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stalked much?

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Chapter 46

I took the keys to Jess’ car out of my purse and walked towards it. I propped the door opened and slipped into the slick leather chair. I threw my purse on the passenger seat and turned the key, the car purring into live. I fumbled with the radio until I found a decent station and drove out of the hotel.
The road to my place is, much to my pleasure, one in which there isn’t much traffic. I drove without a hurry since I had finished my appointments for the day. I, unlike most people, enjoy driving. I like the feel of the gravel against the car’s tires. I adore feeling in control, managing to make perfect curves, to have under control the speed… I looked into the rearview mirror and to my surprise found a blue car behind me. The road I was taking was directly towards my apartment. I know everyone from there, and no one owns a car like that. I frowned, going back to my stalker hypothesis.
Your being moronic, Gabe…No one’s stalking you I thought to myself. I shrugged the feeling off and parked into my usual parking lot. By the time I got out of the car and noticed the red haired man from that other day I freaked out. I ran to my apartment and heard quick footsteps behind me. Luckily I have long legs and I had the advantage that I knew where I was going, and he didn’t. I fumbled with my keys as I ran and quickly inserted it in the lock and got in. The guy got there a second too late: I had already locked the door and put the curtains down.
There was an obnoxious knocking on the door, then it became violent.
I took my cell phone and locked every single door in my apartment. I ran silently into my room, locking it behind me, and then went into the bathroom and locked me up there. I opened my cell and hit speed dial two. The phone rang twice before a sleepy voice answered.
“Hello?” Gerard asked sleepily.
“Gerard! There’s a guy trying to punch my door down. He’s he’s been stalking me! I’m scared! I told Bert, he wouldn’t believe me! I’m fucking scared! I-I…I need you!” I whined quickly.
“Wh-what?” He asked confused. “Where are you?”
“My apartment”
“Called the police yet?” He asked in a business-like tone.
“No…” I replied, feeling stupid.
“Well if someone kills you at least I know who it was, right?” He responded sarcastically.
“Fuck you” I mumbled and disconnected. Who gives a damn if I die? No one.
I dialed 911 and explained the situation. They dismissed me as a ‘star’ searching for attention. I unlocked the bathroom door and went into my bedroom. No one there. I slipped into bed and laid there, trying to think of nothing at all.

Apparently I had fallen asleep. I looked at my clock and I realized I was running late for a shoot. I quickly dressed and unlocked my bedroom, stepping out cautiously. There was no one in sight. I all but ran to the front door and into my car. I think there’s no need to tell you that I was bouncy all day, that I kept spacing out, that I looked over my shoulder, that I was constantly checking my rear view mirror, took different roads, and used any lame excuse not to return to my house.
I was scared. And no one believed me.
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