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Meet And Greet Part 3

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Amy talks to Rebecca, the girl Andy likes and they have their photo taken with FOB...

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A?N: School camp until Thursday means next update might take a little while to get up. I apologize for the wait!

After telling Pete that she had a backstage pass, Amy couldn’t help but notice that he looked even happier than he had been. She hoped that if he really became interested in her, that she would have the guts to tell him the truth that she wanted to be with Patrick. She really did.
Amy headed over to the girl that Andy had been grinning at earlier on. She took the letter Andy had given her out of her bag and held it at her side. She wasn’t going to show it quite yet to the girl, she might get turned off of Andy because of it suddenly being given to her. “Hi,” Amy said, finally reaching the girl, “I’m Amy. What’s your name?”
The girl introduced herself as Rebecca and they shook hands. Amy quickly glanced at Andy after this; he was sneaking little looks at the two girls. Amy could see that he really wanted to know what was happening. “So,” said Amy in a bright voice, “What did you think of meeting the guys?”
“It was great!” Rebecca said enthusiastically, “I really like Andy.”
That, Amy thought, was the best thing Rebecca could have said, it set up what she had to say perfectly, “Oh really?” Amy asked, “Would you like to see him again?”
Rebecca laughed, “What do you think?”
Amy took that as a yes. She held out the letter to her, “From Andy to you.”
Rebecca’s cheeks turned a bright red as she read the letter, “Is he looking at me right now?” She asked Amy. Amy glanced over at Andy. He was.
”Yeah, he wants you to come backstage and you’re going to, yeah?”
“Oh.” Rebecca looked at the ground. Amy didn’t understand why she wasn’t happy and talking at a ridiculous speed in excitement.
“What’s wrong?” Amy enquired. She had to get Rebecca to go backstage and now it seemed like it was going to be hard to do.
“I want to see him Amy,” Rebecca finally said, “But I’ve got a boyfriend…and going backstage, seeing Andy, I might do something I’ll regret.”
Amy sighed. She had sympathy for Rebecca. What an uncomfortable situation to be in, “You won’t do anything okay? I’ll be coming backstage too. If you stick around me you won’t be able to do anything!”
“I can stick with you?” Rebecca asked looking much more cheerful than seconds before.
“At all times,” Amy said without thinking. But then suddenly she thought what if she was able to be alone with Patrick? She’d be torn between helping Rebecca and being able to talk to Patrick by herself. On the other hand, it would be good having Rebecca around, that way Pete couldn’t get Amy on his own. This meant that no uncomfortable situation would be able to arise with Pete. Before Amy had any sort of a chance to turn her words around, Rebecca had already smiled and agreed to stick around Amy. There wasn’t any way out of it now. Rebecca was in her company for the whole entire night, no matter what happened.

After talking to Rebecca for a while, it finally came the time for Fall Out Boy to have photos taken with their fans. Amy and Rebecca headed over to where the photos were being taken and watched a few pictures being snapped. Eventually it was their turn to have a photo taken with the guys. They had decided earlier on to have the photo taken with the both of them in it. As both girls stepped towards the guys it suddenly occurred to Amy that she and Rebecca would have to choose were they wanted to stand very carefully. Amy, of course, wanted to stand next to Patrick and although she wasn’t too concerned, she felt as if it wouldn’t be right to have Pete on the other side of her. It would be a little awkward considering all of their feelings. Rebecca on the other hand would have to be near Andy but near to Amy. It was so confusing and only over one photo but it was important that they stood in the right places. Fortunately Patrick and Andy were standing next to each other in the middle of Joe and Pete so Amy and Rebecca slipped in between them. In a matter of seconds Amy felt Patrick’s hand snake around her waist and hold her tight. She leant into him as the camera’s flash went off. It was a few seconds after the photo when Patrick let Amy go. She wished he didn’t have to but as that same security guard as before yelled out “Time is pressing on!” She had no choice but to leave Patrick. As she walked with Rebecca away from the guys, Amy realized that she hadn’t said to Patrick that she would be backstage. It would be a definite surprise for him. She hoped he liked seeing her there. Also as she was walking, Amy glanced back and saw Pete looking a little sad. Perhaps it was because she hadn’t stood next to him. She felt a little mean, but what could she have done? Turn her feelings off for Patrick? She couldn’t do that. She realized that if need be she really would have to tell Pete that she didn’t like him in the way he liked her.
After Rebecca and Amy had moved off from the guys, Rebecca spoke. “You know what Amy, Andy wrapped his arm around me and I really wanted to wrap my arm around him. You’re going to have to watch me tonight.”
Amy sighed, “I guess I will.”
Then they headed off to go and wait for the concert to start.
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