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I'm sorry but not really

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Andy smirked, “Panda?” If looks could kill Andy would have died 5 minutes ago.

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okay as promised. Man you were really fast :P okay sorry its in no ones POV but it was alot easier for this chapter. So I hope you like it :)

No Ones POV

“Can I start you off with drinks?”
Patrick, Andy, and Joe all ordered Coke.
“I’ll have... and coke too and,” He turned to look at Ash, “Water?”
She smiled and nodded, “Please.”
“And a water with ice and no lemon.”
Stacey smiled at Pete and stared pointedly at Ash but both seemed to go unnoticed, “Be right back.”
Andy leaned him placing his elbows on the table, “So... are you two... going out?”
The both smiled and shooked their heads, “Nope!” Ash replied throwing her arms around Pete;s middle, “Panda is just my bested friend in this whole world!”
Andy smirked, “Panda?”
If looks could kill Andy would have died 5 minutes ago.
“So uh... Then how long have you two known each other?”
They both started to answer “Uh...”
“Grade nine.” She answered.
Pete seemed to be having a battle all of his own, trying the bit back the words that he has been trying to keep to himself all day. I didn’t work, “Don’t even think about trying anything with her. You don’t have a chance in hell.”
Ash looked at Pete in disbelief, “Peter!”
Andy just laughed, “Look, I think we have our signals crossed, I was just kidding around before. I have a girlfriend.”
An awkward turtle silence fell over the table.
“And the biggest idiot award goes to...” Pete pointed at himself.
She looked up at him pointedly, “You. Now apologise.”
“Look. I really am sorry Hurley. It’s nothing personal. It’s just that, well I guess get over protective of Sparky here sometimes.”
A snort that sounded oddly like the word sometimes was heard. But Pete ignored it.
“No worries man,”
“Let’s make things clear then. I only have one rule that I go by. You fuck with her or any of my friends, and I’ll fuck you up ten times as bad.”
Andy and Trick nodded in agreement. Joe the man of little words spoke up, “No worries man, she already like a little sister that I can kick under the table!”
“Ow!” Patrick yelped, “That was me!”
Joe laughed, his bushy hair bouncing, “What you thought after Pete’s death threat that I was actually going to kick her? I like my face thank-you.”
The table erupted in a quiety laughter.
“Yeah you’re the only one though,” Ash chimed in.
Joe looked and her and scoffed, “Okay. Now you’re gett’n kicked.”

sorry if it was kind of short. But it was a good cut off point. like? hate?
let me know!
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