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Tainted Love

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A collection of drabbles written for iyfic_challenge, iyfic_contest, Isswkiwa, and my own amusement

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Angst - Characters: Kagome, Kikyo, Naraku, Other - Warnings: [!!!] [V] - Published: 2006-01-28 - Updated: 2006-01-29 - 877 words

Ok. I apologize if this is confusing. The regular text is Naraku's demon-side - his devil - while the italic text is his human-side - his angel...well as much as Naraku can have one anyways.

Tainted Love

I hate her. Of this I'm certain.
That smug miko of ebony and ice - with eyes as sharp as glass and ivory skin as cold as the grave.
I love her. Of this I'm certain.
That gentle woman, as pure and perfect as a porcelain doll.

She raises her arms to me; the silver arrow flooded with her physic power - arrows that burn into my lovely flesh.
"What have you done?!" She demands, the arrow a taunt line between us, a clear boundary - stay away.
I smirk. She's frightened. I smell it and my demon blood quickens.
You fear me? Do you still not understand how much I love you? I sacrificed my body - my life - for you!
Her face is frozen in perfect horror as my new body reveals its secrets, the sharp blade cutting deep into her flesh. Understanding flashes into her pained eyes even as I dimly acknowledge that fact she does not bleed.
It wasn't supposed to be like this! It's not too late!
Clay does not bleed. Dead do not bleed. The souls are fleeing her clay body. Even if I do not kill her now, she will not live. She is broken now - unable to sustain her own un-life.
"You underestimated me Kikyou. As long as I carried that worthless human heart within my breast I could not hurt you. But even now, as I crush you, I do not feel a thing."
But I do!
Paralyzed I watch her fall. My own shock reflected in her eyes. I've killed her; the cold miko with eyes of ice and hands as gentle as a summer breeze. My Kikyou. The demons surge, delighted in the death of a hated enemy even as my human self crumbles, destroyed by the knowledge of killing her once again; his anguish becoming so great that my strong demon self falters. For a moment I stand there stunned by the strange emotion sweeping through me. An emotion I'd tasted but once before - long ago when I was still the weak human, Onigumo.
A weak human emotion, the demons assure me, aiding me in locking my human self away.

For the first time in decades I watch the sun set. Its brilliant colors reaching towards me - as her hands did. The pain is still there, even though my human self is once more chained away. I cannot erase from my memory the piercing gray of her eyes, the sweep of her ebony hair, the sharp gasp of air that was her last, or the look of betrayal as she fell to her death - a death once again at my hands. There is no blood but I'll never be able to wash away its stains. Though I separated myself from my human heart, the feelings are still there. I was wrong. It was not just Onigumo that loved her.


I love her. Of this I'm certain.
I love her. Of this I'm certain.
The girl who is the mirror of the woman - a child of ebony and sunshine. She trembles as I gently caress her cheek, my talons smearing the blood that covers her face. Whispering gentle words of devotion I hold her close, delighting in the shivers that run through her body.
Do you see it yet? How much I love you?
Gently I press my lips to her forehead savoring the sweet taste of her blood and sweat. She opens her mouth to protest, choking on her own blood. I quickly hush her.
Haunted eyes watch me. The same eyes I remember from decades before, glaring back at me as I sunk my talons deep into her soft flesh. do you understand? You are mine!
"You are mine," I whisper repeating the need of my human/demon self. Understanding flashes into her fading eyes.
You will love me! You MUST love me!
Silently I hold the shard before her, an unspoken question - the boy or me? Death or life?
See how much I love you! Enough to free you from the confines of human flesh! Enough to share my power with you!
She looks past me, to the crumpled form of the boy.
"InuYasha..." Her dying words drip from her lips.
Stunned I stare at the corpse in my arms.
It's wrong - all wrong.
She should've loved me...
...but something went wrong. She doesn't. Thrice her lover had failed to save her. Thrice she called his name, not mine. She never calls my name.


I sit back and wait. Time is of no importance anymore. Nothing matters, but the sound of my name on her lips. Years fade into decades fade into centuries. Five centuries. I see her now, walking towards me. She smiles.
"Good morning Hojo-kun."
Her smile widens as she looks past me, seeing him - the boy from her past, the man of her future. She runs to him leaving me with nothing but the memory of my name on her sweet lips.

I love her. Of this I'm certain.
I hate her. Of this I'm certain.
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