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Fancy kids are kids who fancy kids. Perhaps Sisky is one? or is it Mike? Jack Maybe? Turn up the volume and listen...

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Hey There TAI radio surfers! Welcome Back!
So here's the next chapter!
And Here's another link to what i want the butcher's shirt to look like:
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Peace Beezy's!

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Inside Nanau's car Kelsey was starting to get butterflies. It was almost time! She was finally going to meet her favorite band AND spend the whole night with them. This was a dream to her, almost like Cinderella. Nanau was her fairy godmother by lending her an outfit and taking her in a kick ass carriage; a lime green Mustang GT with magenta stripes on both sides. The Transit Club would be the ball, with everyone dancing and having fun, and there she would meet her prince--/princes/ to be exact.
Nanau pulled up at the front of the building and Kelsey slipped out of the car. The bass was pumping so loud she could hear it from where she was. People were walzing in and staggering out drunk. She started to feel a bit uneasy.

"Relax Tiger," Nanau called from inside the car,"Show them boys how it's done"

Kelsey smiled and nodded to her friend. She closed the door and waved goodbye. Nanau slowly drove away as she peered at Kelsey walking up to the bouncer in the rearview mirror. Kelsey walked up to the bouncer and flashed out her fake ID. The man peered at it closely and gave it back to her. He opened the door and the 808 went straight to her head. pumping, pumping, pumping, making her her brain pulsate with the bass. She walked inside and felt the heat of the hundreds of people on the dancefloor. The room was littered with people grinding with others and everyone had a drink in their hand. Everyone was happy and Kelsey was beginning to feel a bit insecure. Photographers were running around taking random photos of people and single girls were grinding on silver poles. She looked up at the ceiling, disco balls were all lined up across the dance floor. Just then two hands came down on her and covered her eyes. Kelsey tensed up immediately and let out a little squeal.

"Guess whooo!" A shrill voice let out. Kelsey relaxed a bit, she recognized the shrill voice with ebonics.

"The Butcher?" She guessed. She heard a "damn it" and the two hands let go. She turned around and smiled, she had guessed right. She looked at him up and down, he was wearing a purple and black striped wife beater shirt and tight black skinnys. My god is he hot! She thought.

"You look hella gorgeous tonight" The Butcher commented. Kelsey felt her cheeks grow warm and pink.

"Thank you" She remarked.The Butcher put on a grin and then scuffed his feet a little. The moment was on it's way into the awkward zone.

---Channel 6: TAI TV---
Okay, This is getting akward. I should show her where the guys are He thought.
"Hey Kels, your probably itching to meet the others! C'mon i'll show you" He remarked as he slid his hand into hers. His hand started to tense up again, god he hated that. He lead her through the hyped up crowd and finally made it to the booth at the corner where they were all sitting.

"Hey guys i brought us a little something" The Butcher smirked. Kelsey just scoffed at him and stuck out her toungue. The Butcher stuck his out back at her. Jack got up and out of his seat to give Kelsey a hug. He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tightly.

"Good to see you again Kels," He looked back at her and put on a surprised look,"New do?" Kelsey nodded meekly and put her fingers in her hair. Jack smiled at her brightly.

"I like it, especially the kicks!" He pointed out.

"Are my shoes all you think about now?!" She inquired as The Butcher took a seat into the booth.

"Maybe it's Travie's foot fetish rubbing off on me!" Jack laughed. Michael let out a loud cough and everyone stared at him. Jack then suddenly got the message and gestured Kelsey to take a seat next to The Butcher. She slid into the seat and waved hi to the other guys. Santi waved Hi as did Michael guy chislett and Sisky. The Butcher looked around and noticed one more person was missing.

"Hey where's Billvy?" He asked.

"Oh he had to piss" Jack answered. Kelsey let out a slight chuckle and looked over at Sisky, who by the way was staring at her the whole time. Jack looked at Sisky as well and waited for him to say something, but he didn't. he just stared. Jack kicked his leg under the table really hard and Sisky snapped out of it in pain.

"Fuck dude! what was that fo-"

"Don't stare at cute people!" Jack demmanded. Kelsey started to sink a bit lower into the seat when she heard this. Chislett just chuckled at her.

"You shouldn't be shy about it, you're a cute girl, be proud of that" He encouraged.

"yeah, own it!" The Butcher laughed. Kelsey giggled slightly but still looked super nervous. Just then a waitress came over and got out a pad of paper and a pen.

"What'll it be babes?" She asked as she smacked on her gum. The guys looked down at the menus and all began to order. Once they were done the lady looked over at Kelsey and popped a bright pink bubble.

"And for you cutie?" She inquired. Kelsey quickly looked down with surprise and put on that nervous look again.

"Oh! Um..I'll have um...a shirley temple and a chocolate cake" Kelsey responded. The lady nodded as she took away the menus and walked away. Mike then rested his elbows on the table and put his focus on Kelsey.
"So Kelsey, I hear that you want to start up a band here" Mike stated. Kelsey looked at Mike and then snapped her head over at Jack. Jack just gave an apologetic look and shrugged his shoulders. Kelsey looked back over at Mike.

"Yeah, I already got a guitar/vocalist, i just need some drums and a bass" Kelsey remarked.

"Who's the lucky one?" The Butcher asked.

"It's my friend Nanau, she's really good" She responded.

"Oh well you two should come in sometime and play us a song" Michael suggested. The Butcher noticed Kelsey's eyes grow wide with excitement.

"You mean it, l-like actually play for you guys?!" Kelsey gasped.

"Yeah that'd be cool, I can play backup bass for you two" Sisky suggested.

"Yeah and I can do drums" The Butcher added. Kelsey then put her hands over her face and started to squeal a like a baby piglet. She clapped her hands rapidly and started to giggle. Mike and Sisky exchanged glances and then let out a laugh.

"This seriously can NOT be happening!" Kelsey chirped as she put her hands back onto her face. Just then the waitress came back with a tray of drinks. She passed out the Hard lemonades to Mike and The Butcher and then handed the shirleys out to Sisky, Michael, and Kelsey.

"We're a bit jammed tonight, but your food will be out soon" The lady assured. As the waitress walked back towards the kitchen William came out of the bathroom and walked back over to the table.

"Hey buddies" William greeted. Sisky waved hi and scooted over so William could sit. Once he sat down he looked across at Kelsey who was staring at him in shock. He just smiled sweetly at her and reached out his hand.

"Hi, I don't believe we've met, I'm Bill" He spoke politely. Kelsey reached for his hand and shook it lightly.

"Hi, um, I'm Kelsey" She said sheepishly. William smiled at her and nodded. The Butcher took a sip of his lemonade and then set it down lightly.

"So we were just talking to Kelsey about playing for us sometime with her friend" He updated. Williams lips formed and 'oh' and nodded. He then looked over at Kelsey and leaned in a bit with interest.

"You any good?" He asked her. Sisky frowned a bit and looked at William.
"What kind of question is that?" He asked.

"Hey confidence is key to making a good band!" William explained as the music faded into something slow and quiet. Kelsey took a sip of her drink and then took in a breath. The Butcher looked at Kelsey with concern and then scooted closer to her as Sisky and Bill started to squabble a bit more.

"You don't have to be so nervous," He whispered into her ear,"Just relax, I promise you'll have fun" Kelsey felt his warm breath prickle against the little hairs of her neck. It made her get goosebumps. She turned her head and whispered back into his ear.

"Thank you," She whispered softly,"It's just that you guys are my favorite band and-"

"What're you two conspiring about?!" Jack, being next to them pointed out.

"Sex positions! Now bud out!" The Butcher retorted with a smile. Kelsey let out a funny noise and smacked her hands to her face, hiding the redness from The Butcher's comment.He hada feeling she thought of something kinky.

"Look what you did you little fuck-out! you made her scared" Jack said as he rubbed her back, encouraging her to show her face.

"Hey I didn't do anything, she suggested it missionary" The Butcher stated loudly over the music. Kelsey made another funny noise and smacked her head down on the table, hands still attatched to her face. Mike let out a loud laugh as William placed his head on the table. He looked at a clear spot on her forehead and tapped it lightly.

"Anyone home?" He asked cutely, his big brown eyes staring at her. Kelsey shook her head no and kept her face in her hands on the table. He tapped her forehead again.

"Kellllssseeeyyy" He called out. Kelsey shook her head and still kept her face on the table. This girl wasn't going to move by talking, it would have to be physical. Sisky tugged lightly on a spiked part of her hair.

"I'm ruining your dooooo, you're gonna have to stop meeeee" He said in a teasing voice. Kelsey still shook her head no. Michael then leaned down closely to her ear.

"If you don't show your face now, I'll have Jack and The Butcher feel you up" He threatened. As amazing as Michael's accent sounded, Kelsey still shook her head no, this girl was asking for it. Michael looked up at Butcher and shook his head for the go. The Butcher smiled and leaned down next to her.

"You wouldn't dare" Kelsey said in a muffled voice. The Butcher smirked.

"You don't know me then" He replied as he stroked the bare skin on the back of her shoulders. Kelsey immediately shot her hand out and back handed him with a scream. Faces suddenly snapped over to their direction as The Butcher cradled his head, which now had a red handmark imprinted on it. The other four boys and Kelsey all broke out in a fit of laughter as The Butcher was cussing his face off.

"God girl you slap like a pimp!" He howled.

"Well when you feel up girls like a ho you gotta put 'em in check!" Kelsey laughed smacking the air. Sisky let out an 'Amen!' as Santi, Michael, and Bill practically were choking on their spit from laughing so hard.

"aww man, that was too funny!" Jack said as he wiped away a few tears, "Hey, how about we all dance?" The others nodded and cheered in agreement as Bill slipped out of his seat to go out on the dancefloor.


Station 3: Oh oh Kelsey
Kelsey hopped out of her seat as the other boys ran out onto the dancefloor and started dancing with other people. She turned towards The Butcher and offered her hand.

"Let's see your moves Butcher!" She yelled out as the bass started pumping louder. The Butcher smiled geekily and grabbed her hand as they both ran out onto the dancefloor. She turned around as The Butcher got close to her and put his hands on her hips as they bobbed from side to side with the bass. Mike was pulling some cool moves as well while holding a cup of booze in his hand and Sisky was grinding up against Chislett as a joke. Bill was pulling some sleek moves with a girl who apparently says went to high school with him, but please, we all know that's a lie. [No one goes to School with Beckett! He's to cute!] The Butcher moved closer to Kelsey's body and then started to grind with her. Kelsey didn't mind though, personally she felt loose and relaxed with them, and besides, she's grinded with guys before at school dances. It was perfectly normal. Just then Sisky came in front of her and started grinding with her too. Kelsey giggled with excitement, she was dancing with her two favorite bandmembers of all time! This night couldn't be anymore perfect. People were all coming in closer and grinding with each other, She almost couldn't believe it. Girls with guys, guys with girls, hell guys were jumping in and grinding with other guys! The song Kiss Kiss by Chris Brown came pumping on and people started clapping and cheering as volume was amped up and everyone started to dance harder.

She want that lovey dovey
That kiss-kiss, kiss-kiss
In her mind she fantasize
bout getting wit me...

Kelsey was starting to feel really hot and sweaty with all these people around her, she wanted to get some fresh air. She gently slid The Butcher's hands away and told him she was going to go outside to get some fresh air.

"Do you want me to come with?" He yelled out. Kelsey closed her ears a bit and nodded. Sisky was looking at the two but quickly blew it off and started dancing with some chick who was grinding with some other people. The Butcher slid his hand into hers and pulled her out of the crowd, into the fresh night air. Kelsey stretched her arms and wiped off the sweat on her head.

"Ahhhh, that's the spot, some good fresh air" She sighed. The Butcher wiped away the sweat from his forhead and walked up next to her.

"See I told you once you let loose you'd have a blast" He remarked. Kelsey chuckled and gave him a sweaty hug.

"Thank You," She smiled,"This really has been fun." The Butcher smiled back at her and wrapped his arms around her. Kelsey felt so warm against the cool night air. Once they finally let go of each other The Butcher looked at her and started to scuff his feet.

"Umm Kels, can i ask you something? I mean it's really obsurd but, can I ask you anyway?" He asked nervously. Kelsey raised an eyebrow.

"umm sure, what's up?" She asked curiously. The Butcher looked hesitant, like he was holding back something important. He was suddenly getting all jumpy and figity and bobbing up and down. What's he up to? she thought. She couldn't tell if she heard right, but she thought she heard him mutter "ah fuck it".

"Wait wha-" Just then The Butcher gently put his hands on her neck and smoothly pulled her close to him, softly carressing her lips and deepening it into a passionate kiss.!!!! she screamed into her mind. The blood was rushing into her head, her heart was skipping rapidly, her palms immediately began to sweat! This was all too much for her body, for her mind! She was starting to feel as if she was going to pass out. The Butcher then pushed her against a wall and started to kiss her neck.
Oh my gosh! Me and The Butcher are actually making out! Nanau will NEVER believe this! Wait, I just met the guy how could I be making out with him already?! I need to take this slow!
Hell no girl! This is The Butcher from TAI! Sure, don't give it ALL to him but at least get pretty close! You might not have this chance again!

The wild side of her mind was sounding more interesting at the moment, so she went on with the little kissing session he started. Kelsey ran her fingers through his hair as The Butcher pressed his body against her. He started sucking on the sensitive flesh on her neck and slid his hands onto her waist. Kelsey then lifted his face to hers and gently sucked on his bottom lip. The Butcher moaned softly and pulled away from the kiss. He rested his forhead on hers as they both breathed in deeply, trying to catch their breaths.

" taste like lemons" Kelsey breathed out. The Butcher let out a little laugh and place his hands on her hips.

"You taste like...i don't really know "He chuckled. Kelsey snickered and pecked him on the lips.

"It's getting chilly, we'd better go get the others" She spoke as she turned to walk inside. The Butcher nodded and followed quickly behind her, secretly smiling to himself that he accomplished his mission.

Omg seriously the next few chapters i'm super excited for. Brace yourselves, it's gonna be a calamity!

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