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Some day I'll appreciate in value

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mixed feeling's and slobery feet.

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Okay heres he next part. It might be a couple days before I add again. I'm working all weekend and I haven't finished the rough copy. Enojoy!

Ash’s POV
Ew. Ugh, what is that? Something was licking my foot. I prayed that it was Hemmie. Yep, ugh I love him just as much as Pete but gross. Groaning I got out of bed. Well I tried. Pete’s arm had me in a death grip. I rolled over to face him. He was sound asleep. His hot breath tickled my nose.

I’m not going to lie. There were times like these when I wanted to be more than just friends with Pete. And there have been times where I thought he wanted to be more as well. But seeing how heartbroken he was after his past girlfriends broke up with him. I couldn’t help but grimace at the thought if it didn’t work between us. He was my best friend. I wasn’t going to screw that up.
His face looked so calm and peaceful. I didn’t want to wake him up. I tried to gently take his arm off of my waist. But he only held on tighter. Damn those feelings.
“Pete,” I whispered, “Pete, come on I got to get up,”
He grumbled softly, but loosened his grip. Sliding onto the floor I peeked at the clock. 9:45 blinked back at me; So much for only staying a couple hours. As Pete nestled in with one of his pillows I crept upstairs to get something to eat. Hemmie scampered after me.
“Alright boy, what should we have?”
Picking through the Wentz fridge I pulled out and orange. Knowing Pete would be asleep until I woke him up I began peeling. Giving Hemmie a wedge every now and then I began to search for some Tylenol or something. Putting together the hangover remedy of all time, I headed back to Pete’s room.
Still sound asleep I set the stuff down on his desk. I kneeled on the floor beside him, he looked so cute I almost didn’t want to wake him. But he had to be woken up. So I poked him in the side.
All I received was a grunt as he pulled the covers over his head.

Pete’s POV
Everything was too loud. And the sun was too bright. Everything was too... everything. I figured the best thing for me was to hide under the covers until it all went away. Cucooning under my sheets I began to feel tired enough to fall back asleep. Well, I tried to but something kept poking into my side. I peeked one hazel eye over the top of the covers only to see one blue one staring back at me.
I threw some of the covers off and wrapped her in a tight hug.
She laughed softly, “My, my arn’t we affectionate this morning. What was that for?”
“For not leaving my sorry ass behind last night,”
“Oh come on, you would have done the same for me,”
“Yes, but that’s different,”
She sighed and rolled her eyes, “And how all knowledgeable Mr. Wentz is that?”
It was my turn to laugh, “Because I can actually carry you,”
We both laughed until it hurt my head to much, “Ugh... Never let me drink that much again...”
“Here,” She shoved two Tylenol into my hand and a glass of water in the other.
Swallowing the little miracle workers I sighed, “How I ever told you how much a love you?”
She smiled and blushed, “Here. Eat”
Shoving a PB & J sandwich into my hand she sat on my desk chair next to my bed and began alphabetizing my CD collection.

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