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A Mother's Duty

by darkelf19 2 reviews

A collection of drabbles written for iyfic_challenge, iyfic_contest, Isswkiwa, and my own amusement

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Other - Published: 2006-01-28 - Updated: 2006-01-29 - 178 words

A Mother's Duty

She considered herself a reasonable woman. How many mothers could watch their daughters jump into a seemingly empty well only to vanish before their eyes and return weeks later with a red-clad boy with fuzzy dog ears? Not many, she was sure - she'd asked. After many strange glances and whispered "poor dear", she'd returned home and sat beneath Goshinboku sipping her tea and thinking.

As a mother she had responsibilities, priorities, decisions. No one had ever said parenting was easy. She'd smiled, waving to her daughter and said boy as they returned from their feudal travels, informing them dinner would be ready soon. Then she stood, ready to take action. After all, a mother does have responsibilities, and she knew in time they'd understand.

As she stood face to face with her enemy she showed no fear - no hesitation. It had to be done. Turning the ignition, she began to back the cement truck towards the well-house. Missions and jewel shards be damned - no one was going to come between her and her furry-eared grandchildren.
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