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The Truth

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Archie tells everyone the truth, will Jay forgive him.

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Archie stood staring meting the eyes of the leader.

“Jay, listen, when I was young something happened. My parents both died in a car accident and I ended up in a foster home. Both my parents lost touch with the rest of their respective families…” Archie said speaking quietly but the still of the room made his voice echo. Atlanta stepped up and stood beside Archie. Her hand reached out tentatively and brushed against his.
Archie paused briefly to look gratefully at Atlanta as his hand grabbed hers.

“Well, I wasn’t the best of kids, and let’s say I lived up to Achilles’ reputation.“ A faint blush by this point mantled Archie’s cheeks. Atlanta’s hand tensed and then rapidly loosened in his hand. He looked at her.

“Atlanta… I was 15, and it wasn’t many girls but it was a few.” Archie turned away from the brilliant red head and tuned back to the rest of the team.

“Then Becky came in to my life, and well things changed. We fooled around a lot but that’s when I found out about Cassie… At the time she was 2 years old…she was my blood sister and she moved in to my foster parent house. She came from an abusive household…” Archie pauses and looks up, Theresa’s hand covered her mouth. Atlanta wouldn’t meet his eyes. Jay stood tall staring at Archie. Power and leadership emitted from the angry teen.

“Continue Archie…” Jay said quietly as his arm went around Theresa.

“She came from my household… After my parents abandoned me.” Archie said his voice dropping.

“I swore to hurt them after Cassie came to me and when the doctors told me the truth. I did make them hurt. I screamed out in my pain, but someone answered the call. “

As Archie paused Jay looked at him, a spark of fear in his chocolate brown.

“What answered the call?” Jay asked as the rest of the team stood and stared at Archie, who still held her hand.

“It was a catoblepas…”

“A Greek demon from Africa…” Odie interrupted. “A demon that kills his victims by looking at them.”

Archie nodded quietly, “There is a reason that after I meet my parents for the first time, their bodies were found in a natural park north of my home town.”

“He killed a hundred or so people before I found a way to contain him after I released him. He escaped…”
Jay froze, a look of disbelief.

“Now its no longer Cronos there is now a demon that….” Jay began his voice thick with anger
“Is out to kill him,” Atlanta said looking at Archie filling in the missing puzzle piece.

“I tricked him to hide him, before I could destroy him. When he found out he was trapped he said he would forever seek revenge"

“When Hermes came to find me, I told Becky to keep a watch on Cassie and let me know as soon as something changed in my home town.” Archie said

“So the demons loose now, which is why Becky came to New Olympia” Odie said looking at Jay.

Archie nodded his eyes on the ground.
A hand clasped his shoulder, he raised his eyes to see Jay’s arm and Jay looking at him intently. Herry, Neil, Odie, and Theresa stood behind him. Atlanta released his hand and stood beside Neil.

“Archie? Why didn’t you tell us sooner? We are a team that specializes in this kind of thing” Jay said a smile upon his lips.

“The reason I left was to check and make sure the demon escaped. And I left the group to confirm that he had in fact escaped and well if he had seen me then I may would have died…and I didn’t want you waiting for me.”

“Im sorry,” Archie said, “I don’t know why I didn’t tell you sooner.”
Jay removed his hand from Archie’s shoulder and held it out to Archie.

“Welcome back Archie, welcome back.” The two shook hands as Atlanta put an arm around him.

As Archie turned to face her she had a smirk on her face. As her arm came back and gave a nice loud resounding slap on his cheek. Archie's hand raised his hand to his now dark red cheek.

As the entire team looked at her in shock, she smirked even wider…

“Don’t tell me you didn’t deserve that.”

Archie smiled in response, “I’ll get you back for that,”

Atlanta grinned even larger as the rest of the team started laughing. “If you could ever catch me slowpoke” as she raced off with Archie laughing in pursuit…

Jay smiled happily and hugged Theresa and clapped the guys on the shoulder. The group was back to normal.
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