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Dearest TV Stations And Radios, Lend Me Your Ears!

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Two seperate worlds under one sky. Will they ever collide?

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My brother totally ruined EVERYTHING!! He deleted ALL my new chapters for 'The Edge of Reason' and 'A Little More Sixteen Candles, A Little Less Touch Me.' I am SO SO SORRY you guys if you've been waiting a whole buttload! But! Until i get things back up and running, Please enjoy this TAI story that I actually found in my old files!

Peace Beezys!
Oh yeah P eess: All the clothes i describe you'll be able to see in links now!! so be sure to click on 'em if you wanna see 'em live!

Here's Treila's Outfit (I also imagine her actually looking like the model, so that's what she'll look like):

Plus, here's KELSEY!

"If you don't hurry yo ass up i'm going to leave you!"
Everyone inside the FYE store turned and looked over at this lanky mocha skinned boy standing by the exit. He was wearing really baggy black pants with the maximum size of a "Stay golden" hoodie. he tapped on the floor with his tan timberland's and bit on his silver monroe piercing.

"Gurl, hurry up!" the boy moaned impatiently. His friend was rushing through the isles looking for Music. She looked panicked and rushed.

"Hold up! I'm looking for something!" She called back, searching through the T-section of the CD's.

"You lookin for an ass whoopin' if you don hurry up!" He threatend.

"Rai, you need to be patient! I wanna buy this CD!" She said as she flipped through a stack.

"I been patient, I been patient fo the last-" he looked at his watch,"15 minutes! just come back and buy that shit lata" Rai turned his heel and started to walk out of the store and into the mall area. Just then she get let out a big "GOT IT" and rushed over to the clerk. She handed the woman the CD and gave her the cash. The woman placed it into a bag and handed it to the girl.
The girl smiled and then rushed out to catch up with Riley

"Whatchu buy woman?" Riley asked with curiousity as she opened the bag. The girl quickly closed it on him and stuck out her toungue.

"First of all, My name isn't Woman, it's Kelsey!" She corrected.

"Mhm whaddeva HELL-sey!" He teased.

"Screw you BI-ley!" She retorted. Kelsey re opened the bag and pulled out a black CD with red writing.

"Whaddis dat?" He asked as he grabbed it out of her hands. Kelsey let out a big whine and tried to grab it back. Riley ran fast ahead of her and read the writing.

"The Academy Is?," he looked back over at her and yell to her,"Gurl why you be geddin all dis wierd shit?"
Kelsey gave off an offended look and yelled back,

"It's Not weird!"

"Yeah it is, you and yo Faaaalll out boys, and yo Cooobra spaceships, and yo Paramedics!" He teased as he read the back.
Kelsey finally caught up to him and grabbed the CD back from him.

"First of all, It's Fall Out BOY, no 's', Cobra STAR-ship, and ParaMORE! dumbass" She said.

"It don madda 'wa its called, you be listenin' to dat shit any more and you'll be even more cracker than you already are!" He laughed as he gestured to go into 'CHAMPS' [Sports Store].

"What ever Rai, this shit is good, unlike your rap!" Kelsey jeered.

"Kels, you know rap is the basis of a black mans soul" Rai preached as he touched his heart.

"It's the basis of shitworld, that's what it is" She as she looked at some white chucks.

"Travie McCoy raps, you be callin' his stuff shit?" He asked as he pulled out some black Mikes.

"No, Travie's different!" She replied as she took off one shoe.

"Nah uh gurlie, he be doin the same stuff as T-Pain and CB" He laughed as he slipped one on.

"Well he has rock in it! and...whatever, fuck you" She said as she slipped on a white chuck.

Riley got up and started to walk around a bit to see if he liked what he was wearing. He looked into the mirror a few times and then finally came to a decision.

"Imma buy dese" he announced. Kelsey nodded and decide to buy hers too. Her black ones were ratty and had huge holes in them. They both took their shoes to the counter and paid up. The guy placed their shoes in seperate bags and handed it back to them.

"Have a nice day" he said tonelessly. Kelsey smiled back at him and walked out with Riley back into the mall area.

"Man, mom's gonna hate us for burning up all this money" Kelsey said as she shook her head.

"'Ey, we earned dis fairly, we deserve a vacation after what we do errday" He spoke as he looked around at where to go next.

"Man i'm hungry as a muthafucker, imma get sum'in to eat" Riley said as he put his hand to his stomach. Riley told Kelsey to stay right where she stood while he ran over to get a cinnamon pretzel real quick. Kelsey didn't listen though, she just looked back down at her CD. She gave off a little smile, the sound of William's voice ringing over and over in her mind. She loved the Academy Is..., It was her absolute favorite band. Sure, Haley williams was inspiring and Patrick had Vocals to die for, but in her opinion nothing could beat William's youthful and innocent, yet rocking sound that he had created with four other amazing boys. She remembered seeing them at SWG tour. She remembered that feeling in her heart when she saw them on stage, performing their hearts out. She wanted to be up there with them, singing out to the world. She'd love nothing more than to sing with them, just once, even it was for a second. It was her dream, a dream that was in her case, really far-fetched. I mean, come on,

"What are the chances?" She said to herself.

"ADAM YOU WHORE!" Someone yelled out at the top their lungs. Kelsey jumped a bit and looked around for the commotion. She looked behind and saw a thin, asian looking girl sreaming at a boy in a yellow hoodie. She wore a mini pink frilled skirt and a shiny silver top. Her neck was dressed in toy plastic lipsticks and she wore pink and silver arm bands.The girl looked like a glamourized Space Barbie. The boy looked like he was trying desperately to calm her down, but she was shreiking and yelling obscenities like no other. Kelsey just smirked and put the CD back inside her bag.

"Looks like a break up," she said to herself,"poor guy, he's an idiot for doing that here"

Funny how he was thinking the same exact thing.

--TAI TV--- (aka TAI POV)

"WHY? WHO IS SHE?!" Treila screamed at Adam Siska. Adam was getting scared now, but he had to be strong. He reached over and touched her shoulder as he began to explain.

"Babe like i said, it's no one! it's just that, i need sometime with the band and-"

"Are you gay?!" She snapped at him.

"Wait, wha-" Adam began to ask.

"Is it Bill?!" She asked again, jumping to conclusions.

"No it's not. I'm not gay" He replied softly, even though he wanted to scream at her.

"Then why baby?! i thought you loved me!" She whined while putting on a baby voice.

" thought i did too, it's just that-" Just then William came on to the scene holding two cups of Strawberry banana smoothies in his hands. He walked over next to the two and Sisky's ex grabbed them out of his hands.

"Thanks Bill" she said as she handed one to her boyfriend. William gave her a "what the hell" look and then looked over at Sisky. Sisky just shook his head and silently mouthed "sorry". he then gave a facial expression saying "Help me." William just shrugged though, as if to say, "You stepped in that shit, so you have to clean it off"

"Anyway babe, listen, i know your going through a tough phase right now with this whole band thing," she began,"So i'm going to give you some time away from me so that you can go on your dumb little tour and make all the little whores happy, kay?" Adam just stood there with his mouth hung open. William's eyes went wide, as if what was just said was like witnessing a car accident with the body flying out.

"i'm sorry for interupting but...what was that you just called them?" Will asked as if he didn't hear right.

"Little whores? you know, skanks, groupies, hussies?" She explained. William looked at Sisky and then back at her.

"So your calling our fans, whom have supported us through thick and thin, little whores?" William interrogated.

"Yeah, what's your drift?" Treila asked back.

"MY DRIFT IS THAT YOU'RE ONE TO TALK!!" William screamed at her in his mind. Instead, he bit his lip and just nodded.

"I'm....gonna go get something to eat" He replied, holding back the gesture to grab her hair. Treila just smiled and blew a bright pink bubble. Sisky bit his lip and watched as his best friend walked away bitterly.Just then his "soon-to-be ex" girlfriend wrapped her arms around his waist.

"mmm, i'm gonna miss you baby" She hummed as she whispered into his ear.

"Well then you better get over me quick" Sisky spoke as he slid out of her grip. Treila stood back in offense.

" you mean?!" She said, the sound of her voice sounding more angry.

"I mean, it's over. I'm sor-"Just then his face met with Treila's hand, leaving a sore red mark on his cheek.

"You can take that fucking apology and stick it up your skinny ass!" She boomed. Treila turned and stomped away, nearly tripping over her Silver ankle-cut boots. She turned around and flipped Sisky off as she left for the exit. Sisky just stood there holding his cheek as The Butcher walked up next to him holding a burger.

"Hey where's Trash Camp?" He asked while looking around. Sisky looked at him and smirked.

"C'mon let's get something to eat" He said as he looked back at the girl he would never EVER have to deal with again.
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