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Uh, FASHION 911!!! Time to call in the Calvary of Couture!

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[That's Complete sarcasm!]
Oh yeah! And I want you to meet...
NANAU! Kelsey's best buddy and Japanese Fashionista!

and Let's not forget Kelsey's OUTFIT! (minus the little pink bag)

Please Reveiw! I need a Self-Esteem boost!

---Station 5: Rai X Kels---

"Wait wait wait, so you met the band on dat CD you holdin'?" Riley asked as he turned onto another street.

"Well yes and no, i only met two of the band members, but still!! Eeep!" She let out a giddy laugh and clapped her hands together. She ACTUALLY met her two favorite bandmembers! Riley just shook his head and smiled, what a teenie bopper.

"Well did you exchange digits or wha'?" He Teased as he switched lanes. She suddenly put her hand to her mouth. She forgot to give them her number! She looked at the number on her hand and got out her SidekickLX.
She dialed up Jack's number and listened in for his voice.


"Jack! Jack it's me Kelsey!" she chirped.

"Aw hey Kels! What brings you the pleasure of calling this phone?" He asked.

"Well you didn't have my number so, hehe, here it is!" She explained shyly, she was still nervous. Jack snickered a bit.

"Thanks Kels. Hey the Butcher and I were wondering if you wanted to come to Transit tonight"
Kelsey's thinking suddenly stopped, her eyes went wide, and her heart was racing.

"The...the club?" She faltered a bit.

"Yeah the club! I could get in some more footage of you and you could meet the rest of the b-"

"I'LL BE THERE!" She blurted out with excitement. Riley jumped a bit out of surprise as Jack held the phone at least a foot away from his ear.

"Ack! okay okay! Umm, do you want us to pick you up?" He asked as he started writing in his schedule book.

"No! I mean-naw it's okay, Riley will take me there!" Kelsey said fast as she tried to catch her breath.

"Okay then, we'll see you there about 7-ish?"

"See you then Jack"

"Se you then, Bye"

"Bye!" Kelsey hung up the phone and stood there for a minute. Riley rolled his eyes and started a countdown.


"AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!" She screamed at the VERY top of her lungs. Riley tried his best to say on the road but he was started swurving insanely and shaking left to right. Kelsey was freaking out more then she ever did at any of the TAI concerts. She was actually going to meet her favorite band of ALL time! This was a dream to her! It couldn't have been happening! This was all too good for her!


"DAM GURL IF YOU DON SHUT THE HELL UP I SWEAR TO GOD! I SWEAR.TO.GOD! " Riley bellowed as he held his right hand up high. She covered her mouth and nodded rapidly. Riley swiftly drove back into the proper lane as cars passed him up swearing and flipping him off. Kelsey squirmed and giggled her whole way home. Tonight was going to be the BEST night of her life.


As the clock struck 6:01 Kelsey was digging through her closet and drawers for the perfect First Impression Outfit. Nothing seemed suitable though. She looked at skirts, tops, pants, but nothing seemed to be "Meeting Your Dream Band" material. She didn't want to wear her TAI shirt, it'd feel too much like a Meet and Greet. She was going to spend the ENTIRE time with her favorite band! She had to look flashy and not too trashy. She started to groan out of irritation when she couldn't find anything.

"Why am I so plain?" She said to herself. She whipped out her Sidekick and texted her friend Nanau for some Club Fashion 911. Nanau, her best friend who just moved from Shinjuku a few months ago, had the BEST clothing of all time. She sometimes dressed a bit over the top, but that doesn't mean it didn't look kick ass. Suddenly she felt her phone vibrate. Text message:

XxXHarajukugurl: W8, So ur goin 2 a club?

Kelsey flipped her phone open and started texting away.

Kelhellraiser: yeah but just w/ some frnds.

XxXHarajukugurl: ohh rly? w/ who?

Kelsey blushed and got butterflies in her tummy.

Kelhellraiser: a cuple of guys.

XxXHarajukugurl: oohh gettin w/ sum testosterone eh? :D

Kelsey laughed.

Kelhellraiser: aight, i need sum of ur wardrobe. my clothes r so 1987.

XxXHarajukugurl: k, but I get 2 look at them w/ u

Kelhellraiser: fine, but hry up!

XxXHarajukugurl: B right ovr!

Kelsey closed her side kick and layed down on the floor. she looked over at her nightstand where the alarm clock sat.

"6:03, I still have time" She spoke to herself. She closed her eyes for a moment and played out the meeting in her mind. She would walk in wearing whatever Nanau would bring and she'd look around for Jack. Once she finds him Jack will put on that geeky smile of his and start filming her, while doing so he would walk her over to where he and five other amazing boys were sitting. Then, the party would start. She would dance with them, talk with them, laugh with the-
The door buzzer suddenly went off and Kelsey snapped out of her daydream. She got up off the floor and hopped on to her bed to look out the window. She looked downwards and saw Nanau holding a bunch of black drycleaner bags with hangers on them.

"Be right down!" She yelled out to her friend. Nanau looked upwards and smiled.

"Well hurry up biaaatch!" She yelled back. Kelsey smiled and hopped off her bed and ran downstairs towards the front door. She unlocked the door and opened it up for her friend. Nanau came in and dumped the bags right on top of her, send kelsey to go down.

"Here! Now lets get to work, what time are you leaving?" She asked quickly as she walked upstairs to Kelsey's room. Kelsey fumbled around a bit but managed to get upstairs with the huge mound of clothing. She dumped it onto the floor and collapsed on top of the pile. Meanwhile, Nanau was dumping out her bag of makeup and started lining them up in front of the mirror. She turned around and looked over at Kelsey.

"I think we should go for the liquid eyeliner, don't you?" She asked while scanning Kelsey's figure. Kelsey just shrugged her shoulders as she sat up and started looking through the clothing. There were some amazing things in there. A whole bunch of japanese designer fashions were in there! Putumayo, Black label, Strange Lab, everything! It all looked so pretty,
she didn't know which to choose.

"Ummm Nanau? Could you help me?" Kelsey begged as she held up two Putumayo shirts. Nanau smiled and sat down with her.

"Okay, first of all, judging by your body type and your hair color, i would say something either blue or pink" She said as she dug through the pile. Kelsey thought about it and decided to go with something a little more cutesy.

"Pink" Kelsey decided. Nanau nodded and grabbed the cleaner bag on the far side of her. She pulled off the black plastic and revealed to Kelsey a pink and white Putumayo butterfly shirt along with a pink butterfly skirt. Kelsey looked at it in awe and quickly grabbed it.

"I'm wearing it!! Be right back!" She called as she ran to the bathroom. Nanau laughed at her and got up to get the makeup ready for her friend.

6:30 the alarm read, and Kelsey still wasn't ready. Nanau was growing impatient. This girl took FOREVER to get ready.

"Will you hurry up! I wanna see it!" Nanau complained.

"Hold on! I'm almost done straightening my hair!" She yelled. Nanau knocked on the door repeatedly until Kelsey finally swung it open. Nanau let out a gasp at the sight of her best friend. She looked sexy, and cute! That's the harajuku way.

"You look cute! and by cute i mean fatally cute!" Nanau complimented. Kelsey twirled around and then did a curtsey.

"Thankies miss Nanau!" She said in a baby voice. Nanau squealed and clapped her hands.

"Eep! Your too cute! Okay, we SO need to add a little bow on your shirt and ooh! Maybe a little tiara on your head!" Nanau started ranting adjustments and accessories to Kelsey's outfit as she put on her makeup. She put on rosy pink blush on her cheeks and gave her little liquid eyeliner wings on the edge of her eyes. Kelsey was looking fabulous. Then after the makeup was done Nanau got straight down to the hair. She planned to spike and tease her hair in the back and so she proceded to get out a pair of scissors. Once she found the pair she held them up above Kelsey's head, planning where to cut first. Kelsey saw this and automatically grabbed Nanau's wrist.

"Whoa! Hold it! what are you doing?!"

"Do you want to look good?" Nanau asked.

"You don't have to cut my ha-"

"DO YOU WANT to look good?" She repeated irritatingly. Kelsey silently nodded and closed her eyes tightly. She could feel the scissors cutting into her hair and Nanau combing it out. She felt the huge can of hairspray shroud her in a mist of chemicals and the straightener pulling it out with intense heat. Nanau finally finished with her hair and turned Kelsey's head from side to side.

"Perfeccione!" She remarked with her best french accent. Kelsey opened her eyes and looked at a girl who definetly wasn't her.

"Is" She asked her friend in shock.

"Yep, it's you alright!" She announced proudly.

"I look...wierd! I look like those scene kids on MySpace!!" Kelsey exclaimed.

"Naw you don't! You look classy and lush!" Nanau boasted.
Kelsey groaned a bit. She did look a little too scene for her taste, but the deed has been done. There's nothing she can do about it now. Now that she thought about it though, it didn't look all that bad.

"It's still a bit scene, but it's pretty sexy" She claimed as she ran her fingers through hair.

"Damn straight it is! Now come on, i'll take you to this club of yours" Nanau offered as she grabbed her keys. Kelsey got up and went through her shoe closet. She pulled out her T.U.K. boot-shoes and slipped them on. She rushed over to her mirror and spritzed on some of Nanau's Juicy Couture perfume. She then grabbed her white sweater coat and ran out of her room, shutting out the light.
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