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Mandy’s New Life

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Ch 8
Mandy’s New Life

The door opened behind Hilary. She looked back as two men walked in. One fairly big the other small. They looked at her one grunted, “What now?”

Hilary glared at him and stood up and pointed at the bed, “I almost got killed!” She screamed

The small one, blonde fairly cute looked behind her, “I don’t see anything hun.” He looked at her and shook his head, “Give it up sweet heart!” He turned and started walking followed by the other

Hilary shook her head, “At least I’m not gay!” She yelled after him

The blonde slammed the door shut.

Hilary sighed and walked up to the bed and sat down curling in a ball in the corner. She looked around the room

Mandy held her suitcase looking around the new house of Trista Johnson. Mandy looked at Trista as she walked in, “Nice place…” She said

She looked at her and shut the door, “Whatever.” She said and walked past her, “Your rooms in the attic.”

Mandy blinked and nodded and started walking. She looked up the steps and started walking up the steps

She looked around and opened a door, a closet. She sighed and looked over the railing, “Where’s the attic?” She called down figuring that if she asked it would be better

“Are you that stupid? Duh its above the damn closet!” She yelled back

Mandy blinked and backed up, “Ok…” She looked up above the closet and a string dangled from the ceiling. It was really short. She blinked and opened her mouth to call down there but didn’t bother. She opened the closet and searched for something to stand on. She pulled out and ladder and almost fell by its weight. She balanced herself and opened the bottom and looked up seeing if it was sturdy enough, she grabbed her suitcase and started climbing up the ladder. She got up to the door and put her hand on the door and pushed up, dust filling the air around her head, she started gagging, and she pushed the bored all the way and crawled up and sat on the edge. She looked around

The attic was covered with boxes and there was things everything on the floor, she glared and looked down, “The attics not clean!” She yelled down

“Oops… I forgot to clean that, well clean it yourself.” She yelled back

Mandy gasped and stood up, “You suck!” She screamed down there and kicked the bored back on the hole. She turned around and blinked, “Oh god it’s dark…” She said putting her suitcase down. She looked around for a light. She looked up and sighed, “This is creepy…” She backed up and sat on her suitcase. She rested her head on her hands and looked around tears going to her eyes

An arm went around her shoulders

She jumped and looked back, “Daddy…” She said

Billy smiled at her and sat by her on the suitcase

She smiled and whipped the tears from her eyes, “Daddy…” She looked down her smile going right to a frown, “its horrible daddy… mommy is somewhere weird and I’m with this really mean women named Trista.” She looked at him tears going back to her eyes

He looked up

She nodded, “Yeah she’s mean..” she said and looked at him

He looked at her again

“So you are going to help us?” She smiled and her face brightened up

He nodded

The light turned on

She looked back

“What the fuck are you doing?” Trista said crossing her arms

Mandy looked beside her

Billy was gone

Tears went to her eyes, “Nothin…” She said

Trista shook her head, “Whatever. If your gonna talk to some fucking imaginary friend go to the damn institute your mom went to!”

Mandy stood up, “Shut up you brat!” She screamed, “You are just mad that my mommy is better than you!”

Trista blinked, “What? What the hell are you talking about!” She screamed

Mandy looked at her, “You don’t know what mommy is there for! She is there for telling the truth and when she gets out she will come and get me! I hate you!” She screamed

Trista glared, “So is that the way you’re going to be?” She walked up to the light, “Do you like the dark?” she asked and grabbed the light bulb and twisted the bulb to where it came out

It fell dark

She looked at Mandy, “Well you aren’t getting any light tonight hun.” She smiled and tossed the light bulb to the floor, it shattered. She jumped down and shut the door

Mandy looked around and thought, “Where am I going to sleep!” She looked around and laid down and curled up in a ball and closed her eyes, “Daddy will keep me safe anyways…”
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