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The Tides of Retribution

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Stuff Happens.

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Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal

Chapter Seventeen - The Tides of Retribution

Another day of attempting to teach dunderheads. Another day wasted. Severus Snape, his robes billowing behind him, strode into his office, and stopped in open mouthed amazement. Harry Potter was sitting with his feet upon Snape's personal desk thumbing through a priceless antique potions book like it was a textbook.

"What the hell do you think you are doing in my office Potter?"

"Good afternoon Snivelous." The dark haired boy said looking up from the book. "I'm here to find something out. Your answer doesn't really matter; I'm just feeding my own personal curiosity. Do you know what goes on in your house?"

"Get out of my office Potter. I'll have you expelled for this."

"Yes, yes," Harry made the rolling 'speed it up' sign with his left hand. "Every year, you'll have me expelled. Yet somehow, I'm still here. This year, the Headmaster might even let you do it. The problem is of course, I don't care. The only thing expulsion will do is give me more time to destroy your masters, both of them. Sit down Snivelous."

The potions master felt the force surround him, then force him into the chair in front of the desk.

"I suppose I should be thanking you. If you ran a house with any measure of civilized behavior, then Hermione might still be trying to deal with what happened to her, but you and your neglect has given her a cause to focus on. Are you aware that you had at least one young woman under your care repeatedly raped over the last five years?"

"That's what women are for Potter. Men want them. Men use them. Which one of the wenches complained?"

"Which one? Wonderful. You're wrong Snivelous, that's not what women are for. It was your responsibility to protect them." Harry shook his head. "You know, if I killed you now, I'd be doing you a favor. My wives know about your house's activities and they are going to destroy your happy little band of rapists. If you've touched a single girl yourself, I would suggest you start running now. It won't do you any good, but the exercise couldn't hurt."

"You dare threaten me Potter?"

"Snivelous, doesn't the fact I can control your body without a wand or an imperius worry you in the slightest? I'm not threatening you. I'm telling you what is going to happen. You're a bully and a coward, but I never really thought you were stupid. Open your eyes, both of your masters will be gone inside the year. You've no one to hide behind any longer.


Draco slowly regained consciousness. What had happened? He had been leaving the Great Hall following dinner, contemplating the death of his father, the disillusion of his parent's marriage, and his mother's letter telling him to approach Potter hat in hand to beg his protection, then nothing.

"Waking up are we?"

Draco's attention focused on the bushy haired woman before him. Her smile was predatory, he found he couldn't move.

"What have you done to me Mudblood?"

The knee that buried its self into his groin belonged to the raven haired beauty standing beside Hermione Granger. Draco's world dissolved into one of red tinged agony. It was only the body bind and sticking charm that kept him upright.

"That was one Draco. Use a word that annoys me again and find out what happens for the second occurrence." The Blood Traitor said.

"Do you know who I am?" he choked out between gritted teeth.

"Of course we know who you are Draco, a penniless bastard with delusions that what you want and think matter in the slightest." Hermione said.

"We know you got Mummy's letter telling you to beg Harry for your life Draco. You belong to me."

"Potter's Lord Black, not you."

"Draco, my husband is indeed Lord Black. I however am Lady Black, and on these matters he listens to me. I tell him to kill you, you are dead. I tell him to leave you as you are; you will be a poverty stricken bastard with no name for all of your life. I tell him to reward you, and you will have treasure that would make you late father's fortune pale in insignificance."

"What do you want? Isn't Potter man enough to satisfy you?"

His world went red again, and pain consumed the universe.

"That's two Draco. Harry is more man than you will ever be you arrogant little shit." The raven haired woman lifted his face with a single finger under his chin. "A third mistake means you die Draco. Consider that."

"What we want is pretty simple Draco." Hermione added. "We want to know ever woman you've taken advantage of. We want to know every woman you know was hurt by any of your little playmates. Tell us the truth and you'll live. We might even allow Harry to keep his promise to your mother. Lie to us and your life will become most unpleasant and very very short."


Luna sat under her favorite tree. This was a place where people would leave her along. The abuse and bullying in the Ravenclaw dorms hadn't reduced in the slightest, she was still spending an inordinate amount of time tracking down her personal things. She didn't really mind all that much, but it was vexing to be the target of so much hostility, still it wouldn't last forever.

A branch of the huge willow dipped down to lightly caress her cheek. She never understood why so many people with so frightened by this gentle tree. It was not like the plant was hostile or anything.

Lucius Malfoy was dead, the Malfoy line gone. Neville had taken his heritage in both hands and Bellatrix was dead. Realities swirled about her, she watched as entire universes sheared off the path she was on. Hermione and Daphne were gathering the women abused in the school, and retribution was being planned. Leaving as Tracy Davis was arriving had been the best choice; the reality it created was turning out to be one of the primary paths to happiness for Harry.

It was important that Harry be happy. As she had told Hermione's parents, that was the most important thing. The fact that this path now led to happiness for her was only icing on the rhubarb.

She wondered if Harry or Hermione knew that the Grangers had returned to England.

Hermione was good for Harry. It was good that she read the book Luna had given Harry and understood. There were so many things about Wizarding culture that the Muggle born and Muggle raised had no clue about. It was fortunate that Hermione was so very intelligent, if somewhat set in her beliefs.


She looked up. "Justin!" she said brightly. She had been expecting him for a while now.

"Luna, what are you doing there? That bloody plant is dangerous!" Justin Finch-Fletchly had been on a walk around the school grounds when he had spotted the slight blonde. Having received a 'Dear John' letter from his girl friend (a concept that had required a 20 minute explanation to Ernie, who still wasn't clear on just who 'John' was) he was feeling a bit sorry from him self. Still a conversation with the pretty Ravenclaw could be a welcome distraction. He had always found Luna to be more than a little odd, but not in a bad way. He would hate to have her get hurt.

"Oh, poo. This tree is the most affectionate plant I have ever encountered." A minor branch ran through her hair causing her to giggle. "Would you like to sit and enjoy the day Justin?"

Finch-Fletchly swallowed. If he couldn't find it in himself to accept her invitation because he was frightened by a tree, would he be able to look into a mirror to shave? "That would be nice Luna. Are you sure that your friend will be as accepting of me as he is of you?"

"Of course." She patted the ground next to her. "Come on, I won't bite... very hard." For a moment she felt sorry for all the other Lunas whose paths were not as happy.


"Are you sure?" Amelia Bones looked up from the parchment on her desk.

"Yes. Without a doubt. There isn't a lot of research on the topic, because no one has been allowed to remain under the effects of vincodiligo for anywhere near that long before. Both the youngest Weasleys had been taking that potion from October last year until September this year. Dumbledore supplied the potions, and well, you've seen them." Algie Croaker was shaking his head.

Amelia regarded the unspeakable with narrowed eyes. "And why is your department interested in this? Usually attempting to get help from you is like pulling dragon teeth."

"Dumbledore tried this little trick on my grand nephew Neville Longbottom when Potter slipped his leash. It was only luck that had his dosing with mancipiumdiligo discovered before it could affect him. We don't know who the controllers were, but as long as they have stopped taking their potions, there shouldn't be any harmful effects."

"So what does this mean for the Weasleys?"

"You've seen them. The both of them are completely totally insane. Both of them convinced that the Potters belong to them. I don't know if anything can be done for them. When Neville told me what had happened, I researched the potions. No one has taken the control potion for more than two months in all the documentation available. And those who took the potion for two months started showing signs of obsession with their thralls. Dumbledore is being negligent with his actions toward his pawns. Something needs to be done."

Amelia Bones nodded. "I understand. Thank you."

Croaker stood and handed her a folder overstuffed with parchment "This is my research. I of course cannot be associated with this. The Unspeakables do not participate in these things. But Neville is blood; please do what needs to be done."

He left the office. Amelia stared after him for several moments before turning to her fireplace, and throwing in a pinch of floo powder into the hearth she called out "Arthur Weasley."


"What do you need?" Tracey had come to the married quarters at Daphne's requests "Your note said it was important."

"I wanted to thank you Tracey." Daphne pulled her oldest friend into a hug. "You pulled Hermione out of her funk."

"And gave her a windmill to tilt at." Tracy and Daphne had been exchanging Muggle Idioms since first year. "Seriously, she's going to be ok?"

"Hermione is worried about you."

"Stupid Gryffindor."

Daphne smiled. "Actually, she's not as bad as that. She pointed out to me that since the Malfoy marriage was annulled, and Lucius is now dead, I own Draco."

For the first time in memory Daphne saw her friend at a loss for words. She opened and closed her mouth several times. "How did I miss that?"

"You and me both. Of course it hasn't even been twenty four hours yet. A good plot requires time."

"True. And I've taken that time. I think it's time to talk with Draco."

"Already done. Hermione was very imaginative in her interrogation techniques. Draco is not the happiest of people just now. I knew there were other girls being molested, but I had no idea that so many were, nor what Snape was doing. Did he touch you?"

"Just once. His memory charms are crap. It's foggy but I remember what he did. He has a thing for redheads. I remember he flubbed the transformation on me twice. What's the plan?"

"Just now, we haven't decided. What we are doing is isolating the abusers."

"Daphne, can we do this?"

"Yes. Harry has the power to exact our revenge. He has the motivation. I have the plan, and Hermione has the anger. Daphne, contact every girl you know of who has been taken against her will, there will be a meeting in the Room of Requirements tomorrow after dinner."


Arthur Weasley had convened another Family meeting around the kitchen table. His five eldest sons sat around the table each inwardly reflective. Even the twins were quiet and keeping to themselves.

"I've received some disturbing news."

"What have Potter and his whores done now?" Molly spat.

"Be silent Molly. It seems that both Ron and Ginny are suffering from over exposure to the Control potion they were using to control Harry and Hermione."

"What do you mean Dad?"

"Amelia Bones called me today Bill. They were under constant dosing of the Control potion for almost a year. According to Amelia the maximum safe exposure is eight weeks. The constant exposure to the potion has them both in a delusional state that their thralls, in this case Harry and Hermione, belong to them, and in fact are in love with them. They are both quite insane. They have been transferred from the Ministry Holding cells to a long term care ward at St. Mungos."

"They're lying! Dumbledore would never have allow..."

"SHUT UP MOLLY. I know you were involved. I know you knew what they were doing. This is your fault. Your actions have cost two of our children their very minds. The Mind Healers have no idea if they can ever recover from what you allowed to happen to them. There is going to be an investigation, Dumbledore is going to be tried for this, and if you are deemed to be criminally liable for this, I swear to god that I will eject you from the family."


"Well, you impressed my Gran" Neville said as Hannah led him into the Hufflepuff Head Girl's suite. "She kept going on about you. I think she might like you better than she likes me."

"We came to an understanding. But I didn't ask you here to talk about your grandmother." She took hold of his tie and pulled him into a kiss. "I believe it's time to take our relationship to the next level."

Neville picked her up. "I do believe that is a very good idea."


"Headmaster, what are you going to do about this?"

Dumbledore looked up from his desk. "What are you talking about Severus? What am I going to do about what?"

"Potter and his Whores. He actually dared to come to my office to tell me that his women are investigating allegations of sex in the Slytherin house. And he had the gall to tell me that if I had had any of them, he would destroy me."

"You've had students?"

"On occasion. I obliviate them afterwards, no harm done."

"Severus, you don't see anything wrong with that?"

"Of course not. It's not like it hurts them. So a few of the Slytherin men use a few of the women to relieve stress. Where is the problem?"

"Severus if word of this gets out, your life will not be worth a wooden knut. We have to make sure that no one ever finds out."

"Just deal with Potter and his Whores. That will fix everything. Or at least force Greengrass back into the Slytherin dormitories. Then I can deal with it internally."


The Hogwarts staff room was as quiet as Minerva could remember it. If she hadn't seen most of the rest of the staff sitting there staring at her, she could have imagined being alone in the room.

"I assume you've heard the rumors?"

"In deed Min. I am having trouble believing it, but considering the source..." Filius Flitwick was as angry. "This is a reflection on us all." This from a man who regularly demonstrated to the occasional student (usually but not always, Slytherin) not to mistake stature for power; he was furious.

"I've treated so many of the Slytherin girls over the years; I'd always assumed that their injuries were from consensual activities. I should have..."

"We all should have Poppy. I'm afraid we allowed that house's reputation to cloud our judgment and expectations toward them."

"That includes those of us from that house." Aurora Sinestra added. "It wasn't like that in my day. But there are other rumors. Those that suggest Severus..."

Flitwick grimaced. "If that one turns out to be true, he and I will dance. The Aurors can have what I leave."

"Don't be absurd Filius. As Deputy Headmistress, that privilege is mine.

It was Pomona Sprout who asked the question that was on all of their minds. "Albus has always defended Severus and protected him from anyone looking into his questionable methods. What if this is true and Albus knew what he was doing?"

Silence once again filled the staff room as that question was considered.


"Thank you for coming." Amelia Bones sat back in one of the comfortable chairs that the Three Broomsticks used in their private meeting rooms. She quietly regarded Potter and his two wives. It was just now slowly dawning on her that these three were the same age as her niece Susan. Would Susan be marrying soon? Hopefully she would find a less turbulent match than these Witches. Potter was a good man, but a trouble magnet.

"I was surprised by your note Madam Bones." Hermione... Granger. Amelia reminded herself that in some odd Muggle custom the girl had kept her maiden name. Did she not understand the honor of being a Potter? The girl continued, "Is there a problem with the Weasley case?"

"Yes, a very large problem." She passed over a folder of documents. Potter glanced at them, his wives poured over them.

"Why are they in St. Mungos?"

"Over exposure to the control potion Lord Potter. It was never intended to be taken for more than a few weeks; they were constantly dosing themselves for most of a year. Their mental states are chaotic and confused. The Mind Healers at St. Mungos tell me they are both delusionally fixated on yourself and Lady Potter, to the point where they are not capable of participating in their own defense."

"It doesn't seem that Dumbledore takes very good care of his pawns." Daphne Black said sadly.

"No, he doesn't." Amelia shook her head. "With this situation, the focus of this case has shifted. I am no longer pursuing the rape charges against the Weasleys, they will be under treatment at St. Mungos for quite a while. One of the Healers I spoke with privately suggested that they may never recover sufficiently to be released. I will be pursuing charges against Albus Dumbledore and Molly Weasley for their part in this."

Hermione Granger looked up from the documents I had provided her. "What do you think your chances are?"

"Dumbledore is slippery, and he has a near impeccable reputation, but I believe he has gone too far this time."

"Perhaps this will help." Daphne Black passed her own folder to Amelia.

"Is this serious?" Amelia asked after having read through the first paragraph?

"Yes. We have confirmed 14 girls from Slytherin, in 3rd through 7th year who have been raped by classmates, and who were told to be quiet about it by their head of house. We have found another four instances of abuse of girls from other houses, who were threatened to keep them quiet. Five of Slytherins were also abused by Severus Snape and then he attempted to obliviate them. He isn't very good with his memory charms, most still remember parts of it." Hermione said.

"These are the pensieve memories we collected from the victims." Daphne passed over the vials, clearly labeled and sealed. "You'll forgive us if we don't wait for the wheels of justice to slowly grind. We have friends who are in danger, we will be protecting them."

"As long as you stay within the law..."

The meeting went on for another half hour, with the three women discussing the ongoing investigation, each making suggestions that the other two made notes on. When they were all preparing to leave Harry pulled Amelia to the side.

"I would like to arrange to cover the costs of Ron and Ginny's stay at St. Mungos."

"I don't think that would be..."

"Madam Bones, whatever has happened, they were both my friends at one time. I still look at Arthur Weasley like the father I never had. Please see what you can do for this. I can't do it out in the open without embarrassing the family, but..."

"I understand Mr. Potter. I'll see what I can do. I'll probably get you in contact with a solicitor who deals with this sort of thing."

"Thank you Madam Bones."


"You're trying to pay for their treatment aren't you Harry?"

The trio were once again walking back to the castle. If Dumbledore was going to continue to be an ass about allowing them to use a carriage for these 'non school sponsored events' Harry was considering buying a carriage of his own. Rules more than a century old allowed for that. "Yes I am. I hate what they've done, but I can't help but wonder just what Dumbledore did to convince them to do this. Ron was a jealous idiot, but he would never have thought to use a potion."

"Ginny would have. She tried to brew one our fifth year. She told me about it and I destroyed it. She was angry with me for weeks after that."

"Wonderful, we didn't have enough crap going on that year with Umbitch, and she wants to bring a love potion into the mix. Still, she was a friend. Her family has been very good to me. Hell, I'll endow St. Mungos with a new wing so that the gift can go further than the Weasleys. I think it's the right thing to do."

"Someday doing the right thing is going to get you killed Harry." Daphne pouted "You've still got to give me five or six children first."

"Five or six? I thought your goal was four."

"That was before I found out how much I enjoyed the practice sessions involved in making one. What about you Hermione? How many Potters will we be expecting?"

"I have no idea. I was thinking we would wait until I was established in my career before starting a family." She dimpled "You're right though, the practice sessions are fun."

"If you two can take a break from discussing our sex lives, I want you both to be careful. There are going to be people who aren't happy with your investigations. I would prefer that neither of you don't go out alone. You've got most classes together; I'll be where ever you need me. I don't want anything to happen to either of you"

"We'll be careful Harry." Hermione said demurely.

"And I think that we might have more support than you might think." Daphne added. There are a lot of angry witches who always thought that they were the only ones, and who didn't think anyone would believe them."

"I believe that they only real answer is to eliminate the House system." Harry said. "Or at least the sorting by personality. If we were sorted randomly, so that a single group of personality traits didn't define an entire house..."

"So in your infinite wisdom, you feel you know better than a thousand years of tradition?" They had reached the castle, from the darkness stepped their Headmaster.

"A tradition that brings out the worst in entire groups? You bet Headmaster."

"You can just stop making any plans in that direction Mr. Potter, you will not succeed. I wish to speak to your wives."

"Go right ahead Headmaster."

"Privately Mr. Potter."

"No. Privacy is something that you routinely ignore and abuse Headmaster. You'll have to forgive me if I say I don't trust you any further than I can throw this castle."

The old man almost shuddered in his anger. "Very well then. Miss Granger, Mrs. Black. I must insist that you stop this absurd 'investigation' of yours. All you are doing is sullying the reputations of fine young men."

"Why doesn't it surprise me that you would defend rapists Headmaster?"

"Miss Granger..."

"Our investigation will continue Headmaster." Daphne cut him off. "Those hiding behind your robes will find themselves shown to the world for the cowards they are."

"Mrs. Black. As long as I am Headmaster, the unfounded accusations you are making will never see the light of day."

"Then it shouldn't be that long until everyone knows, should it?"


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