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Sleep, just sleep

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Thank you once more to cutegirl12356, and a big thanks to QueenPanda139, this chapter is dedicated to you.

Amanda: Ava isn’t going to drop dead during PR. I’ll admit, your comment made me laugh, but no, that isn’t the plan at the moment

YAY! My copies of The Umbrella Academy – Gee’s comic series – arrived today, and I’m so psyched! I’ve been waiting months for them, and they finally came, and they’re awesome. If you can get your hands on a copy of them, do!

Okay, here goes, chapter four:

When I roused from my slumber, I noticed it was dark, and Frank had also fallen asleep. I tried to extract myself from the tangle that was our limbs without disturbing him, because he looked so damn peaceful, but I failed miserably. Now, I’m the kind of girl that when falling out of bed, although my stature being short and thin, makes a noise like a stampede of elephants running through the bedroom, so everyone who wasn’t awake would be. That’s exactly what happened. In my struggle to pull my arm’s from around Frank’s neck and my leg from between his, I rolled of the bed and landed with a loud thunk. That got the guy up quicker than someone threatening to pour ice water over him.

“Oh my god Ava, are you okay? Did you hurt yourself?”

“Frankie, I’m fine. I just got tangled up with you and couldn’t move,” I replied, taking the hand he offered to me and being pulled up. I staggered slightly, and Frank pulled me into his chest. I looked up at him through my ice blue eyes, and leant in, brushing his lips lightly with mine. I pulled away not a second later and instantly blushed.

“Sorry Frankles, I didn’t mean to do that,” I said, rubbing at my tired eyes, disregarding the contacts I had in them.

“That’s okay, I kind of liked it,” he replied, blushing. “But are we going to go downstairs and get a tour of this grand abode?”

“Yeah, just let me swap my contacts for my glasses, then we’ll go.” I went to my ensuite bathroom, and took out my contacts, slipping them in the cleaning solution I used, and slipping on my black emo frames, mush like the ones Mikey used to wear before he got his laser eye surgery.

“Okay, all good. Let’s go,” I said, taking Frank’s hand in mine loosely. We headed down the stairs, to be met with eight stares.

“Why are you two holding hands?” Bob asked.

“Oh my god Ava, you finally let Frank know you’ve got a crush on him!” Lydia squealed.

“Actually, no. I never told him that. We just had a brief moment upstairs, and thank you for telling everyone here that I have a crush on Frank.”

“Yeah, well I suppose it’s fair to tell you that Frank has also got a crush on you,” Ray piped in.

“Okay, this is just weird. We’re talking about my sister and best friend here,” Mikey said, standing up and raising his hands up in defeat.

“Well, do you guys want a tour of the place? I mean, it has been five years since Way’s other than me were here, and I don’t think anyone except for Ray ever came round here before, but once again, that was five years ago,” I was babbling.

“Just stop babbling Ava, and yes, we would love to be shown around here again,” Ray said, silencing my constant chatter.

“Okay, basically I have Nonna’s room. I normally share it with Lyd’s or Ben, but until we leave, I think it would be best if Lydia stayed with me. Now in what was Mom and Pop’s room, if I’m even allowed to still call them that, is Jon, because it’s closest to my room. In Gee’s old room is Ben or Lydia, so it will be Ben tonight. In my old room, we’ll put Gee; Mikey can go back in his old room, which leaves Bob, Ray or Frank in the guest room. We have a couch in my room and this one down here for those who don’t take the room,” I said before we got moving.

“Well, I’d feel better if I took the couch in your room, and one of the other’s takes your old room A,” Gerard said.

“Well, I’ll take the couch down here,” Ray said.

“I’ll go in Ava’s room. It’s probably best we don’t put Frank in there because all the boxed stuff would be opened,” Bob said.

“Too right Bobby. Okay, so that leaves me in the guest room,” Frank said. I gave them the tour of the place, finishing in the kitchen where Ben, Jon and Lydia were busy making dinner.

“For dinner, we have MSR’s specialty – Spaghetti bolognaise with herb bread,” I said, before making everyone sit at the table.

“Ava, is it vegetarian?” Frank asked.

“Of course. Both myself and Jon are vegetarian,” I replied, bringing over glasses of water. Soon enough, the food was served and we were happily munching away. I just sat there, taking maybe two bites.

“Not hungry Ava?” Ben asked.

“It’s not just that. It’s just, so many memories are coming back, it’s a bit overwhelming to say the least,” I said, tears spilling over for about the tenth time that day.

“Okay, this may seem like an odd thing to announce over dinner, but tomorrow a mini van, used to store all your equipment, will arrive, so I was hoping we could pack all that up tonight so it’s ready, and then we leave the day after tomorrow for first stop, because of where it is,” Ray said.

“Awesome. Well, if you guys pack what you need, and also throw in my acoustic, I’d be grateful,” I said, looking at MSR.

“Okay, well, are we all done here?” Mikey asked once we were done eating.

“Yeah, all done I think, but we can clear it up Mikes,” Lydia said.

“No, MSR cooked the meal, MCR will clean up after,” he said, taking the dirty dishes away. Whilst they were cleaning, I went up to the room and lay down on the bed, falling asleep as soon as my head touched the pillows.
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