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Ava tells the truth

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Okay, once again, thanks to cutegirl12356. This chapter is for you again, Ashley!

I was shaken awake by Jon when we reached the house – he was the only one brave enough to wake me, I was informed later. Everyone else except Ray and Jon had headed inside, thanks to the spare keys I gave Lydia, the only other I trusted, so the three of us headed in. Everyone had crashed out in the living room, and Ben and Lydia had already gotten them drinks, with two cans of soda for Ray and Jon and a glass of water for me waiting on the table. I picked up my water and squeezed in the two seater sofa between Mikes and Gee.

“Okay guys. I almost let something leak earlier, and I want to tell you now, so I can get it off my chest.” I took a deep breath in.

“Just take your time Ava, okay. We’re not going to rush you,” Gerard said, slinging an arm around my shoulders.

“Now I’ve been very negligent with keeping this information from you guys, more so than I was with the band. I’ve already told these three, when I found out about four months ago, but you guys were on tour and I didn’t want to bring your hopes down.”

“Ava, don’t you dare tell us you’re pregnant,” Mikey said, turning into over protective brother.

“No, no. nothing like that. Four months ago, I was diagnosed with acute lymphocytic leukemia. First of all, it is very rare for someone who is older than between about 5 and 50 years old to get it, but they’ve only just spotted it. Apparently I’ve had it all my life, but the community doctor Mom took us to didn’t notice it, and when the private doctor Nonna took me to when I moved in here, he tried to raise it, but at that point we were more worried about her health, so we never took the extra appointment for him to inform us.”

“Oh god, Ava, I wished you’d have told us sooner,” Gerard said, hugging my body close to his.

“Yeah sis, so do I. now I don’t want to sound like an idiot, but what is it you’ve got?” Mikey said.

“Umm, same here. I’m not smart like you and your college friends,” Frank added in, soon to be joined by grunts from Ray and Bob.

“Basically, it means I’ve got cancerous cells in my bone marrow. They said because I’m at such an odd age to suddenly discover it, but it is easily treatable, they’d put me on a course of chemotherapy. Dr Webber said that I won’t ever need a bone marrow transplant, so I know that I have a high survival rate, but they said if they could have pinpointed it even a year earlier, my survival chances would be around 70%, instead of the 45% rate I’m at now.” The tears were free flowing once more, and this time I was pulled into Mikey.

“Is there anything important we need to know about whilst we’re on tour? Like, incase of an emergency or whatever?” Bob asked. This was the sincerest I had ever seen him before, and it kind of shocked me, to say the least.

“Umm, Dr Webber said I may feel faint, I may lose my appetite and some weight, I have a higher chance of getting sick, I may get pains in my joints, my asthma will be harder to manage, and I may bleed a bit excessively and bruise easier. That’s about it, but Lyd’s and Jon are my key carers; I’ll just need you guys there incase I get out of hand. I mean, you know what I used to be like – I’d only let Mikey or Gee help me when I was sick.”

“Okay, it’s good to know,” Ray said. I yawned and closed my eyes.

“Are you tired Ava?” Gee asked.

“A little. I think I may go lie down for a bit. I’ll show you your rooms later.” I stood up and instantly felt dizzy, so I rested my hand on the coffee table.

“You okay?” Frank asked.

“Not really. Could someone come with me just incase?”

“Sure, I’ll stay with you,” Frank said before anyone else could get a word in. We headed up to my room, and I lay down on the bed, Frank next to me. I curled up in his arms, and he rested his chin on the top of my head, and I fell asleep to the rhythm of his breathing.

Now all this information about Leukemia is true, I should know. I hope other are reading this story.

I know exactly where I am taking this, but can anyone guess?

xox Emmi
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