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bullet-proof loneliness at best

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she grinned triumphantly holding two tennis balls in her hand. My smile widened, “Great balls of fire,” I breathed.

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Okay sorry that this is kind of short :P but its the best I could do so that I could get it uploaded tonight. Hope you like :)

I cried in agony, “NO!!!!!!”
“Give it up Pete,”
“Never! I don’t want to go back!”
Ash rolled her eyes, “oh come on we’ve already had a three day weekend!”
I sighed dramatically, “Fuck school. I don’t want to go back.”
All of the guys agreed.
“Well then, I guess we should make the best of today then huh?”
I whipped my head around to look at her. She was stuffed on the couch with Patrick on her left, and Joe and Andy on her right. Needless to say she looked a little squished. I grinned slyly at her.
“What do you have in mind...”
She smirked to one side, and then reached over Trick to grab something. Digging into her messenger bag she grinned triumphantly holding two tennis balls in her hand.
My smile widened, “Great balls of fire,” I breathed.

(A/N okay I have searched everywhere and do not actually know how to make them. You anyones knows please let me know!)
Ash and I have always liked fire. And were always getting in trouble with it; Together we had learned the great skill of making Great Balls of Fire. More times than not when we were bored we would sneak out at 3a.m. to go throw fire balls at the sides of buildings. It was only right that we brought the rest of the newly formed band in on our greatest joy.
“Ow! Ow! Ow!”
I couldn’t help but laugh. Joe was currently dancing around like a girl because one of the sparks got caught on his pants. And even better on his ass, “Put it out!”
I laughed and backed away, “There is no way I am touching that thing. God knows where that jewish ass been!”
He finally got the sparks out and was left with a small hole in his jeans.
I spun a ball at my garage door. But when it rolled back my spirits fell, “Aww co-“
Of course it would explode then! I danced away from the sparks turning to face everyone behind me.
“Why do you have a camera?”
Ash’s head poked up from the eye piece, “For posterity’s sake. You guys are going to be famous one day. And one day I want to be able to show you’re fans how much of a girl you are.” She giggled and hid behind Trick.
“Oh like the trickster can save you now. I’ll get you when you least aspect it.”
“ooo I’m soooooo scared!”
“You should be.” I grinned
Andy chucked his last ball at the door, “Guys can we go grab some food I’m starving.”
“Sure thing. Let me grab the tennis balls and throw them out. Do you guys have anywhere in mind?”
“Anywhere that serves Vegan.”
I stared down at the used balls of fire in my hand, “Yuck.”
Times two.

Okay yeah kind of short and not as funny sorry :( so did you like it? Review at let me know! I enjoy readying everyones comments!
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