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And Through It All

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WARNING: Badly written sex scene!

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And through it all, she offers me protection
- Robbie Williams

Upon returning to the hotel with Spencer, we found Jon, Brendon, Ryan, Zack and Eric sitting in the common room area. I didn’t question what they were all doing up, but simply walked over to Ryan, sat down on his lap, kissed him hard and curled up in his arms, drifting off to sleep. I had a simple dream once I was off – Ryan and I on a romantic island, me in a white dress, him in loose cargo pants and an open-front shirt, standing on the beach, exchanging rings and vows.

When I woke up, I realised that this was what I truly wanted, and when I found Ryan awake beside me – we had somehow moved into his bedroom since I returned – and gazing intently into my eyes, I told him this, and he replied saying he had just had the exact same dream.

“Ryan, I know this may seem forward of me now, but I love you.”

“Em, I love you too. With my heart and soul. And, possibly within the next few weeks or months if you wish, will you marry me?” he produced a little red velvet box from his bedside table, which when I opened it, revealed a white gold ring with two rubies either side of a diamond. I took it out of the box and slipped it onto my ring finger, admiring the sheer beauty of it. Ryan placed the empty box back on the bedside table.

“Yes, Ryan Ross, I will marry you. I don’t care when, but I want to, because that is just how much I love you.” I leant over and kissed him passionately, slowly pushing myself on top of him, straddling him at the waist. His hands flew up to my lower back, his fingers tracing patterns over the thin material of my singlet, whilst my hands were in his hair, deepening the kiss. I felt his cool hands slip below my singlet, and he slowly started to lift it up. I broke the kiss so he could pull it off me completely, and took the pause in kissing to pull his tee off his head. Ryan rolled us over so that he was on top, but laid himself in the gap between my legs. He intertwined our fingers as he lightly kissed me on the lips, progressively getting deeper. I rolled us back over once more, let go of Ryan's hands and cupped his face, running my thumbs along his cheeks. He moved his hands to my back, and unhooked my bra. I lifted myself up so that I could slip it off, and then lay back down on top of Ryan. I slowly pulled down his sweatpants and discarded them on the floor in amongst our other clothes. He slid his hands beneath my leggings, and pulled them off, and rolled us over once more. Ryan kissed down my neck to my breasts, first kissing around them, then taking the nipple fully into his mouth and sucking on it, causing a moan of pleasure to escape from my lips. He did the same to the other, and then kissed down my stomach, stopping just above the top hem of my panties. He slid his hands down between my thighs, running a finger along my now sensitive core, letting out a small chuckle at feeling just how wet I was.

“It feels like you’re happy for me to be doing this,” he said huskily, before removing me of my last garment, tossing it to the floor. I rolled us over and instantly took off his underpants, throwing them haphazardly away, and kissing down his stomach, slowly getting lower to both his and my goal.

“Tell me if I do this wrong,” I whispered before taking him in my mouth.

“Em, you could never –“ He stopped mid sentence to let out a deep moan. By this time he was fully hard, and I let go of him, earning my ears to hear a whimper in disappointment. I gave Ryan a look to say “I’m going to fuck you now”, and he produced a foil package, which he quickly tore open. He slipped the condom on before I resumed my work. I positioned myself over Ryan’s waist, and eased myself down onto his throbbing cock, him helping me all the way. I rolled my hips, making glorious friction and a louder moan.

“I’ll be gentle Em; just tell me if I’m hurting you at any point, okay?” I silenced him with a fiery kiss. He rolled us over so that I was now underneath him, and began to slowly thrust in and out of me. I could feel within me a sense that I was climbing a mountain, and when I reached its peak, a wave of pleasure rolled over me, causing a guttural moan to escape my lips, and Ryan thrust harder.

“God Em, you feel so good. I don’t know how much longer I can last.” I quickly rolled us over again, so I was sitting in his lap, and began rocking on him once more. Again, I got that intense wave of pleasure, which made me squeeze my walls, and I could feel Ryan spilling into me with hot bursts. I lifted myself off quickly, and removed the condom, tying it up and throwing it in the rubbish bin. A bit of cum remained on his cock, so I took his length into my mouth once more. As soon as I moved my lips half way down his shaft, I could feel him getting hard again, and he pulled one of my hands to the other side of my lips, and started sliding up and down with me. I soon got the message and did it on my own, with pleasured moans escaping Ryan. I could feel him tensing up inside me, and soon sticky liquid was pouring into my mouth, which I happily swallowed.

“You taste so sweet baby,” I said, as I lifted myself up and curled into his arms. He shifted around me, kissing me quickly on the lips.

“We’re not quite done yet,” he said, before sliding down my body and kissing my moistened lips. He parted them slightly with his tongue, and started pushing in and out of my entrance, building up the pleasure once more. I fisted the sheets as it felt so good, and he used his thumb to trace around my hardened nub.

“Come for me sweetie,” he whispered before plunging his tongue right in, causing my pleasure to heighten and send shocks through my body, my breathing coming out in shaky gasps.

“That felt so good Ryan. You made my first time perfect.”

“I’m glad you liked it.”

“Thank you Ryan. That felt so good, and I just loved it.” He shifted back up the bed and kissed me lightly on the mouth, the taste of myself still lingering on his lips. I curled up within his arms, and he circled his arms around me.

“Next time, be quieter or get a different room!” Brendon could be heard shouting at us from the next room across, making Ryan and I laugh. Ryan quickly fell asleep, and his rhythmic breathing aiding me in joining him.
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