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i keep my jealousy close because it's all mine

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“Sometimes he likes to think he’s like Batman,” I scoffed, “Yeah and sometimes she likes to think she’s cool.”

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Okay I haven't gone through this one more than once. But I promised a post over the weekend and didn't come through cause work pulled a fast one on me. ANyways enjoy. And review. Sorry tha the last chapter was a filler and sucked out loud.

“Pirate Attack!!!!!”
Patrick sighed with a grin plastered on his face, “Pete this is Andy Hurley, our drummer. And afro man over here is Joe Trohman, he tries to play guitar.”
Truaman flipped him off, “Fuck you stumpy I’m fucking brilliant!”
“Guys this is Pete Wentz, he plays wickedly on the base. I think he could work.”
“Ah, good master. Thank-you. But the real test has not yet begun. Can Grasshopper Pete live up to the title of wickedness? The true test will be if he can beat the master of all video games.”
I clapped my hands together and bowed, “So who’s ass am I kicking master?”

Okay, note to self. Do not get cocky when it comes to playing ANY video game against Andy or Joe. They were way better than Patrick.... And me; Combined. Even if they were blindfolded.
“Come on Trick I though you said this kid had game.”
Patrick was thoroughly enjoying himself, happy to not be the one getting owned on Mario Cart, “I said he was good on based. I never said he had gaming skills.”
“We’ll have to work on that, come on! My mom has better game than you!”
I grinned, “You’re right she does. I’m still tired from last night,”
Our joshing of Andy had to be put on hold when the door bell rang.
“Come on guys we can swap stories about Trohmans Mom after we see who’s at the door.

Pressing my face against the cool wood I peeked out though the peep hole. A fish view of Ash greeted my eyes. Pulling the door open I looked at her questioningly. Her hair still slightly damp, she was clad in a pair of dark skinny jeans, with a black T-shirt and sweater wrapped tightly around her. She shivered as the wind past.
“Sorry I forgot my key, Hey Trick!”
I stepped to the side and let her in shutting the boor tightly behind her.
“God I hate the beginning of winter!” I grinned, we both did. Our favourite season was fall.
“ Hey Smokey, so this is the band,”
Andy and Joe waved and said hi, “told you, you would like Pete!”
Trick fixed his glasses, “yeah you were right, as per usual hehehe.”
“So what were you guys up to before I crashed you’re party?”
Andy laughed, “Oh not much, Pete was getting his ass served to him on a platter from Joe via video games. And then we started swaying storied about Trohman’s mom.”
Her eyes lit up, “Oh man then I have to tell you about this trick that she showed me last night!”
I didn’t think that Joe would ever stop laughing.
“Come down to my lair!!!”
Ash whispered to Andy loud enough for me to hear, “Sometimes he likes to think he’s like Batman,”
I scoffed, “Yeah and sometimes she likes to think she’s cool.”
A moment later I felt ice crawl up my bare back, “Fuck!” Nope, they were just Ash’s hands.
“Wow Pete, usually you take a girl to dinner first before you ask her for favours like that.”
“Screw you.”
Andy Wrapped an arm around her shoulders, “If you won’t I will!”
I tried to keep my death glares and jealousy to myself as they walked down the stairs arm in arm.
Joe Pulled up the rear of our line down the stairs.
Patrick looked at Ash and Andy and smiled, happy that they both had taken a liking to her right away.
He looked at me and tugged on his hat.
If he pulled at that thing on more time I was going to set it on fire.

Hope this was a little bit better....
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