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The Secret of Strength

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A collection of drabbles written for iyfic_challenge, iyfic_contest, Isswkiwa, and my own amusement

Category: Inuyasha - Rating: R - Genres: Humor - Characters: Shippo - Published: 2006-01-28 - Updated: 2006-01-29 - 217 words

The Secret of Strength

He dropped the rock with grim dissatisfaction. It hadn't been there. Nor had it produced itself in the tree-tops or riverbeds or even in the field of flowers that had distracted him with their colorful scents.

Frustrated he sat down, crossing his arms as InuYasha sometimes did and thought. InuYasha spoke of it often, always convinced he needed more. Kagome whispered prayers for it at night when she thought everyone was asleep. Miroku and Sango breathed for it, especially when he strayed to another woman. But where did one find it?! Perhaps it would come find him; InuYasha said trouble always did. So he waited, but his tummy grumbled and he decided to continue his hunt later.


He recognized InuYasha's sour expression at once, knowing his adopted mother would have punished him for his morning antics.
"Where have you been runt?"
He just smiled a secret kitsune smile, plopping beside Kagome. Kirara meowed at his feet catching his attention, as he was struck with an incredible idea. He hadn't searched the clouds.
InuYasha always flies through them, so that's where strength must be!
Pleased at having discovered the secret he accepted his dinner with a wide grin.
Tomorrow/, Shippo thought gleefully, /tomorrow I'll find strength and then I can clobber you for once!
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