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the kid was alright, but it went to his head

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I hit the brakes when we neared a red light, “So how did you get the names Smoky anyways?”

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Hey everyone!
Sorry the last chapter was suckish. I tried to make this one better. But you will have to be the judge of that.Enjoy! (I hope)

We all managed to cram into my car and headed over to a local diner that sold burgers and veggie dogs. Although I would have called them crap in a bun, but whatever.
“I call shotgun on the way back!” Ash being the smallest was outvoted and shoved into the middle between Joe and Andy, “I hate riding in the middle...” She grumbled.
“Oh suck it up Smokey we’re almost there.” Trick laughed next to me.
I hit the brakes when we neared a red light, “So how did you get the names Smoky anyways?”
She and Patrick both laughed softly, “Go ahead Trick.”
Trick smiled widely as he began his story, “Okay so we’re in chem. Class together right? And so we were working with those burner things.”
“Bunsen burners,”
“Yeah those! And so Ash claimed she was the ultimate pyro and wanted to light the match and all that shit. So I let her go ahead but she forgot to turn the nozzle thing to turn the flam down. And so she lit it and I mean this thing was MONSTEROUS!”
“It was not!”
“Was too! Quiet I’m almost done,” Trick turned back to me as I made a left, “And so tip of the flam lit her bangs on fire. Luckily I blew it out but. It still looked like the top of her head was smoking, ergo smoky, and ergo we got kicked out of class. We spent the rest of the day trying to even out her bangs didn’t we Smoky?”
She rolled her eyes but laughed none the less with the rest of us.
I peeked at her through the mirror, “I knew your bangs looked shorter!”

Pulling into Gabe’s Dinner I killed the engine and we all clamoured out, some more graceful than others. cough Patrick cough. Heading in we were greeted by our server.
“Hi, I’m Stacey. I’m going to be your server tonight. How many?”
“Uh... Five”
Flashing her pearly whites she led us to a booth in the back.
Patrick scooted in followed by Ash Andy tried to scoot in after her but I made sure I ducked in just in time. Pouting slightly he sat on the other side of the booth with Joe.

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