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Brothers and Sister

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Ch. 6
Brothers and Sister

Hilary opened her eyes and looked at the spot beside her, “Mandy?” She said sitting up. She looked back at the bag, “Mandy?” She stood up and started looking around the house, “Mandy!” She ran outside looking around, “Where are you!” It was down pouring rain. She took off down the street screaming Mandy’s name

Mandy was walking down the street with the book in her arms crying, “Daddy is dead… but he was there… Mommy… she never told me about the house.”

“Mandy!” Hilary ran up

Mandy looked up, “Mommy…”

Hilary hugged her and blinked and looked down at the book, “Where did you get this?” She asked

Mandy shook her head, “Why didn’t you tell me my daddy died in that house mommy…” She said still crying

Hilary’s eyes went wide, “What house?”

“And why didn’t you tell me Joel died in the Cornwell house! My daddy and my daddy’s best friend died there!” Mandy screamed

Hilary watched her, “Mandy no… no they didn’t…” She said

“I saw Joel mommy! I saw Joel in the house mommy I saw him! He was coming at me! He looked horrible! And you have a newspaper in here saying it! One is about daddy who died in the house! You were there mommy!” She screamed

Hilary shook her head, “You went in the house! Mandy no! You didn’t go in the house!” Hilary grabbed her shoulders, “You didn’t!” She screamed

Mandy went quiet

Tears were streaming down her cheeks. She stood up, “Get home now Mandy!” She pointed back at the house

Mandy glared at Hilary and walked past her and ran off.

Hilary watched her tears going down her cheeks. She waited till she was all the way to the house and in the house. She turned and ran off.

At the police station

Hilary walked in and walked up to the main desk, “I need to talk to your Sheriff! Now!”

The lady behind the counter looked up at her, “With that attitude no way.” She said

Hilary took a deep breath, “Then can I go in please…” She said calmly

The lady watched her then pointed at the door

Hilary walked up to the door and walked in, “Sir?” She asked

He looked at her, “Yes young lady?” He asked, “Come sit.”

She walked up and sat down, “I need a favor of you… and anyone else.” She sighed, “I need you to finish burning down the Cornwell’s house. Where the death’s happened…” She said looking at him

He looked at her with an _expression she couldn’t make out, “No…” He said

“What!” She screamed

“Ms. I’m not just going to burn down a house just because you came in and said so.”

Hilary stood up, “You have to!” She said, “Or anyone who enters that house will die!”

He blinked and stood up, “Ms! I will not tolerate this attitude! Leave!” He yelled pointing to the door

She slammed her hands on the desk, “My friend, boyfriend, and sister died in that house because of some bitch that died a long time ago from my boyfriends dad! And so she came and killed them all for going in that house! And another friend of mine died in the school library because he went in there! Now my daughter went in there and she is going to get killed if you don’t burn down the house!” She screamed

He shook his head sitting down, “Coincidence…” He said calmly

“All them dying in that fucking house was not a coincidence!” She screamed

He smashed his fists on the desk, “Get out you crazed lagoon!”

She shook her head, “Not till you tell me you will get rid of that god damned house!”

“Guards!” He yelled

Hilary grabbed his shirt, “You will burn down that house so my daughter doesn’t die!”

Cops ran in and grabbed her pulling her away

The Sheriff straightened his shirt, “Make sure this young lady makes it to a mental institute!” He demanded

Hilary started squirming, “You are putting my daughter in trouble! That bitch from that house will kill her!” She screamed trying to pull away

They pulled her out

Sarah is sitting in her bed reading a book trying to get sleep. She was in her under garments, no pajamas sense it hurt when it rubbed against the marks on her stomach. She stood up putting the book down. She walked up to the mirror and looked at the stitches. She got them when she went to the doctor. She won’t forget his face when he saw the marks on her stomach and legs. She looked down at her feet. She sighed and looked at a piece of paper on the mirror of Joel’s death in the house. She looked at another of Benji’s in the library. She looked at the house one, “Why did you die in there Joel?” She asked leaning on the mirror thinking, “I went to the house after you died Joel… I went there cause I couldn’t believe it…” She closed her eyes

Something fell in the closet

She looked over at the door. She blinked, “What the…” She started towards the closet

It hit the door

She jumped, “Ep!” She put her hands to her mouth.

It hit the doorknob

“What is in my closet!” she said to herself. She reached for the doorknob and opened it


She sighed and let go looking down, “That was creepy…”

Something gargled

She blinked and looked up

Benji was leaning on the wall in the back of the closet

“Benji?” She said

She looked around and bent down, “Is that you?”

She couldn’t see him that well sense it was dark.

She got on all fours, “What… your… dead?”

Benji was breathing heavy

She smiled warmly, “Oh Benji.” She sat on her legs

He moved to where he was on his knees watching her

Sarah reached in the closet, “Come here…” She shook her head, “You know you shouldn’t fake to be dead Benji… why did you do it?”

He hissed

She took her hand away, “Benji… did you just… hiss at me?”

He glared at her

Sarah blinked, “Come out here now!”

He lunged out at her

She screamed and fell back. She backed up looking at him, “Oh my god!”

She saw the marks on his face and everything he got when he died.

“What happened to your face! Your body! Are you ok.. Benji…” She blinked “Oh my god… you are dead…” She backed up and hit something

She turned around

Joel was right there

“Joel!” She screamed and backed up

He grabbed her foot and started pulling her back up to him

“Let go!” She screamed moving her leg around, “Joel let go!”

Benji grabbed her arm and his nails dug into her skin

She screamed in pain

Joel was scratching at her legs while Benji scratched at her upper body

Sarah wailed in pain as both of her brothers killed her slowly tearing her apart.
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