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I'll keep singing this lie if you keep believing it

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I turned the music up louder to drown out my thoughts. It didn’t work.

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Sorry it took so long! I've been working like crazy and all the school work piling up isn't help either. I'm not exactly happy with this chapter. It kind of feels like a filler to me. But if you review I'll post the next part! :) enjoy.

“Pete I’m heading out,”
I snapped my head up from the notebook that I was currently doodling in, “So soon?”
“Yeah I have to go and grab a shower before I head out to work,”
I pouted, “But...but...”
She rolled her eyes, “Oh come on you’re making it sound like it’s the end of the world!”
I frowned with drooping eyes, “It kind of is...”
“Pffft. Oh man we do spend too much time together, come on, don’t I get a hug before I disappear for hours on end?”
I took my opportunity and pounced on her. She squealed softly in my ear, “Come on I’m not going to be gone for that long.” I pulled away from her but kept my arms locked around her waist. For some reason, I couldn’t make myself let go completely.
“Tell you what if you pick me up I’ll bring you out a coffee.”
I grinned, “Extra whip cream?”
“Sure thing.”
The rest of the day was pretty uneventful. I ended up sleeping, eating, and playing my bass for an hour or so. You know the essentials. I was meeting Pat and the rest of the band tomorrow and wanted to make sure that I was ready. But it wasn’t enough. I just couldn’t get everything that I was feeling out. I felt something from Ash last night. But with how much I drank I couldn’t be sure if it was real; Or, just something that I wanted.
“Pete, phone!”
I was greeted with the voice that had, had me guessing all day, “Hey I’m done early. Could you pick me up now?”
“Sure thing I’m on my way,”
As usual, feelings would have to wait.

“Hey,” I said grabbing her in a side hug, “Mmmm... You smell like coffee goodness...”
She pushed herself away from me, “Eww. I smell like coffee!”
I laughed as we headed out to my car. She hated the smell of coffee. And hated it even more when she smelt like it. I on the other hand couldn’t get enough of it.
I leaned into her as she hopped into the passenger side.
“Pete are you... sniffing me?”
I grinned, “Oh for the love of god just so marry you’re drink already! Bleh!”
I laughed softly and turned on the radio, and rolled down the windows. We liked to be loud and obnoxious when we sang along with the radio. Letting the rest of the world hear us was only common courtesy.
Pulling up to her house I turned the music down, “Thanks for picking me up Panda!”
“No problem Sparky, you know I’m only in it for the caffeine.”
She rolled her eyes and hopped out jogging up to her front door. Unlocking it she gave me a final wave before heading in for what I knew would be a long and hot shower to get the coffee smell out of her hair.
I turned the music up louder to drown out my thoughts.
It didn’t work.

Sorry it took so long. But I pretty much have the next chapter written. So the faster you review the faster it will be posted.
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