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Meet And Greet Part Two

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Amy talks to the rest of FOB while she contemplates her liking of Patrick and his liking of her. Suddenly she finds that someone else likes her too...

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As Joe was leant over scribbling his autograph on Amy’s piece of paper, she stole a glance at Patrick. He was accepting a gift of a hat from a girl that looked slightly younger than Amy’s age of nineteen. He smiled at the girl and placed the hat on top of his other hat on his head. The girl blushed and muttered a “Glad you like it.” Two thoughts went through Amy’s head as she watched this scene. The first was why hadn’t she thought of bringing something for Patrick? And the second was how cute Patrick looked placing it on his other hat. It looked pretty funny and to Amy it showed he had a sense of humor. Unfortunately she had to look away because Joe had finished with his autograph writing. Amy suddenly became conscious that she had held him up once more. She thought that he must think she was pretty slow or something like that. Again he didn’t look too happy. “Sorry Joe,” she said trying to sound somewhat sincere even though she didn’t really feel the need to apologize. It wasn’t as if she had meant to keep him waiting. “I’m a bit preoccupied,” she added.
“I can see,” he said, “No hard feelings. I’m used to girls staying with Patrick for a while. He chats a lot.” He laughed and extended his hand to her. Amy shook it.
“He does?” She asked.
“All the time.”
Amy felt a little taken aback. She thought Patrick might have seen something a little special in her and that was why he had wanted to chat with her longer. But after what Joe had said, maybe he was just chatting to her like he did to anyone else. Perhaps he always took the time to listen and speak to everyone for as long as he had with her. Amy had really hoped it was only her that he had bothered to chat too that much and that she was the only one he had decided to stand up for. Now she felt like just another girl. That he had just thought of her as that.
“Mind you,” Joe said, “No girls have got him to stand up and he’s never chatted to another girl as long as you.” Joe winked at Amy and she grinned back at him. As Amy moved onto Andy she quickly thought over these words. So Patrick must have seen something in her then. As Joe had said, Patrick had never taken that much time to speak to any other girl. Perhaps there really was a possibility that he liked her a little.
Amy handed her piece of paper to Andy and he signed it quickly before handing it back. As she took the piece of paper from him she noticed Andy was grinning at something behind her. She turned around to see who or what it was. Behind her stood the girl who had been just in front of her in the line. Amy figured that they must have hit it off and that Andy really liked the girl.
“Do you want me to say something to her?” Amy said turning back to Andy. She had just had another burst of sudden confidence and had felt the need to say that. Andy rummaged for something under the table. He handed Amy a letter similar to the one she had herself, a backstage pass.
“Can you give this to her,” Andy sighed, “I can’t do it.”
Amy felt for him. He was too nervous to give the girl a backstage pass in order to see her again.
“Of course I can!” She whispered to him, “And I’ll make sure she gets backstage for you since I’m coming too,”
“Oh thanks,” Andy grinned again, “You’re kind.”
Amy smiled, “I know what it’s like to like someone.”
Andy nodded as if he understood. Little did he know that Amy liked one of his band mates.
Deciding it was time to move on, Amy moved over to Pete and handed him that same piece of paper. “Hi,” she said to him confidently. After all the conversations with Patrick, Joe and Andy, Amy suddenly found it easy to pick up a conversation with Pete. “Hey,” he replied back, “Having a good day?”
Pete didn’t know that this was one of the best days Amy had ever had. “Absolutely,” she answered. That answer did not sum up how much she liked the day at all but it was the best she could say, “How about you?”
“Pretty good…” Pete suddenly paused and looked down at the ground under the table, “Hemingway! I told you to stop eating my shoes.” Amy laughed and took a look under the table. Pete’s dog was lying down chewing through the front of Pete’s shoes. He looked like he had been having a great time trying to devour them but now he was watching his owner attentively. “Now don’t eat them again otherwise you’re going backstage.” Pete added. Hemingway moved away from Pete’s shoes seemingly obeying his owner. Amy and Pete stopped looking under the table and Amy briefly looked around to see if anyone had been looking at them. It must have been weird seeing two people look simultaneously under a table. Fortunately no one was looking. Amy looked back at Pete who talked, “Sorry about that, he’s going through a stage of eating them.”
Amy chuckled, “Oh no, that’s fine, he’s very cute.”
“Except when he goes for my favorite shoes.”
“Except that.”
Pete and Amy’s conversation was broken by the security guard’s voice booming once more telling everyone to hurry up. Amy thought he was terribly irritating. He kept on interrupting her nice conversations she was having with her favorite band. As Amy was watching the security guard, Pete suddenly stood and surprised Amy with a hug. He then hurriedly sat down and blushed. Amy was a little shocked. Where had that come from? “Uh, thanks,” she managed to say,
“You looked cute looking annoyed at the security guard.”
Don’t say Pete liked her Amy thought. That would make things ten times more complicated. She really liked Patrick and it seemed like he liked her. But now for Pete to like her, that would just cause trouble.
“Are you coming backstage?” Pete asked quickly, “Because I’d like you to be there.”
Amy’s thoughts were confirmed, Pete definitely was interested in her. But she was only interested in Patrick.
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