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I Didn't Mean to Make You Cry

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Mama, I didn't mean to make you cry
- Queen

We were at it for a fair few minutes, when I pulled away, realising just what I was doing. I slowly sat myself back down on the bench, and he perched himself next to me.

“I’m sorry Em, I didn’t mean for that to happen. I only came out here because I saw you leave, and Jon told me that I should follow you, but at a slight distance, to make sure you wouldn’t do anything to yourself. I was formulating a conversation to apologise for what happened earlier back at the hotel, when you turned around and saw me. I never got to finish working out what I was going to say, but I’ll just sum up what I was hoping to achieve. I’m sorry for kissing you; I should know by now that you are dating Ryan, which means I shouldn’t kiss you, and you’re like a little sister to me, so I shouldn’t anyway. And for what just happened, I’m not going to say that I didn’t enjoy it, because I did, but it should never have happened, and can we please forget that we did it?”

“Yes, please can we forget that it ever happened?”

“Yeah, okay.”

“But is it true that you think of me as a little sister?”

“Yeah, I do think of you that way. I mean, you are old enough to be my little sis, and I’m very protective of you, and I do love to spoil you and play games with you. And you’re just so sweet that I can’t help but think of you that way.”

“Aww, Spency…thanks!”

“Just don’t forget this conversation when you blank out this day in the future. I want you to remember that you will always be my little sister, no matter what may happen, or where you are.”

“Okay, it’s a deal.” I stood up, and Spencer got up with me, slinging his arm around my waist as we walked back to the hotel, chatting about random things, having true brother-sister fun, although I have no idea what that feels like, because I’m an only child.
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