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The Challenge of a Lifetime

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Hermione's in love, Amelia has a plan, Luna and Justing, Arrests and an Escape and Luna's Hero.

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Harry Potter and The Acts of Betrayal

Chapter Eighteen - The Challenge of a Lifetime

Hermione looked toward the door to Harry's bedchamber. He had retired an hour ago, while she had continued working on her Arithmancy project.

"How many times are you going to look longingly at his door?" Daphne asked smiling. "I've got an excuse with his magic still enforcing the contract compulsion, what about you?"

"Is that really still affecting you?"

"No, I just love him like you do, but I'll claim the excuse to tease him." The Dark haired woman stretched. "Falling in love with the man wasn't part of the plan, but it will make the rest of the plan so much more enjoyable. Do you want him?"

"Yes" she whispered. "For a while I never thought I'd want sex again, but I do."

"It's been almost a month Hermione. I don't know if I could wait that long, the nights he spends with you, I have the most amazing dreams." Daphne laughed. "Listen to me, what have you Gryffindors done to me?

"Helped you learn to be happy?"

"You have. I share the man I love with the sister I always wanted, but never had. I know what I told you when we were discussing the contract, but I never expected to like you. I expected to nag Harry into setting up separate households in different houses, or if we had an estate, in separate wings of the manor. Now I can't imagine not having you in my life. I don't like the nights he's with you, but I understand them. Since neither of us are the type to want the three of us in bed together, we will share him as we have been."

"If you and Harry wanted it, I would join you in your bed." Hermione said quietly, unable to meet the eye of her sister wife.

"And if you and Harry wanted, so would I." Daphne admitted. "But you don't want me there, I don't want you, and Harry would never ask no matter how much he wants it. You've seen his fantasies, just as I have. He would love it, but he won't ask."

"Merlin, but he is a perv isn't he?" Hermione found herself laughing. "That fractured psyche of his, can that even be normal?"

"I don't know which part of him I like best, the little perv with the orgy ideas or the little realist critiquing the technique in play. It's probably the result of his loving family." Daphne sobered. "When all this is over, I'm going to visit the Dursleys, and thank them for their kindness."

"Let me know when, I'll clear my calendar and join you."

Daphne stood, pulled Hermione to her feet and hugged the bushy haired witch. "Go to him."

"But it's your night."

"I know that, but tonight you need him worse than I do, or at least you want him more. Go on, before I come to my senses."

"You're sure?"

"Yes, go on. You still owe me a six hour session with him to make me jealous."

Hermione smiled and returned the hug.


Amelia Bones had carefully chosen the Aurors who accompanied her on this arrest. Each was the parent of a daughter, though none of them were related in any way to the alleged victims in this case, nor were they the related to the alleged perpetrators. It was a balancing act that she was quite used too. In the small insulated Wizarding World of Britain, having to know who was related to who was a cost of doing business. Beyond family ties, she also had to worry about the loyalty that Albus Dumbledore garnered from his former students.

She stood before the fifteen Aurors in one of her briefing rooms. Photographs of the seven suspects were posted on the wall behind her, along with a layout of the school.

"Good morning Boys and Girls. This is a nasty one, and we're doing it by the numbers. In a perfect world this would be a simple presentation of an arrest warrant and suspect pickup, but given whom the suspects are, and the money behind some of these families, nothing about this will be simple." She held them in her trademark glare, the monocle in her left eye magnifying that eye in a most intimidating way. "It will not be simple, but we will be perfect. There will be no mistakes to ruin any of these arrests."

She directed the Auror's attention to the photos behind her.

"The first suspect is Draco Noname." She indicated the photo of a young blond man. "Slytherin. Formerly scion of the Malfoy family, his parent's marriage was dissolved over a honor dispute. He is reported to be a feeble dueler, but more than capable of a cheap shot in your back."

"Next is Gregory Goyle." She indicated the hulking man child. "Slytherin. Another feeble dueler, but reportedly knows a few devastating hexes."

"Vincent Crabbe. Slytherin, supposed to be pathetically stupid, but physically violent. Watch yourself with this one, those that become violent surprise the best of the Auror corps. Ask Moody how he lost his eye sometime. Get a couple dozen drinks in him first." Laughter filled the room.

"Theodore Nott. Slytherin. Nott is a first class dueler. Getting into a fight with him isn't going to impress me. If this one pulls his wand, drop him. Right then, right there."

"Kingston Harper. Slytherin. Supposed to be a decent dueler. Same rules as the rest of them. If he puts up any fight at all, take him down hard."

"Michael Corner. Ravenclaw. Watch yourselves with this one, very smart, very fast with his wand."

"Wayne Hopkins. Hufflepuff. The intelligence on this one is if he's approached by a man he'll surrender without question. If a woman attempts it, he would fight." She shook her head. "In my day, we didn't have 'Puffs with anger issues. Take him down. Ladies, let one of the men do this one."

Amelia paused over the last photo. "Severus Snape. Potions Master, Head of Slytherin house. The man is supposed to know more about the Dark Arts than almost anyone else alive. A marked Death Eater. Supposedly'reformed'." There was a ripple of disgusted sounds around the room. "He got off without punishment for his crimes during Voldemort's first fall when Dumbledore intervened on his behalf. Not this time Boys and Girls. This time we take the murdering bastard down, and if Albus Dumbledore himself gets in the way we take him down as well. We have at least four documented cases of his using girls, one as young as twelve. Who know how many current and former students will come forward when the news gets out?

"Any special instructions Boss?" one of the female Aurors asked.

"Everyone goes home tonight. If they fight, respond appropriately. If they use an unforgiveable, kill them. Watch each other's backs. Be careful around the children. We go in at noon. All the targets should be in the Great Hall for Lunch. We go in, I serve the warrants to the beloved Headmaster, and you make the arrests. Team leads will decide who makes what arrests. I want at least two sets of eyes on each suspect. Everyone checks their gear, we move in 2 hours."

The room immediately erupted into that low murmur that spoke of professionalism and purpose. Amelia missed that, and had since she had left the ranks and moved into administration.


Justin lay staring up at the leafy canopy of the trees. It was early October, it should be cold, the trees should have dropped their leaves, but in this bit of the Forbidden Forest, it was warm, the leaves were green, and he lay naked on the grass as an equally naked blonde cuddled into him in her sleep. She had led him by hand to this bit of summer the evening before and they had made love before falling asleep in each other's arms.

How the hell had this happened? Three weeks before, feeling sorry for himself over his girl friend of two years dumping him, he had found Luna sitting beneath the Whomping Willow, she had laughed at his worry that the tree was dangerous, and had invited him to join her.

The two hours he spent with the Ravenclaw were among the most confusing of his life, yet at the same time somehow... he found himself enraptured with her. Her views on life were as alien to him as if she had come off a movie mothership, but she was just so... certain of everything she said and did. Justin envied her more than a little bit for that. Living as he did with one foot in the Wizarding world and the other in the Muggle world didn't really lend its self to certainty.

Luna went on at length about how important it was that they all help Harry Potter. At first blush, Justin felt a tinge of jealousy toward the Gryffindor, he had a pair of beautiful women as wives, and now Luna kept talking about him, but then he realized Luna was talking about what Potter had to do, and why everyone should help him. She actually believe the whole 'chosen one' thing.

This had given Justin pause. Potter was a good bloke, and Justin had never had any issues with him, at least not after that whole snake thing second year, which on reflection was that ass Malfoy's fault in the first place. He had made the mistake of taking divination, what a waste of time that so called class was, but Luna, far smarter than he actually believed that Harry was prophesied to have to face Voldemort.

Justin understood duty. According to Luna, Harry's duty was to the Wizarding world. Justin's duty was to his family. When he finished at Hogwarts he was to go to a summer of preparatory classes to ready himself for university. His family had obligations that he had to assume, though a ready use of magic might make life a little easier. In the face of that, why was he so attracted to this witch?

The days following the afternoon under the willow (which was playful with him, but he wasn't going to chance it without Luna there to influence the plant) somehow, they began to take meals together at the Hufflepuff table. Justin wasn't welcome at the Ravenclaw table, but then Luna explained, she wasn't either. Then they were doing their class work together. Despite being a year behind him Justin quickly discovered that Luna had a better understanding of the subjects than he did. Three days later she was rewarding him for working his way through problems in his assignments with kisses and hugs, which as absurd as it sounded had motivated him to the best grades he had ever gotten in all of his classes.

Luna stirred in his arms. Justin hoped for the best. He had hurt her the night before; she had been a virgin, something he hadn't expected. If she had said something perhaps he could have been gentler. He had held her until her tears ended, and then they tried again, this time he was frightened she would break, until she was cooing his name over and over into his ear.

"Good morning Justin. Did you sleep well?"

"Yes. I don't understand why this place is so warm but it was lovely sleeping with you." He kissed her on her nose, and she giggled. "We're missing the morning classes though."

"That's why we've been working ahead." She giggled again, taking him in her hand with some gentle strokes. "We'll need to be back at the castle for lunch to see the excitement, but for now, I believe we need to put a little more effort into building the bonds of our relationship." She nibbled on his ear lobe, then whispered "Last night you made me come with your hands. This morning I want to come with you inside me. Love me Justin."

He captured her lips with his own, and gently rolled her onto her back. It took only a few seconds for her to be ready for him, taking his erection in her hands and guiding him into herself. As he entered her, she bit his lower lip. Justin found himself wondering just when it was he lost all control of his life to this beautiful witch.


It was going to be today. Filius Flitwick sat at his desk in his private quarters polishing his wand. Teaching for seventy four years had given him many contacts in the ministry. Amelia Bones' secretary himself had contacted Filius the night before at the Three Broomsticks. A few quiet words and then the man was gone.

Seventy four years at this job. Thousands of children had passed through his classroom. Filius was well aware that he was regarded as a 'crazy uncle'. He knew that his classes were popular, even among the Slytherin students who institutionally hated every class not taught by a Slytherin alumnus. He viewed them all as his children. Wizarding culture had denied the possibility of a 1/8th Goblin ever having a permanent relationship with woman, so his students were his family.

And Severus Snape had been abusing his children. The small man's eyes narrowed, the Goblin portion of his blood pulsed in rhythm with the war hammers. No one at this school had ever seen an angry Filius Flitwick. They were about to. He smiled to himself. His next charms class would probably be a bit quieter.

His old dueling cloak was laid out on his bed. He would allow the Aurors to do their jobs. When they failed (and they would fail, because they would dismiss Severus as a mere school teacher.) Filius would avenge the children Severus had wronged. He would wait for the subhuman thing in the Entrance Hall, the quickest way out of the castle from the Great Hall. Severus would do his damage and run, that was his way when he was a boy, and men rarely learn enough of themselves to truly change. A part of his mind wondered if Minerva knew what was coming. She had her own spy network after all.

No, in spite of everything, Minerva still sees Albus as being infallible. She was making excuses to herself an hour after the meeting where they discussed the charges. She knew that Severus was slime, but she believed in Albus just a little too much.

It was odd how the old habits and rituals came back to him. With a light brush and ink with a few drops of his blood he drew the runes for luck and power onto his right forearm, then took the brush in his right hand and drew the runes for calm and focus on his left. Looking in the mirror he carefully drew the runes for honor and strength on his chest. He then went into his calming rituals.

In the past he had dueled for money and sport. This time it was going to be for the honor of his profession and revenge for all of his 'children' that Severus Snape had wronged.


Luna and Justin entered the Great Hall for the midday meal. He walked her to the Ravenclaw table. She rose on her tiptoes to kiss him, and then she sat down. Justin hesitated for a moment before sitting directly behind her at the Hufflepuff table.

Ernie Macmillan stared at him open mouthed. "You and Lovegood are together? I know you've been studying together, but when did this happen?"

"I have no idea. Three weeks ago I sat down to speak with her, now she's all I can think about."

"You didn't come back to the dorm last night, you missed Herbology this morning. All Night?"

"Yeah. Is it wrong to be this happy?"

"Good on ya' Mate. I've always said you were too straight laced. Maybe you two average each other out."


"Everyone just remain seated." Amelia Bones' amplified voice rang out in the Great Hall. "That included you Headmaster." She strode up to the staff table. "I am Amelia Bones, Head of Magical Law Enforcement. We are here to serve several arrest warrants. If I call your name, you will stand and surrender your wand to the Auror who approaches you. Should you fail to do so; things will go badly for you. Pulling a wand on an Auror is a very large mistake."

"Madam Bones I must protest your actions, this is a school not..."

"Your objections are noted Headmaster. Now shut up before I arrest you for interfering with the performance of my duties."

"Draco Noname" The blond Slytherin rose. A look of defeat crossed his features. He took his wand in his left hand and passed it handle first to the Auror who approached.

"Gregory Goyle." Goyle was taken into custody. "Vincent Crabbe"Draco's other bookend surrendered as well. "Theodore Nott" Nott stood as if to surrender, and then bolted for the doors. The largest of the Aurors took him by the neck and lifted him from the ground, slamming him into the wall.

"As I said failing to follow my instructions will be bad for you. Wayne Hopkins."

Justin was amazed when Hopkins stood. A 'Puff? How could a Hufflepuff do anything that would get himself arrested? Hopkins was collected by a pair of Aurors.

"Michael Corner."

Corner knew what was coming, but he had had time to evaluate the situation. To his left was a male 3rd year. To his right Luna Lovegood. He needed a hostage. He stood, pulling Luna with him, his wand under her chin.

"Anyone comes near me, I'll kill her."

"There is no where you can go boy." Amelia Bones was pissed, her perfect op spoiled.

"Leave me alone, I'll leave her at the edge of the wards."

At the Gryffindor table Harry was reaching out with his magic to disarm Corner. Facing Amelia Bones, Corner was surprised when a large hand covered his face and he found the back of his head suddenly slamming into the Hufflepuff table. Before the pain in his head abated, an enraged Justin Finch-Fletchley was punching him in the face, once, twice, a third time before Corner was rescued by an Auror.

It was then everyone was surprised by the slamming of the doors to the Great Hall. In the distraction caused by Corner's taking Luna hostage, Severus Snape had escaped. The Aurors not guarding prisoners bolted for the doors finding them sealed.

Luna took Justin's right hand in hers, turning it over to look at his knuckles. The skin was torn and bruising. Luna reached out and dipped Justin's napkin in a goblet of water, then used it to clean his wounds. She lifted his hand to her lips, and lightly kissed his wounded hand. Her eyes never left his. "You saved me. Thank you."

"I couldn't let you get hurt."

"Thank you Justin."


Snape sealed the doors behind him and began running toward the doors leading to the grounds at the end of the Entrance Hall, his wand drawn.

"Going somewhere Severus?" The Charms Master stepped from the shadows and placed himself between the fleeing man and the doors that exited the castle.

"Get out of my way Filius, I don't want to hurt you."

"I'm glad to hear that Severus. You aren't leaving. Place your wand on the ground and step away from it. We will allow the Aurors to do their jobs."

Snape unloosed a bone breaking curse in a single smooth fluid motion. His eyes widened when the diminutive man batted it away with a gesture.

"You always thought you were better than you actually are Severus. That was a novice move a century before you were born." Filius spun into a flurry of motion unleashing a complex chain of ten curses and hexes. Snape was startled by the barrage, and dodged the first four, before the next four bracketed him forcing him to stay in position for the last two to hit him in his left shoulder. The first curse to hit him was an overpowered cutting curse that severed his left arm at the shoulder, followed almost immediately by aflame curse that cauterized the wound. "On the circuit it's considered bad form to allow your opponent to die." He watched as the potions master slumped to the ground falling into shock. "The Aurors will be here in a moment Severus. While we wait you can think about the children you used." Filius then cast a bone breaker into Snape's hips. Later that night he would have to do penance chants to absolve himself of the sin of a brutal attack on an unarmed man. Snape's screams filled the air as the as the Aurors finally blasted through the door. As the corners of his mouth began to rise, and Filius made a mental note to add an hour to his penance chants for enjoying the pain of a fallen opponent.

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