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Pro Rev

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Ava Way, sister to THOSE Way's goes on Projekt Revolution...

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Ben, Lydia, Jon and I sat around the meeting table, staring dumbfounded at our manager, Dean Jones.

“You have got to be kidding me!” Lydia squealed out.

“No, I am not kidding. You are joining Linkin Park, Mindless Self Indulgence and My Chemical Romance on the Projekt Revolution tour, starting in three days time.”

“But Dean, I…I can’t do this. I mean, we can’t do this! We only have like, two songs of our own, the rest are covers, our band name is ripped from a My Chemical Romance video, and did I leave out the most important part?”

“Ava, he knows,” spoke up Ben, my (ex) boyfriend.

“I know what?” Dean replied.

“Surely you haven’t twigged by my last name?”

“Way, so what. I knew quite a few Way’s when I was younger.”

“No, there is a reason behind this band’s name being ripped from a MCR video, and there is a real reason I don’t want to go on tour with them. My last name is Way, right? As in kid sister to Michael James and Gerard Arthur Way. I am related to two of the members of My Chemical Romance.” This was in actual fact true. I am Mikey and Gee’s kid sister, but they didn’t know I was in a band, My Suicidal Romance. Donna and Donald kicked me out of the house when I was 13, so Mikes was 19 and Gee 21, and I was never allowed back in. I was the outcast child, never wanted by anyone. Luckily, Grandma Elena took me in and raised me until she died when I was 16. I was heart broken, even more than Gerard was, and we met again at her funeral. Ever since the funeral, Mikey, Gerard and I kept in touch almost three times a day, and we felt like siblings once more. Then they started their band, and our relationship began to dwindle. At that point, I was in college and met up with Lydia Davies, Ben Greenwick and Jon Halloways, who together with me, made up My Suicidal Revenge.

“Okay, I can go on this tour, but I have to tell my brothers this. They won’t be happy I kept an important piece of information from them, but since we haven’t seen each other in five years, they probably won’t mind.”

“Sure Ava, knock yourself out. Use the conference phone though – I think we all want to hear,” Dean replied, passing the speakerphone my way. I dialled the familiar number, and someone picked up on the second ring.


“Frank, what are you doing with my brothers’ phone?”

“Oh, hey Ava. Well, you see, Mikey and I were saying that Gee is never going to get a girlfriend, and then he made fun of Mikey and Alicia, which got Mikey pissed, and then he tried using me as a human shield, which failed miserably, and I came back to the bunks to sulk, and Gerard’s phone happened to be on the bunk, so I decided to play a game on it, then you called.”

“Whatever you say Franklin,” I replied, rolling my eyes. Lydia and Ben giggled, and you could hear Frank fuming at us from the other end of the line.

“Will you please put my brother on? And before you say which on, Gee please.” There was momentary shuffling as the phone was being passed over, and then Gee’s strong voice could be heard.

“Hey Ava, how are you?”

“Yeah, not bad Gee, but I need to tell you something…about the Projekt Revolution tour.”

“I’m all ears.”

“Well, you know how one amateur band always goes on tour right? Well, for the PR tour…it’s my band.”

“I’m sorry, line went funny. Did you say you and your band are going on Pro Rev?”

“Yes, I did.”

“You never told me you were in a band.”

“That’s because whenever we talked about music, it was always MCR this and MCR that,” I said, tears springing to my eyes.

“Oh shit Ava, don’t cry. I’m happy my baby sister can join us on tour. What’s your bands name?”

“You are so going to laugh when you hear this, but it’s My Suicidal Romance.” Gerard did laugh.

“Why are you called that?”

“Because, like MCR saved you, MSR saved me, about ten times from suicide. You know, back then when I couldn’t deal with the grief of Grandma,” I said, tears spilling over.

“Oh Ava, I thought we got you past that,” Gerard said sympathetically. I heard someone shout something in the background.

“It’s Ava,” Gee replied to whoever it was.

“Hey sis, I’m going to put you on speaker phone so everyone can talk to you.” A few beeps later, and I was hearing a collective “hey Ava”.

“Hey guys. Okay, to fill you in. Me and MSR are joining you guys on Pro Rev.”

“Sweet. Well we’re actually stopping in Bellville tonight, so we can share a bus for the tour, keep our eye on you,” Mikey said.

“Yeah, Kay. I’ll introduce you to the band tonight then.”

“Wait, where are you now?” Ray asked.

“At Eyeball’s office in Bellville. Why do you ask?”

“I told you that was her car. We’re outside the building right now.” Bob said.

“We’ll be down in two minutes!” I said before hanging up, grabbing Ben by then hand and leading him, Jon and Lydia down the stairs to my awaiting brothers and their band mates.

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