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Mea Culpa

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Hangover much?

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Chapter 43

It didn’t take much before we were all wasted. All of the guys were the exact kind of wasted you simply don’t want to be: that every single move that they made turned them green and caused them to wrap their arms around their stomach so that its contents wouldn’t spill on the floor. By three thirty it was next to impossible and the lightest stomachs (those being Mikey’s and Ray’s) finally gave up, causing both of them to vomit a massive amount of greenish looking and foul-smelling thick liquid in a side of the dance floor I mumbled a fuck as I pushed the guy I was dancing with away and made my way to them as the owner came out and started yelling at them in Spanish. I looked for the rest of the guys and made them wait for me outside as I arranged things with the owner. I’ve always been a people person, even if I’m completely drunk and see the world spinning around me. I managed to convince him not to press charges in a matter of seconds and joined the guys outside.
It was freezing cold: my legs started trembling and my feet chattering violently.
“Shit…” I mumbled as I noticed none of us would be able to drive.
“Who’s driving?” Bert asked, he was sitting on the gravel, a goofy smile on his face.
“No one’s gonna drive” I spat back, biting my lip as I looked around for a possible solution to the problem.
“We’re going to fucking diiieeee” Mikey whined somewhere behind me. The rest were too drunk to put words together. As I cursed myself for not maintaining anyone sober I noticed the motel not so far away. Ha!
“We’re going to a motel” I stated simply and starting walking towards it. No one complained, apart from Mikey when he realized he needed to walk to get there. We went in a silent slow walk towards it and I walked up to what was supposed to be the front desk.
“I need to get six people on bed until ten in the morning” I stated at the lady, pointing at the guys behind me, acting my best to seem sober.
“We have two rooms that can hold three each. Are you staying, too?” The lady asked quickly.
“Yes. I want a separate room, though”
“Fine” She told me the sum and I dug into Bob’s pockets and paid the fee. I made sure Mikey and Ray took a shower before they got to bed so that the hangover at the next day wouldn’t be so bad. Then I returned to my room and gave up on trying getting sober, I just relaxed and gave in to my intoxicated state.
There was a soft knock on the door. It was him. I let him in. He ravaged me. I let him. It wasn’t half bad.

“My head kills me…” Mikey muttered from the back seat as I drove us to the Way household.
“You’re not alone there, Mikes” I told him with a smile, “Try and drive with it, though”
“You don’t look like you’re in much pain, though…” Bob commented, retrieving his head from in between his legs.
“What can I say? I handle alcohol well…” I mumbled, biting my lip as memories from a fantastic last night came flooding in. His bare chest, his skillful hands…the way desire pulsed him and was so close to destroying his body…
“Why’re you blushing?” Frank asked from beside me.
“I am not blushing! I do not /blush/!” I stammered, waving the comment away.
“You do to. Constantly” Gerard replied from in between Bert’s arms, the comment bringing a light remembrance of the old days. Good old high school days with pure high school drama. Not that now was any different…
I dismissed the comment and ignored Frankie’s prodding. I parked the car swiftly and went to the steps quickly. I hadn’t even started looking for the key Donna hid beneath one of the garden gnomes when the door was opened from the inside.
“Where were you kids?” Donna, asked, noting our beaten up faces.
“Drunkkk” Mikey explained, throwing himself unto his mother’s arms. “Momma I missed youuu a lotttaa!” He whined. “I never want to be drunk aggaainnn”
“As much as I’d like to believe that I hardly think that is true, darling” Her mom replied after laughing.
“Go to bed everyone, I’ll prepare you some tea, ‘kay?” She added. I walked the steps up to the room smelling of Elena and plopped myself on the bed. I couldn’t stay there much though. A bed is not a smart place to be when you want to not remember a sex night. I guess I couldn’t look at the floor, walls or sink either but hey, where could I possible go? I decided showering was the first thing, a good all shower that could take his smell off me.
It amazed me how a smell that almost every dude on tour had was totally different and much better smelling than the rest. He smelled of cigarettes, alcohol, gravel, and sweat but there was something so much more attractive to it….the smell of salt? No, it wasn’t salt… the thoughts finally stopped being a main priority in my head as the hot water hit the top of my head…
I took my chamomile away from Donna’s loving hands and, wearing a thick coat over a pair boy shorts and an oversized ‘UGH WHATEVER’ t-shirt I sat on the porch. It was some time before I noticed I wasn’t alone.
“Can’t sleep?” Bert asked, sipping Donna’s concoction on a flowered mug.
“I can’t stay on /bed/” I explained, raising an eyebrow at him. “It’s disgusting.”
“Mea culpa” He replied in between laughs, “Although you could’ve smacked the door in my face”
“Don’t put it as if I was thinking at the moment. I was drunk and /horny/.” I specified, staring into his eyes to let him now that would never ever happen again. He snorted at my fake security.
“Bullshit. You’ll be drunk and horny many more days to come” He smiled at me that moronic smile of his.
“You’re pathetic” I said, throwing the remains of the chamomile in the bushes.
“You cold?” He asked, standing up to accompany inside.
“No. I’m /disgusted/” I replied, facing him as I stepped backwards, “You /stink/” I lied to his face and closed the door in his face.
“What the fuck?!” He signaled with his hands at the door.
“Get used to it sweetie. The only things you’ll get from me from no one are closed doors”
Bert chuckled and opened the door and walked to where I was, but he found the landing completely alone. He walked to the living room instead and selected a movie from Gerard’s and Mikey’s pile on the far left corner and seated himself on the couch. Mere seconds passed by until Gerard came up running to seat without him.
“I was thinking marathon…” Bert suggested, sipping the last drop of the chamomile.
“Hell YEAH” Gerard twitched his nose at Bert. “You stink” He said, in a different almost distant way.
“Second person to say that today. Maybe I should shower…or wear deodorant. Probably both, right?”
“It’s a different stink. Not the usual. You…” Gerard trailed off, staring into nothingness.
“I what?” Bert asked, amused at his friend’s slowness this morning.
“You smell like /her/” Gerard said with accusing eyes.
“Don’t know what you’re talking about. Do you recon I should tell Mikey? I bet he’ll be pleased!” Bert said, mocking a fake British accent. Gerard’s eyes were unchanging as he mumbled a vague, “He’s still asleep”
Gerard continued to glare at Bert, obviously asking for an explanation. Or at least a ‘yes I slept with your ex-girlfriend Gerard’. He chose the latter.
“Yes, I slept with your /EX/-girlfriend, Gerard” Bert said looking into his friend’s eyes intently.
“It took you some time… I’m not in the mood for this anymore” Gerard spat venomously, standing up.
“What the fuck dude? She’s just a girl!” Bert replied annoyed.
“/Not/ true. She’s not just any girl, Bert”

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