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First Week of July

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When her parents become Death Eaters, Blaise Zabini (femaleblaise) runs away from home to avoid that fate, running to her headmaster for help, she is sent to the one place that is better protected ...

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Chapter 2: The First Week Of July.

Blaise shot awake to the sound of whimpering, almost dog-like coming from across the room, Harry's bed to be exact. Looking at the clock she saw that it was 2AM.

Climbing out of bed, she quietly padded across the room in her bare feet to the other bed, sitting on the edge she gently shook Harry awake, speaking softly to him all the time, "Harry, its okay, its just a nightmare, Sirius doesn't blame you Harry, you shouldn't either."

At that Harry's eyes snapped open and he sat up in bed, instantly grabbing Blaise and burying his head in her shoulder, Blaise holding him, comforting, soothing him with her very presence.

She sighed as she thought of the time since she came here, that was five days ago, five days since she got a full nights undisturbed sleep, every night she would wake up to the sound of Harry having a nightmare, he had reluctantly explained them to her that first night, he told her everything, or as much as he dared, after all, she was hiding from Voldemort, he figured that since she was on their side she could be trusted with certain amounts of information.

He told her about Sirius, about the department of mysteries, the DA, Bellatrix Lestrange, even his attempt at the Cruciatus curse.

She was shocked at first that Harry would trust her and from what he had told her, but then was rendered incapable of rational thought, because Harry was holding her, unconsciously looking for the comfort he had been denied since he was a small child.

But that was then, five nights ago, now he could hold her without blushing every time he realised what he was doing.

It had felt good for him to get something off his chest, 'but why did I open up to Blaise?' he was thinking tonight. 'Since when has she been Blaise and not Zabini?' he thought suddenly taking note of the flip-flop in his stomach at the mere thought of her. 'Oh Merlin, I fancy her, great Harry, put her in danger why don't you?' he thought glumly as he unconsciously pulled her closer, 'she's already in danger, so what's a few places up the hit list?' his heart had told him every day, until he finally accepted it, unconsciously at least.

He released her from his arms apologizing to her, refusing to look her in the eyes.

"What have you got to be sorry about?" she asked, glad that he had let her help him so readily, she was used to seeing him getting angry at his friends for prying into things he didn't want to tell anybody.

"Dumping all of my problems on you, and er...holding you." He answered, finishing so quietly she almost missed it, while he was disgusted that he could put his problems to another person.

"I'm glad you let me help you, and you can hold me all you want." she said softly, with a blush when she realised what she had let slip.

He certainly didn't expect that, he was expecting to hear her scolding him for not apologising sooner, or something like that, but instead she just about admitted that he had a special place in her heart, if her blush and the look in her ice-blue eyes was anything to go by.

Harry deciding to be daring, leaned forwards and using all of his Gryffindor courage, kissed her briefly on the lips, before laying back down as if nothing had happened.

"Goodnight." He whispered going back to sleep.

Blaise managed to go back to bed after a few moments of shock-induced paralysis. Harry was already asleep, so she just lay back down and went to sleep dreaming of a certain green-eyed Gryffindor.


The first thing of note about the sixth day that Blaise was there, July 8th was that Blaise woke up to find Harry sat on her bed watching her.

"Good morning be...Blaise."

"Morning, what were you about to call me?"

"" he answered embarrassed and suddenly very shy, none of the confidence he had shown last night was left.

"Am I beautiful?" Blaise asked, smirking as she watched Harry squirm in embarrassment.

"Yes!" he answered instantly.

"Then come closer." she said beckoning him down towards her with her finger. "Closer." She said as he only halved the distance between them.

"I'm sorry," he said as he moved his head to within a foot of hers. "For kissing you last night, I shouldn't have done that, I know you don't want an ugly fool like me kissi-" he was cut off as Blaise pressed her lips to his.

"You aren't ugly." She told him forcefully when they broke apart, "And there's no need for you to apologise for a kiss that I've wanted since fourth year."

She ended that conversation with a kiss before getting ready for the day ahead.

The second thing to note about that day was that they finally left the house, Blaise being a pureblood witch had to be told twice that her clothes were not muggle enough. After Blaise put on satisfactory clothing and they had checked that both of their wands were hidden from sight but in a place that allowed them to draw it quickly and easily if needed, they left.

Stepping outside the front door after stealing a slice of toast from the kitchen each, they slowly began the walk down the street to the park, Harry feeling for once like the person he should be, a 16-year-old boy.

Harry's happy mood ended suddenly as he became aware of the hairs on the back of his neck standing up, he felt as if he was being followed, tensing up, he concentrated on that feeling, he sensed emotions and personalities that weren't his, he could sense Blaise; happy, content, brave, mischievous, but caring.

But Harry could sense another presence; clumsy, hyperactive, immature, caring and happy but grieving at the same time.

Harry relaxed as he realised who it was, he didn't know how he did it, but he wasn't going to complain, he would ask Dumbledore about it, but for now, for once he was glad he had a guard hidden under an invisibility cloak, even if that guard was Nymphadora Tonks.

As they walked Harry and Blaise made small talk, one thing they had discovered over the past few days was that they - once they looked past the prejudices associated with their houses - not only got on well together, but their personalities matched perfectly, both were caring, brave, quick to blame themselves for something that happened, the differences came in the way the held themselves, the way they acted, while Blaise was - in public at least - an ice queen, emotionless, but confident, Harry on the other hand, he wore his emotions on his sleeve, but with a tiny level of self confidence.

The kiss and, despite their best attempts at hiding it, the fact that they fancied each other like mad only made matters worse.

The ice queen of Slytherin and the fire heart of Gryffindor, were falling hopelessly in love with each other.
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