever going to get her to like you if you act like an ass," Ray said.

Gerard was about to respond but Ray cut him off, "Don't say you don't like her. You keep glancing at her and the way you look at her, man I've never seen you look at a girl like that."

Gerard glanced at Paisley again and scowled.

"Ok. I'll apologize."

Gerard sat his wicket down and walked across the field to Paisley's grass patch.



"Hmmm," Paisley answered still reading her book.

Glancing over his shoulder Gerard saw his friends staring at him, arms crossed. Focusing back on Paisley, Gerard sat on the ground in front of her; back to his friends.

"Paisley, I'd like to say I'm sorry for acting like acting like an asshole."

Smiling, Paisley marked her place in her book and looked up at Gerard.

"And I'd like to say I'm sorry for smashing my sandwich in your face."

Gerard's lip twitched.

Paisley's eyebrows shot up in mock surprise, "Did I just see you almost smile?"

Gerard smirked, ignoring her question.

"So what are you reading?"

"Catcher in the Rye."

"That's my favorite book."

"Mine too. I think this is my fourth time reading it."

"Really? Your probably the only person I know, other than me, whose favorite book it is."


"What do you suppose their talking about," Frank asked?

"Who knows. Frankly, I'm surprised their talking. I figured he'd apologize, she'd accept, and he'd be back over here," Mikey said.

"Same here," Ray replied, "Since it doesn't look like Gerard's coming back anytime soon, you wanna go ahead and continue here?"

"Might as well," Mikey said.

"Whose turn is it," Frank asked.

"Yours," Ray and Mikey replied in unison.
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