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Reunions and Introductions

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Just as the chapter title says.

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With the speed at which we were running, we made it down the 13 flights of stairs from the meeting office in one minute and twenty one point five seconds – Jon timed it. As we stood outside regaining our breath, five figures walked over from a bus that was towering over the cars parked in the dingy parking lot that Eyeball Records provided for its patrons.

“AVA!” Mikey screamed, before running up to me, closing me in a bone crushing hug, whilst my hand was still attached to Ben’s.

“Uh, Mikes, could you let go so we don’t kill Ben’s hand? He kind of needs it to play,” I said. Frank snickered, and I shot him a death glare as Mikey backed out of the embrace.

“To play guitar Frank, you immature little freak.” That silenced the shrimp. I received hugs from everyone else, and a peck on the cheek from Gerard, and a second hug from Mikey.

“Okay, I’ll introduce you first to the band, then we’ll catch up,” I said, and flung my arm around Lydia’s shoulders.

“This here is my girl Lydia. She’s our bass player, and absolutely loves your music. Ever since I told her I was related to you, she’s been all “can you get Mikey to teach me bass to this song” and “I’ve got to ask Gerard about the lyrics”. It was pretty entertaining at first, well, until the third time she said it.”

“Oh come on A, you loved it. You got to boast about your famous brothers,” Lydia replied, slightly pink in the cheeks.

“Okay, enough from Lyd’s little mouth. This guy right here,” I started, walking towards Jon, “Is Jon, our drummer. He basically lives his life by MSR and MCR. Pretty funny stories to tell about MCR, but we’ll get into that later.” I headed over to Ben, when Ray spoke up.

“Are you trying to embarrass each of your band members or something?”

“Course. As front woman of MSR, it’s my life to embarrass my band, and as a sister to MCR, it is my goal in life to tell embarrassing stories of each of you guys when asked. Why do you think I love the attention I get because my last name is Way?”

“Because you’re an attention whore?” Frank asked.

“True, true. Anyway, last person to introduce. This here is Ben. He’s our guitar player, and also my boyf- no, ex boy- no, I don’t know actually. Are you my boyfriend or not?”

“We’re more like friends with benefits. We tried dating once, but it didn’t work out, so we decided that we could see other people, but are still available for kisses and stuff when wanted.” Ben finished off for me.

“Wait; are you the Ben that broke Ava’s heart two years ago?” Bob threateningly asked.

“He is, and I’m over that. We hashed it out and realised where we went wrong, and that where the FWB came from.”

“That’s good, cause if not, nothing, except maybe Ava and Gerard would have stopped me from beating the crap outta you.”

“Okay, note to self, MCR are very protective of Ava,” Jon muttered. I couldn’t help but burst out laughing, which made seven people stare at me.

“What?” I asked, running a hand through my boy cut black hair, ruffling it out a bit, and pulling my fringe so it covered my eye like I normally had it. You could so tell I was a Way – I had Gerard’s pale complexion and raven hair, and Mikey’s thin body, as well as glasses. So I took after both my brothers.

“You know, it’s just dawned on me how alike you three look,” Lydia said, hand resting on her chin, feigning thoughtfulness.

“Yeah, I remember the time Gee and Mikes came to visit about, a year and a half ago I think, and Abby ran up to you and me, and screamed “OMG Mikey and Gerard from MCR are here”, and then she took a glance at me then at them and said “OMG, you’re related.” That was such an odd day for us,” I said, giggles re-emerging. Gee and Mikey giggled too.

“Yeah, that was the day we swore never to visit you in College again,” Gerard replied.

“So that’s why you stopped…go figure,” I muttered. “Anyway, can you give us a ride back to my place, where all of you can stay? The car was going to stay here for PR anyway, and it makes it easier not to have to do another trip.”

“You guys live together?” Ray asked.

“Yeah, we thought it would be easier that way, and we have like, three spare bedrooms and a couple of couches you guys can crash on.”

“Okay, where you living?” Mikey asked.

“Gra-gran-…Elena’s place,” I said, on the verge of tears once more. Frank noticed and swept me into a hug, stroking my hair softly. I let the tears flow out, and I clutched onto his shirt tight. Gerard came over and switched places with Frank, and the tears kept on rolling out.

“I thought she was over this,” Ben whispered from behind me.

“When it’s Ava your on about, and it’s something bigger than a spider in the room, she’ll live with it forever, and be distraught over it at any mention,” Mikey said.

“How long have you guys been living at Elena’s place?” Bob asked.

“About a year, since we got signed. She’s never realised that we were staying there; I suppose it’s because it’s the last piece of Elena she has – it was the only thing left to her, poor girl,” Lydia said, coming up behind me and rubbing my back gently. I lifted my head away from Gee’s chest, and dried my eyes.

“Sorry, I’m just really emotional lately since I found out…I’ll tell you that later. I didn’t mean to break down like that. Can we just go home, and I’ll tell you why I’m a bit weepy?”

“Sure thing baby,” Gerard said, leading MSR back to the bus where MCR had already scrambled aboard.

“It’s good to have you back guys,” I said, curling up into Ray who was sitting on the couch.

“It’s great to see you again girly,” Bob said, as I closed my eyes and drifted slowly off to sleep.

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