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the begginning of the end

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Chapter 44

I pressed my ear to the wall, trying to make sure I had heard right. Was Gerard defending me? What the fuck is wrong with this guy? Why does he keep trying to mess with my head? Why does he keep succeeding? But….why don’t I care the same way I used to?
Shit/, my head’s starting to ache…/again/. As if the pain in the rest of my body wasn’t enough now I have to add /drama to my life. I swear, God plays fucking dice to decide what’s gonna happen to me! Thank God I’m leaving tomorrow. I had already received more calls than I could count from Jess, and I had already done what I had come here for, so I didn’t have any excuse to stay.
Not that I wanted to stay.
I mean, I did like been cooked for and having someone insist on doing my laundry and not letting me move a finger in the house. And it wasn’t half bad spending some time with the boys and doing non-girly stuff. It was nice.
Almost refreshing.
Until drama came up.
I hate drama.
And having drunk sex with Bert and then having Gerard stick up for me was most definitely DRAMA, and I wouldn’t be a part of it. So…back to what I was doing.
I had placed my suitcase on my bed already and since Donna compulsively folded every piece of clothing I owned, I just had to place them neatly on the open suitcase. I walked to the bathroom and took everything that was mine. I duck-taped anything that could leek and introduced everything in separate ziplock bags.
My cell phone ringed.
Ten million that it’s Jess I betted with myself. Sure enough, the screen showed a picture of Jess, with her name and phone on the bottom showing her desperation. I pressed busy and finished zipping up the suitcase. I put it on the floor and zipped up my purple, knee-high boots.
I rolled the suitcase effortlessly to the door and opened it up. I almost collapsed into Frank.
“Sorry Frankie boy” I said sweetly, “wasn’t watching were I was going…” I apologized, smiling at him sweetly.
“It’s okay Gabe…You leaving already?” I could sense the disappointment in his voice.
“Yeah…” I said, not too disappointment. His face kind of showed he didn’t think I was sorry so I added as a lame excuse, “My manager has been harassing me to come back. Says I’ve been slacking and that there are heaps of wok to do…” I recited Jess’ non-changing way of making me return to work.
“Well, I guess you can’t say no to that, can you?”
“Nope…hey would you mind helping me down the stairs?”
“Sure” Frank said eagerly, taking the handle of the suitcase from me. He mumbled a “Mhm” and then lifted me off my feet and placed me on his shoulders, my butt next to his face.
“/Real/ grownup Frankie! I didn’t mean you to take things so /literal/!”
Frankie giggled beside me.

After giving Donna a humongous hug and thanking her for everything she’d done, hugging and kissing Bob, Ray and Frankie, and giving my awkward goodbyes to both Bert and Gerard I was finally seated in the back seat of a regular yellow, checkered cab with red fur surrounding the steering wheel and pictures of what I suspected where the driver’s kids on top. The sun was painfully bright, if it wasn’t for my oversized sunglasses I’d probably be blind by now. I got to the airport safe and sound, paid the fee and thanked the driver as I walked away, suitcase in hand. I had already done my check in by the phone so I decided to use my spare time to drink some coffee. My feet dragged me to the nearest Starbucks.
I scanned the list quickly to decide on what I should be having today.
Well, I need lots of caffeine….
“I want a tall Caramel Macchiato with four extra shots of expresso, please. You know what? Make it six.” I ordered happily.
“Girllll who’s all that coffee for?” The lady behind the counter exclaimed as she typed the numbers.
“Only me” I handed her the fee.
“Girlfrienddd, this little girlie here is ordering six extra expresso shots!” The lady explained to her partner. She turned to me in awe,
I laughed as I waited for my coffee.
“Excuse me…are you…? Are you Gabrielle O’Connor?” I turned around to see a girl about my age with short bleached hair in choppy layers. She had nice colourful clothes on but her face wasn’t very pretty.
“The one and only” I replied with a smile.
“Tony! Tony! It’s /her/!” A tall and gangly redheaded boy standing somewhat away from us smiled and came closer.
“Would you give me an autograph?” The girl smiled, taking out a pen and handing me a Starbucks napkin. I heard a flash behind me and turned around to see the Tony kid snapping pictures with a really expensive camera. I smiled at him and he took several more.
“Sure doll. What’s your name?”
Snap snap snap snap
Snap Snap Snaapps
“Here you go” I handed Anne the napkin back and smiled genuinely as the lady handed me my order, now scrutinizing me and trying to figure out why I was famous.
“Who are you girl?” She finally asked as I sat on a table with my Caramel Macchiato and the snaps sounded constantly.
“I’m Gabrielle O’Connor. I’m a model” I explained.
“Boy can you stop the annoying snapping? Some people are trying to talk here! Doesn’t it drive you crazy?” She asked. I looked at her dumbfounded and the turned to Tony, glaring at him.
“Yeah, it does”

I guess Tony’s snapping was driving me crazy because ever since I saw him I feel a constant snapping everywhere I go.
Was it really in my mind?
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