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Broken Doll

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Chapter 45

I got out of Jess’s car which, after an hour of begging, she decided to let me borrow until I bought my own car which World be anytime soon. She took the Volvo instead. I swear, that girl’s got more money than Jews before the Jew-killing frenzy.
I took my oversized Andy Warhol bag with me and delicately closed the door. My heels resonated against the wood floor as I made my way to the front desk and showed the woman my ID. She pointed to the direction in which the pool was located. I smiled at the security guard as he opened the poor for me and I stepped outside. A fountain met me and I walked around it and heard voices of people, their impatient walking up and down, and the light but working tension in the air that only came when a really important shoot was occurring. I trotted up the stairs and almost crashed into a skinny girl with a makeup kit way too big for her.
“MOTHERFUCKER!” She hollered so loud I thought she would explode. I could recognize that voice anywhere.
“How nice to see you Kamz. It’s good to see your vocals still work..not so sure bout my ears, though”
She laughed at motioned her makeup bin at me, “This shit’s heavy can we go to the trailer and get you ready, please?”
“Seriously? You’re doing my makeup?” I asked, astonished as I walked after her. Kamz’s got short legs so I actually have to walk slowly so that we’re at the same pace.
“Mhm, and your hair /too/.”
“Glad to see you’ve finally settled with something” I said, trying to make conversation as she sat me on the chair.
“Well, this is not 24/7…At least by now. They pay good, so maybe it’ll stop being temporal”
“Awesome” She took out the hair straightener and started working with my hair.
“Damn you’ve got some long hair now..” She commented.
“Yup…So, how’d you get this job? It’s pretty big…”
“I didn’t sleep with anyone Gabe” She said in an irritated tone.
“I’m not saying that”
“That’s right, you don’t have the guts to say it. You’re just implying it”
I snorted, “Whatever…hey is it just me or there’s this annoying snapping?”
“It’s a photoshoot Gabrielle. There’re bound to be snapping and flashing”
“Yeah but…”
“You’re being paranoid, okay?”

I stepped out of the trailer with my face painted as a broken doll, and a shattered black and dark blue dress. My hair was into two messy braids with lace on the bottom. There were other three girls beside me in a similar outfit.
“What band are we shooting for, anyway?” I asked the girl that was nearest to me.
“You don’t /know/?”
“This is my tenth shoot today, I used to know….” I mumbled, trying to remember.
“ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! GABRIELLE!” I heard another familiar voice yell from the border of the pool. I raised my eyes rather reluctantly to meet Bert’s gaze. This is fucking /ridiculous/…
“Hello Bert…” I mumbled
“Can’t get enough of me, aye?”
“Shaddap I didn’t even know you were /The Used/…I wouldn’t have come…”
“Ok girls, you go into the water and pose like broken dolls, you….er…Gabrielle? in front of Bert, the rest…to the sides, please” The director of the shoot instructed. I did as he asked and stepped into the pool, I could feel the cold water like sharp needles against my skin, pressing the fabric to my body. My limbs began shaking but as I walked towards the middle of the pool the cold was no longer in charge of my body.
Apart from the fact that the clothes I was in were extremely thin and see-through and that I was in front of Bert most of the time and he could see most of me, the shoot went smoothly and we managed to have pretty radtastic results.
I sat on the border of the pool, freezing, waiting to get the courage to walk out of the pool, considering the amount of wind that was bound to turn me into a human popsicle. I felt warmth cradle my shoulders and turned around to see Bert had placed a towel over my shoulders. I stood up and wrapped with it completely.
“Thanks” I mumbled in between chattering teeth.
“Pretty much welcome. Although I’d rather see you without the towel, but oh well…”
“Charming” I replied walking towards the trailer to rescue my clothes. Bert made a motion to come in with me.
“Hell no, mister. Get out. I’m changing”
He pouted and started to say something but I shooshed him by placing a trembling hand over his mouth. I looked around trying to look the place from where the annoying snaps were coming from. There was no camera nor photographer in sight.
“Don’t you hear /that/?”
Bert’s eyebrows collided together as he concentrated.
“I’ve been hearing it ever since yesterday…” I told Bert about the red-head dude.
“He’s following you” He stated in a deadly serious voice and then he burst out laughing.
“Your ego’s boasting Ms Gabrielle. You don’t have a stalker” He said as he moved away from the trailer, giving me enough time, space and privacy to change.
Maybe I was overreacting. I felt stupid and egocentric as I slipped into my tights and oversized tee. There was obviously no one following me. I mean, who would?

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