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Number Four Privet Drive

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 1: Number 4 Privet Drive.

Harry Potter was scared out of his mind, his life wasn't in danger like it often was, no he was scared because his 'family', who all hate him and never pass up on an opportunity to make his life hell, were being nice to him!

He had just completed a letter for Professor Dumbledore asking for extra training, for his destiny was to fight The Dark Lord Voldemort, and thus decide the fate of the world, wizarding and muggle. Now all he had to do was wait for Hedwig, his beautiful snowy owl to return from hunting so that she can deliver the letter for him.

He had finally gotten bored of waiting for Hedwig, and had gone to get something to eat, now sitting at the dinner table he wasn't that hungry, his thoughts returning to one of the places it had been recently, and that is Sirius, his godfather, now deceased, due to one of Harry's decisions, now he was dead, 'if I had only practiced Occlumency properly then this wouldn't have happened and Sirius would be alive.' Harry thought glumly as he pushed his food around his plate, ignoring his Aunt and Uncle's anger at the wasted food.

His thoughts were cut short by an unusual sound in the entrance hall, it was almost like a roar, not an animalistic kind of roar, more like the roar of flames, followed by the sound of something colliding with the door.

Harry deciding that it was most likely a portkey, although he had never been present when one arrived as he was always been the one travelling. Harry stepped up to the door drawing his wand from his back pocket despite Moody's warning about blowing off his buttocks.

Cautiously opening the door into the passage, only to be greeted by a burst of the phoenix song, as Harry's spirit rose thanks to the song, he recognised the bird, "Fawkes!" he yelled at the beautiful red and gold phoenix, Fawkes flew over to his shoulder, it was then that Harry spotted the two visitors, one was an old man with half-moon glasses, the other was a beautiful young woman that he recognised from school, Harry's mind drifted to the second place it had been in the last few days, it had been with the woman stood before him...Blaise Zabini.

'Oh my god, its Harry Potter's house!!' she thought shocked to her core.

"Erm...Hello Professor," Harry began, overcoming his thoughts with a faint blush at what they were doing to Blaise. "What brings you here?" he finished, with a stab of fear that maybe there was another attack.

"Actually it is Ms. Zabini that brings me here." He answered, "She is in need of protection and this is the best place to provide it." He finished with a twinkle in his eyes and a knowing smile on his face.

It just so happened that the Dursleys, Harry's 'family' stepped into the hall to see what was going on, one look at Dumbledore, and Vernon forgot his promise to Mad-eye, rounding on Harry, he yelled at the top of his voice "WHAT HAVE YOU TOLD THOSE, THOSE FREAKS??"

"Harry hasn't done anything to bring me here," Dumbledore interrupted "But I would like to speak to you Mr. Dursley."

"What do you want from me?" Vernon asked warily.

"I just want one of my students to be protected until September the first." Dumbledore said. "Ms. Zabini, can you kindly explain what I have told you about the protective wards to Mr. Potter, he will explain what he knows to you, I have to dash." He finished, beckoning Fawkes over and vanishing in a burst of flames.

"SHE WILL NOT BE STAYING HERE!" Vernon roared, his face a nice shade of purple.

"WHY NOT?" Harry bellowed back, "I'll pay for her to stay if its money your worried about." He finished, trying to stay calm.

"Money? How can you pay for her if you have no money?" Petunia said, looking down her nose at them, seemingly triumphant.

"I have plenty of money, but you can't use it, its wizarding money." Harry said, "when I move out I'll pay you for looking after me all of these years." He said.

"And how are we going to use freak money?" Vernon said.

"I'll get it changed to pounds for you."

"How much will you give us?"

"Depends on how nice you are to me. Treat Zabini and me badly even once and you don't get a penny. Treat us like you would any other guest, and you will get rewarded well." Harry said with a smirk. He could see the cogs going in his uncle Vernon's head.

"How do I know you will keep your word?"

"How about we shake on it?" he answered holding his hand out, his uncle Vernon slowly took and shook his hand for a brief second before he let go with a look of complete disgust on his face, as if he would be corrupted by his 'filthy freakiness'.

With that done he lead Blaise upstairs towards the guest room before his uncle shouted up the stairs, "She'll be staying in your room." Shrugging his shoulders at Blaise, he lead her to his already cramped room, only to find it magically enlarged, looking around the room that was now four times the size it should be, he spotted two single beds, one an identical copy of his real bed, On the desk he spotted a note, it read;

I thought that your uncle would make Ms. Zabini stay in your room so I made it a bit bigger for you, and supplied you with another bed.

I got your letter for me and will read it after tonight's meeting of the 'Order of the char-grilled-chicken'.

Professor Dumbledore, head of the Wizengamot, Supreme Mugwump, etc.

"Well that explains my room." He said looking around again while chuckling at the new name for the order. Sitting on his bed, he motioned for Blaise to sit on her bed, once she was seated, Harry broke the silence. "Okay Zabini, explain."

"My parents are becoming Death Eaters tonight," Blaise began, hiding behind the icy-cool mask that she wears around other people, when inside she wanted to cry, let out the pain of having to betray her own heart for so long. "And want me to get the mark tomorrow night, I don't even believe that pureblood rubbish, I shouldn't even be a Slytherin, the hat said Gryffindor, but I wanted to please my parents, so I became a Slytherin."

Suddenly, without warning, her mask shattered and the tears started flowing. Harry, not used to having to comfort an upset young woman, sat beside her, carefully putting an arm round her shoulders. She collapsed into his arms, sobbing on his shoulder.

Harry, unsure of what to do next, gently rubbed her back, hoping to calm her down.

Once the crying stopped, they sat there in silence, taking comfort from the others presence, when Harry broke the silence "what did Dumbledore tell you about the wards on the house?"

"Just that they were intent based."

"Ah, well they run off blood magic," he began. "My blood magic, when Voldemort tried to kill me as a baby, my mother sacrificed herself to save me, that put a powerful protection in my blood, follow so far?" At Blaise's nod he continued. "Well that protection was used by Dumbledore to create wards to protect me, as long as I live with a blood relative on my mums side of the family, the wards protect me and the house." He finished.

"I think we had better go to bed now." Blaise said after a few moments of silence in Harry's arms, jumping up. Harry left the room to go to the bathroom while Blaise got changed.

5 minutes later and Harry knocked on his door, not wanting to walk in on a naked girl, seconds later and Blaise had opened the door and was stood in the doorway, dressed in nothing but a nighty.

Harry was suddenly and uncomfortably aware of just how attractive Blaise was. She had a perfect, slightly oval-shaped head, ice blue eyes, perfect lips - not too full, but not too thin, and black hair flowing down to the small of her back. She had a nice shapely body with curves in all of the right places and long legs that were very visible with the nighty only going halfway down her thighs.

"Um...where's the bathroom?" Blaise asked blushing as Harry's wandering eyes examined her from head to foot.

"I...its d...down" He managed to stutter, pointing in the general direction of the bathroom, before shooting into the room with a blush red enough to give the Weasleys a run for there money.

Harry was already asleep when Blaise came back to get in bed.
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