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Welcome to K.Y.O.C. Radio, Right Now I'm Here with Kelsey and her reaction to meeting her dream boys...

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This Is Kelsey's Outfit:


--We Now Tune Back To Rai x Kels---

"Damn girl, you eat like a fuckin cow" Riley teased as he bit into his burger. Kelsey grabbed a napkin and wiped of some of the tomato sauce that was on her mouth.

"I do not!" She whined as she stuck out her toungue. Riley swallowed a bit and took another bite as he watched five other boys walk in laughing. Kelsey looked down at her bag and pulled out the CD once more.

"You keep on pulling out that CD of yours!" Riley complained as he took a swig of his drink. Kelsey looked up at him and sighed.

"I can't help it! I've been waiting for this CD for months! I really wanna listen to it!" She chirped as she bobbed up and down like a bouncy ball. Riley just shook his head and laughed a little. This girl was such a teenie.

"Girl you what? 18?" Riley asked

"Yeah so?"

"You be acting like yo 12!" He said as he let out another laugh.

"You've been teasing me all day Rai, cut it out!" Kelsey pretended to pout. Riley apologized and finally finished up his burger & drink. Kelsey finished her food as well and started to put everything back onto the tray.

"Your turn to take it" Riley said as he flipped out his cell phone. Kelsey just stuck out her toungue and picked up the tray as she headed toward the trash can. She lightly bumped into the cleaning lady at first, but she apologized quickly and kept moving forward. Just then the cleaning woman reached out her arm and yelled out

"Miss! Careful on the wet floor!" Kelsey then turned her head back and nodded. She looked around at the people eating as she emptied the tray and placed it back on top of the can. She saw a woman with a little baby girl sharing a little vanilla cone together, it was an adorable sight to see. She then saw a girl with her boyfriend holding hands while sharing headphones and listening to music. She thought that was cute too, but it made her want a boyfriend even more. She wanted someone to share an iPod with, one who could make her smile and do crazy things with her; but that, along with her singing dream was far-fetched. She didn't fit in that well at school. Sure she had friends, but only one of them was really true and genuine. The rest would just talk behind her back and burn her all the time. Who could blame them. Her school was practically made of plastic. Everyone had a sports car, everyone was sleeping around with everyone, and if you didn't own a summerhome in cancun you were dirt poor.

"whoah, I like your kicks" She heard a voice say. Kelsey looked up and turned toward the voice's direction. There standing behind her was a scruffy looking guy holding a lunch tray. He had a whispy go-t on his face and was wearing glasses. His hair looked like it hadn't been combed for days and he was wearing a navy blue shirt with white writing on it. Kelsey looked closely at it and read:

"Sorry Folks, This Ain't Skinemax" Kelsey looked back up at him and smiled.

"Thanks, i'm liking the shirt! That's what William Beckett said once, eheh if you know him of course" She said sheepishly.

"oh yeah," the guy said,"I know him, oh! I'm Jack by the way." He reached out his hand with a smile.

"Kelsey" She spoke as she shook it. Suddenly, the two-two clicked together. Her eyes suddenly went wide and her stomach started to dance. Her mind started to race against her heartbeat. This guy wasn't any regular guy. It was the one and only Jack The Camera Guy. Any regular TAI fan probably wouldn't understand why she was getting this excited over a camera guy, but this guy was not only a close link to the FBR world, but also a committed update for the TAI fanbase. She started to blush as she let go of his hand.

"You okay?" Jack asked, observing her facial expression.

"u-um yeah! I'm fine i-i'm fine, i-it's just that you're...eheh, you're Jack The Camera Guy!" She said nervously. Jack let out a small laugh. He couldn't believe he actually had a REAL fan. He scratched the back of his head as Kelsey moved aside so he could throw away his trash. Once he finished that task he went back to asking more questions. Like about her favorite music, what she did for a job, her hobbies, all the good stuff. What he found out was pretty interesting. Like that she was actually born in Los Angeles and that she was visiting Chicago to see friends and if she could get a band started up. Kelsey asked him questions in return, like where he went to school, how long he knew William beckett, what his hobbies were, and all that jazz. Just then Riley came up wondering what the heck was taking her so long.

"Did somebody die here? 'cause you sho are takin' yo sweet time!" Riley said irritatingly. Kelsey's happy-go-lucky feeling quickly faded. Riley was so going to ruin this for her. She secretly prayed with all her might that Riley wouldn't tease her or spill embarrassing moments to Jack. Jack simply smiled at Riley and introduced himself. Riley did the same as well and then looked down at his best friend.

"I'm headin out to the car, you got 10 minutes and then i'm bouncin'" Riley explained. He shook jack's hand and then walked out towards the parking lot area. Kelsey let out a huge sigh of relief. She was thankful that Riley somewhat knew how to act at the appropriate time. Jack whipped out his ever famous camera and then looked back up at Kelsey.

"So Kelsey, would you mind if I filmed you for TAI TV?" He asked as he held the camera at eye level. Kelsey felt a rush of nervousness fall over her. She was super shy around cameras.

"Oh! uh...uh sure! ummm...What about?" She asked sheepishly.

"Weeeeelll first of all we could get a shot of your cool kicks!" He suggested as he pointed the lens down towards her feet. Kelsey giggled a bit as she showed them off and started a little tap dance/ jig. The camera wasn't that bad, she actually was having fun. Jack snickered and pointed camera back up at her face.

"Dedicated to my good friend, Jack the camera guy!" She cheered. Jack laughed and then stopped recording.

"Aw, thanks, that's very sweet of you" He thanked as he gave her a hug.

"What you two loooooovve birds up to?!" A shrill voice yelled out. Just then two boys jumped on jack and started giving him nugies (spelling?). One was the boy in the Yellow hoodie from before, and the other was a semi-curly haired boy wearing a red hoodie. They finally let go of Jack and gave him a hug, they then looked straight at Kelsey, who had a look of shock on her face. Right there standing in front of her was Sisky Business and The Butcher. She couldn't believe her eyes, two of her favorite bandmembers were standing right in front of her. She wanted to scream out loud and jump on both of them wildly, but she needed to maintain control. She could see the butcher's eyes scanning her up and down, which pretty much made her brain fry. She had to remain control, remain sanity.

Control yourself....control...control....

--TAI TV--
Xx XX xx XX xx XX xx XX xx

The Butcher looked at her up and down. She was actually quite pretty. She was wearing a black and white pullover sweatshirt and baggy army grey "swish" pants. It was plain, yet kind of sexy on her. She had pin straight dark brown hair, and light semi-tan skin. Her lips looked actually kind of soft, and her eyes were a pretty blue. Sisky was looking a bit goo-goo himself. She was quite a looker. Kelsey looked extremely nervous though, so Jack decided to break the tension.

"Well! Kelsey these assholes are Sisky Business and the Butcher! Butcher, Sisky, say hi to Kelsey!" He said. He looked over at the two boys who looked pretty dazed at the moment. He grabbed Butcher's mouth and started to form words.

"Herro! My-name-is-Butchaaaaaa" He recited in a low raspy voice. The Butcher smacked his hands away and told him to fuck off. He then went up to kelsey and held out his hand.

"Hi, I'm Andy-or The Butcher" He introduced. Kelsey looked at his hand and gently slid hers into it. she shook it lightly and then quickly receded. Butcher's hand tensed up and he took in a deep breath. Then it was Sisky's turn. Sisky was more casual about it and went straight into a hug. He then let go of her and gave her a nice quick handshake.

"Sorry about that," He laughed,"It's just that you look so huggable!" Kelsey giggled a little and then thanked him.

"So kelsey, how long have you known jack?" Butcher asked trying to start up a conversation.

"u-um, 20 minutes or so? hehe, i actually just met him" She replied shyly. Butcher smiled at her a snickered a bit. Jack looked down at his watch and then back up at the group.

"Hey Kels, I think Riley's been waiting long enough, you should head back" Kesley suddenly remembered Riley and quickly turned to sprint out of there. Just as she was about to do so Jack took a hold of her hand and pulled out a pen from his back pocket.

"Here's my phone number," He explained,"Keep it on the DL." Kelsey looked at it and felt her heart practically burst outo f her chest. She couldn't take it, this was all happening too fast, this was all too great for her.

"Th-th-thank you, so much!" Kelsey chirped. She gave a big hug to jack and then waved goodbye to Sisky and The Butcher. She quickly brushed past the boys and ran off towards the parking area. Once she was far enough and gone Sisky went straight down to business.

"Dude, that Kelsey girl is-wow!" Sisky said.

"Yeah, she seems like a sweet girl" The Butcher agreed. Jack nodded and put his camera away in his pocket.

"So, are we still going to that club tonight?" Jack asked. The Butcher nodded and looked down at his phone.

"You think we should invite Kelsey?" Butcher asked. A big smile grew across Jack and Sisky's face.

"I was hoping you'd ask that!" Jack replied happily.
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