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Death Visions

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Full teams of ANBU were sent out to retrieve them. It was a hell of a time for Itachi to go missing… He could always locate the girl.

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I don't own anything except Riku, Momo, and the plot. the prologue could be added to this chapter in the beginning, so you could read it that way instead, just insert a time-skip of about (say, oh... I dunno,) ten years or so. To reference yourself, Itachi was Three years old, and Sasuke was not yet born in the first part, now Itachi is thirteen, and Sasuke seven.


The Oracle

Chapter Five

Death Visions

“This is the last life you’ll take, if not to protect…” The white haired girl jerked out of her chair in the academy. Eyes wide and desperate, she upset her chair, knocking it to the ground. She nearly fell with it. In detangling herself, she was deaf and blind. She was blind to the worried and strange looks that shot in her direction, deaf to the questions being asked of her, the demands for her to answer. She barely registered the helping hand of one of the students, or his words of defense of her. She turned to look into the face of Iruka, and in gratitude, she brushed her lips against his before running out of the class. The male’s face was red, as though he were being hung upside down by his ankles and all the blood in his body was rushing to his head. Ibiki tried to stop her, but in the trying, she lifted her hands and grabbed the edge of her left glove. It was a warning, clear as crystal. This kind of threat was inexcusable, and he was fully ready to subdue her and suspend or possibly expel the girl, but her words froze him.

“Let me go, Sensei, or divine blood will be on your hands.” The words were delivered in a very un-Momoka-like snarl, her eyes the convincing factor more even than her threat or her warning. Divine blood he understood to be Riku. That Riku was in danger… It was difficult to fathom, but he stopped protesting and let her run. Her eyes, filled with pain and worry, were as deep as Riku's own. In Kurenai’s eyes, Momoka had earned much respect. Taking on a chunin and making him back down was no small feat for an academy student, even one on the cusp of graduation. Ibiki could not continue to teach, he called off class early, deciding to go to the Hokage and inform him of the girl’s behavior. The Sandaime was furious. Why had he let her go alone!? Full teams of ANBU were sent out to retrieve them. It was a hell of a time for Itachi to go missing… He could always locate the girl. If Riku were in danger, if she were hurt within the boundaries of the land of fire, it would cause another war.

Momoka ran, her feet flying over the ground as she flew through the streets of Konoha. Her speed was swift, as though all the demons of hell were assuming her role, tracking her. She feared herself, that she would be late, that she would fail, that she would be stopped by someone and be unable to do what needed to be done. She ran past Kakashi and Skidded, halting in front of him. Not seeing Riku in the vicinity, however, she continued to run. Kakashi looked up at the girl as she ran away and blinked his one visible eye.

Stopping at the threshold of the house of Raiso Marise, she announced herself quickly and Riku stepped out. The run had winded the young girl, and her words were mostly unintelligible at the beginning. Riku spent about two minutes trying to decipher her before looking over the other girl’s shoulder.

“Listen, Momoka, I have to be somewhere. You can tell me about this later, okay?” Momoka’s eyes flew wide and she stood in the doorway, her arms spread wide out, blocking the way. “Momo, come on…” When the girl refused to move, Riku grew furious. Momoka’s eyes flew wide.

“I-I had a vision, and-”

“Momoka…. Move from my way.” The goddess’s eyes flashed their most dangerous, and the Oracle was more than a little surprised that the earth wasn’t shaking under her feet. She moved away from the door and fell against it crying. Although Momoka didn’t know it, she was not the only one who knew Riku was not coming back. The goddess knew so as well.

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