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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Only two days into the summer holiday and Blaise Zabini was pacing in her room, "Damn them, damn them." She kept whispering to herself viciously, she was in a foul mood after what her parents had just told her, of all the things they could have done for her it had to be the one thing that repulsed her more than that git Malfoy.

Her parents were going to get the 'Dark Mark' and expect her to get it at the same time as well.

'Well I'm not going to serve that bxxxxxd' she thought.

"Just damned typical!" She hissed so aggressively that it would have sent shivers up even Voldemort's spine, and aggression doesn't affect him very much.

"That's it, I'm leaving." she suddenly blurted out "I've had enough, I became a Slytherin for them, I even acted like a cow towards the man of my dreams for them. Now I've had enough!"

With that said she began packing her things in her featherlight - magically expanding trunk, schoolbooks in first followed by her cauldron and potions ingredients. Then her clothes and jewellery, after checking she had her wand safely stored inside her cloak and had some money with her - only 4 Galleons - not enough there. With every thing packed and ready, she closed and locked the trunk, before searching for her broomstick - a Nimbus 2000 - 'so similar to Harry's, shame his was destroyed by the Whomping willow,' she thought as she examined her broom, 'I wouldn't mind a go on his broomstick' was her next thought, expertly fighting her blush at the double meaning to her thought, she strapped her trunk to her broom. 'Ready' she thought, 'one last thing to do.'

She sat down at her desk for the last time and pulled out a piece of parchment, quill and ink, before writing a letter saying all those things she wanted to say for all of the years since she started Hogwarts.

Dear Mum and Dad,
You have brought me up to be a perfect pureblood princess; got me anything I wanted without spoiling me. For that I thank you. But I don't believe in this whole pureblood bullshit, ever since I started Hogwarts I have had to hide my true beliefs, even when you tried to convince me to agree to marry that big oaf Goyle, I kept the fact I don't believe in that crap, well, to put it simply I am going to tell you now that I have absolutely no intention of getting the dark mark. You have gone and guaranteed yourself a nice long stay in Azkaban, shame that the dementors have left, If you use the pathetic excuse that I have picked the losing side by joining Harry Potter and Professor Dumbledore, then you are wrong Harry has faced the Dark Lord FIVE times and lived to tell the tale, and he isn't even 16. If he can survive him five times before he has reached his full power, then who do you think will win? You are making the biggest mistake of your lives by taking the mark!

Your daughter-that-isn't-your-daughter-anymore
Blaise Zabini.

She folded the letter up and addressed it to her parents before setting it on her desk, she took one last look around her room, it wasn't a bad room to have, but there's only so much you can take of the Slytherin colours, and she got more than enough at school. She would have much preferred to having a much different colour scheme, perhaps a nice red, no definitely Gryffindor red and gold. Besides, Harry the boy, no the man - he stopped being a boy after he won the tri-wizard tournament - the man of her dreams was in Gryffindor, finally opening her window wide - luckily it was dark outside, so no one could see her as she mounted her broom and floated out of her window and down to the street corner, where she landed, dismounted and began thinking of her options.

'Oh hell' she thought 'I've just agreed to fight alongside Harry Potter, I'm going to need help. But I'm a Zabini, I may not like my parents, but I can't change who I am,' she thought "and Zabini's don't ask for help!" she stubbornly exclaimed to the empty street, "well what can I do?" she asked herself quietly as she resisted the urge to begin pacing up and down the street. 'Option 1: go to the leaky cauldron and stay there until September the 1st' she thought 'no, one little problem that will upset the whole plan - nowhere near enough money.' She quickly reasoned with herself. "Option 2 it is then, damn my pride, find professor Dumbledore, and ask for help" she decided out loud with a resigned sigh.

After checking that there no muggles watching, she drew her wand and with a sigh she called the Knight bus.

There was a loud bang as the bus appeared out of nowhere and then screeched to a halt in front of Blaise.

"'Ello an' welcome to the knight bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard, my name is Stan Shunpike an' I will be your conductor for this evening." said the pimple-covered conductor.

"How much to Hogwarts, please?" she asked in a carefully taught polite voice, the sort used when talking to someone before deciding if they are friend or foe.

"Its seven'een Sickles, or nine'een fer an' 'ot chocolate too." Came the reply.

"Okay one to Hogwarts without the hot chocolate, please?" she requested in the same polite voice, while handing over a galleon.

Just before he handed over the change he asked "ain' it a bi' early fer 'ogwarts miss...?" he asked her.

"Zabini, Blaise Zabini, and I have to see Professor Dumbledore urgently." She answered, as she couldn't think up a good enough lie.

As Stan handed her the change a smile crept on to his face "urgent, you say." he stated, well lets see what we can do for such a beautiful young woman." With that he picked up her trunk and carried it to one of the beds, set it down and went to talk to the driver, after a moment of quiet conversation, Stan stood up and announced "next stop 'ogwarts!"

Blaise couldn't help but smile at the effect her looks had on men, she wasn't big headed enough to think that she was beautiful, but she knew that she certainly wasn't ugly.

Her thoughts were cut of as the bus sped off with a bang, as the ride went on she found her mind drifting to the place...well person, that it went to since she noticed him, his messy black hair, his was skinny - one of her requirements after her parents tried to make her marry that brainless thug Goyle. Blaise was still daydreaming about how this certain green-eyed Gryffindor used his broom to out fly a Hungarian horntail, when she was jerked back to reality by the bus screeching to a halt.

"'Ogwarts." Stan announced.

"Thanks." Blaise called as she got off the bus dragging her trunk behind her, seconds later there was a loud bang and the knight bus vanished.

Blaise, seeing she had been dropped off just outside the front gates, began the long trek up the road to the castle.

15 minutes later and Blaise was about to open the front door, only for it to open for her, revealing Professor Dumbledore on the other side of the door.

"Ah, Ms. Zabini, I've been expecting you." He began "And how may I help you."

"Well..." Blaise began, only to trail off as her curiosity clicked into gear, "Professor, what do you mean, your were expecting me? How did you know I was here when I just arrived?" she asked bewildered, and trying to ignore the stab of fear that her parents knew she was there and were getting Professor Dumbledore to send her home.

"There are more than just anti-apparition wards on the castle and its grounds." He answered in his cryptic way, his eyes twinkling at her confusion at what appeared to be a useless piece of random information. "Now, how may I help you?" he repeated his earlier question.

"Well, Erm, well my parents want me to become a Death Eater with them, and I don't want to be one, I don't even follow their pureblood mania, I was hoping you could help me."

"I see, well that shouldn't be a problem." He said, "Well not much of one anyway." He finished after a moments thought.

"If you need money for me staying here, I still have access to my trust vault, you can take my board out of that." She said hoping to solve the problem that would be caused by her presence.

"That wont be necessary, you won't be staying here, there is one place that is safer than even Hogwarts. I'll be sending you there, the problem I was referring to was convincing the muggles that own the building to allow you to stay there, you see they don't like Wizardkind." Dumbledore said relieving her worries, then piling twice as much on. "Follow me please." He said leading the way through the maze-like corridors of Hogwarts.

"A muggle house, safer than Hogwarts, Impossible." Blaise said seriously doubting the headmaster's sanity.

"Yes, far safer than Hogwarts, you will only be able to stay there till around the beginning of August, I will allow the Erm, reason for such powerful wards to explain how they are powered, all I can say is that they are intent based, if you mean harm to the resident of the house, they won't let you in, if you have good intentions, then they let you in." the headmaster explained. "Puking Pastilles." He suddenly said to the gargoyle at the end of the corridor.

The gargoyle sprang aside revealing a rotating spiral staircase, stepping on the head master beckoned her to follow him up it to a door way, the door opened to reveal a circular office, obviously the headmasters, both of the walls were crammed with books, and the room was full of trinkets, but Blaise was too busy looking at some thing at the back of the room to pay any attention to them, she was looking at a beautiful red and gold bird that was the size of a swan, it was a phoenix!

The head master beckoned the phoenix over with a simple hand gesture, the phoenix flew over and landed on his forearm, "This is Fawkes, he is a phoenix, I believe the resident of the house we are going to would like to see him, hold on to my arm, okay, Fawkes, 'Fire-flash' us to number 4 Privet Drive." Dumbledore said.

Fawkes trilled in response, it was a sound that lifted Blaise's spirit and contained the phoenix's excitement at seeing the resident of that house.

A split second later and Blaise was filled with a warm feeling and felt a gentle pull forwards, and Blaise, headmaster Dumbledore, and Fawkes were no longer at Hogwarts School of witchcraft and wizardry.
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