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i hate the way you say my name like its something secret

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“Smokey?” She giggled, “It’s kind of like his nickname for me. Tell him I said hey Tricky.”

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I hate the way you say my name, like its something secret
The next day Patrick came over to my place early. I soon learned that he was a very punctual person (well when he wasn’t with me, when we were together we kind of cancelled each other out.). We headed down stairs to the basement and I played a couple of songs on my bass. Please for the love og all that is good and holy, let this work! I looked up at him cautiously hoping that he liked what he heard. With chops like his I had to be able to keep up.
He pumped his knees up and down, “You’re in. No doubt. Just have to run you by the guys when they get here. But don’t worry you’re in.”
I smiled relieved, “Wanna play come Donkey Kong?”
He grinned.
Heading over to my room I slid out my cell phone from my jeans and dialled Ash’s number.
“Come on.... Pick up...”
“Who are you calling?”
God her phone was still ringing didn’t she ever pic-
“What?” Well at least I think that’s what she said. It was kind of more of a grumble.
“Did I wake you up?”
“I’ll take that as a yes, sorry about that. Have a late night?”
She yawned, “More like a late morning, I only fell asleep a couple of hours ago.”
Patrick made a grab for the phone, “Hey Smokey!!!!”
What the fuck happened to the shy guy who tugged on his hat?
She giggled, “It’s kind of like his nickname for me. Tell him I said hey Tricky.”
Trick. I liked that, “Smokey says hi back,”
He tugged at his hat.
“So it looks like I’m in the band....”
She was awake now, “ Really?! Oh I knew you guys would work out!”
“God you’re making it sound like we’re dating.”
Her soft laughter graced my ears, “ did you want to come over. Andy and Joe should be here in about a half hour.”
She yawned, “mm yeah sure let me grab a quick shower first.”
“See yah soon Sparks,”
“Bye Smokey!” Trick screamed into the receiver.
“Bye Patty, bye Panda!”

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