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Chapter 42

Hey guys! So, I didn’t want to update because my computer’s screwed up and I hate writing on my mom’s. So this chappie may come out a bit off and I apologize. But due to the insistence, I’ll give it my best. Sorry for the delay….on with the story!

“Um…dunno…it’s just weird” I stammered, staring into the his icy blues trying my best not to show my stress at being caught up talking shit about him without knowing him.
“And what’s your name?” Bert spat, raising an eyebrow at me.
“Gabrielle O’Connor” I said in a reluctant tone after Mikey elbowed me to answer.
“/Gabrielle/?” He snorted, “Yeah, like that’s too common”
“Who cares about stupid names, let’s just go I’m fucking hungry!” Ray whined as he entered throught the front door.
“EVERYONE LET’S GO TO HAVE SOME DINNER!!” He and Frankie yelled at the top of their lungs. There was an audible bump that was followed by Gerard’s yelp of pain. I controlled my laughter as I went out the door following Mikey, Ray, Bob and Frank. I sensed there was no one else behind me and I turned around to see Bert wait for Gerard and ask what had happened, making fun of his ‘retarded ass’ or something like that.
Like I care whatever those two morons do.
“Would you turn around, Gabe? You were this close to bumping your head on the door frame” Mikes told me quietly, delicately turning my head around so I could see where I was going.
“Oh sure…just…drifted out”
He snorted but if he had anything else to say, he decided it was best not to do it. We walked towards the white minivan parked on the sidewalk. I was thrown in the back with Frank, and Mikey. Gerard and Bert sat in front of us, smoking their asses off as Bob drove and Ray sat beside him so he wouldn’t feel like a chofer.
“Where are we eating, anyway?” I asked Bob, unconsciously kneeling forward and resting my arms on the back of Gerard and Bert’s bench.
“Er…Wendy’s?” He replied, staring at me through the rearview mirror.
“YUCK!” Frankie yelled from my lap.
“Yeah, that’s disgusting Bob!” Mikey joined in.
“How about…erm, there’s this great meat place in…” Bert started to say.
“Hell no, I’m not eating a dead cow.” I interrupted him.
“Why the fuck no?” He asked, laughing an obnoxious laugh at my instant reply.
“She’s a vegetarian” Gerard explained before I could open my mouth to answer. Bert’s mouth turned into an “O” of realization.
“Why don’t we just go to some mall and everyone can buy whatever they want from the food court and then we’ll just sit together?” Ray asked.
“You’re so smart, Raymond” Frankie said in a sweet tone, blowing a kiss to Ray.“Who knew you had it in you, Ray-ray” Everyone laughed at my comment.
“What would you want as a present for being such a smartty pants, love?” Frank asked, throwing himself behind Ray’s chair in a voice full of fake passion and desire.
“Dude, that’s sickening” Mikey said in between laughs.
“Yeah, that’d kill a diabetic”
“Lemme alone Frankie!” Ray bellowed as Frank started caressing his inner thigh.
As the laugh died away I stared at the window, wondering how long would it be until we get there.
We finally got to the mall and found a pretty decent parking space. We went to the food court and everyone got what they wanted. We walked towards a booth, with and obnoxiously large Big- Bird-colored table and everyone started assembling their trays. I sat on the edge so I could have leave the table easily if I wanted something else apart from the vegetarian sub I had ordered. The guys were chattering about Warped and the bands they’d be playing with, even a possible duet of Gerard and Bert. I finished my sub and stood up to throw away the remains of my sub and place the tray on its place.
“Hey…” A girl older than me in a red apron said, handing me a flyer “Be sure to join us at our most recent location. Drinks are half the price since it’s opening day…We’ll be open till dawn!” She said, her accent instantly showing up. I smiled at her and turned around, actually reading the flyer. It was a Latin American restaurant. That’s all I needed to read to know we just had to go to this place.
“Hey guys…who’s gonna be the designated driver?” I asked, throwing the flyer on the table.
“Where are we going?” Mikey asked since he was unable to get his hands on the flyer because Frankie was staring at the curvaceous brunette on the corner of it.
“A Latin American restaurant. It’s opening night so they’re gonna be open until the crack of dawn” I explained, smiling.
“What’s so good about this? We could just go to a regular bar…” Gerard asked. I rolled my eyes at him.
“Did you even see the liquor listed? Listen, I have family from Latin America, Colombia, actually. I’ve gone there on vacations and believe me; this is going to be absolutely awesome. No complains, let’s /go/!”

We got to the Restaurant. The sign read “/La Cueva/”. I started walking towards it, a huge grin on my face. The guys walked a bit reluctantly beside me.
“/La Cueva/?” Mikey tried to say, his tongue tying on the foreign words.
“/La Cueva/” I said in my perfect Spanish, “It means ‘The Cave’. Let’s go fuckers!!” I urged them as I got to the door.
“Buenas tardes (Good afternoon)” I greeted the lady in the entrance. She looked a taken back, apparently I looked like an all American girl.
“Buenas tardes” She repeated, still intrigued. She looked at all of us and nodded us to follow her.
“¿Que? ¿Pensaste que era una gringa? (What? Did you think I was a /gringa/?)” I asked her, laughing at her amused expression as she heard me use the word that colombians used for americans.
“Si. ¿De donde eres? ¿Colombiana? (Yes. Where are you from? Colombia?)” She inquired honestly curious as she led us to a large table on the back of the restaurant. As I walked into the restaurant I felt really proud of letting my gut drive us here. It was all wood and the walks were covered in hammock designs and photographs of Latin America. There were even some I actually recognized. One of the walls near our table was full of Latin American flags.
“Si. Tu también me imagino…(Yeah. You’re from there too, I suppose…)” I answered as we sat on the table. I could feel every eye on me as I talked with the waitress.
“Si…¿Que van a querer para tomar? (Yeah. What would you like to drink?)” She looked at the guys, probable thinking, ‘Hey, if she fooled me maybe they did too. She was awfully wrong and she understood that as she saw the dumb-founded look on their faces.
“Ellos si que no entienden nada. ¿Por que no nos traes una botella de Ron añejo Medellín y una ronda de Mojitos por ahora? (They don’t understand one bit. Why don’t you bring us a bottle of rum Añejo Medellín and a round of mojitos for now?)”
To the word ‘mojitos’ they all smiled wide and replied and a wild chorus, “MOJITOS!” Thankful that they understood something. The waitress and I laughed and she went with our order as I sat on the table.
“What were you speaking, fuckin Latin?” Bert asked.
“Spanish” I replied, raising an eyebrow at him. “Anywho, I ordered us a bottle of a real Good Colombian rum and a round of mojitos.” They nodded in approval. The bottle was placed in front of me and I removed the cap and swung it back quickly, feeling the rum burn my throat.
“Whoa, take it easy soldier” Mikey said, patting the bottle so I would release it. I did, just to amuse him and the table went in silence when they noticed I had drained half of the pretty decent-sized bottle.
“Whoaa” Bert muttered. I smiled at him as I took another swing.
Now that I think about it, Bert’s not a really weird name….

HAHA I wish I was Gabe. I’m in serious need of alcohol. I think I’ll put next chappie up sometime this week. With or without my comp. Hope it didn’t came out too crappy. And sorry for the typhos, as I said before, this comp stresses the fuck outta me.
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