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Once you look twice at something, it seems to get less pretty.

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Hello there TAI fans! I bet your confused about this chapter. WELL DON'T BE! Hey, this is the introduction of a key character in the story! So be happy! There are many key characters, with several backgrounds that all tie into TAI and Kelsey, so be sure to put two and two together, 'cause this is gonna be one heck of a ride!

Oh yeah, Character Bio's are now made! Woo hoo!
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Peace out Beezy's!
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Hayley Christine, that was her name. Halfway across the world: South Whales, UK. She was quite a looker, with white blonde hair and dark grey eyes, any guy would fall for her. That is, if she was actually looking for one at the moment. She wasn't though, she was okay where she was. She liked taking a train over to London, that was her number one favorite city. She liked riding her old blue bike that had huge wheels and a silver bell with it. How british, right? Well who could blame her, those were the only peaceful things she could enjoy. Underneath it all was a girl with a world so dark and so broken, she was surprised she even lived past the age of five.

But enough of that, you'll learn more about that later, right now Hayley's just turning the corner with her bike.

Riding through the city on my bike all day
Cause the filth took away my license
It doesn't get me down and I feel OK
Cause the sights that I'm seeing are priceless...

Hayley looked around London's busy city. Everyone had a smile on their face. Couples were walking together, holding the balloons that an old man was selling at the corner. Little kids were for free. Hayley smiled as she took in the scent of fresh sweets from the bakery, she loved sweet bread and biscuts. A little girl holding the hand of her mother was being pulled away from the window. Her little eyes were glued to the wedding cake. Bluebirds chirped over her head and fluttered around as the quite murmur of the city sounded in the background.

Everything seems to look as it should
But I wonder what goes on behind doors...

The city was absolutely wonderful, everyone was happy. Too bad this wasn't the London she knew. You see, the old man on the corner wasn't selling balloons, he was selling crack. Little kids definetly weren't free. That fresh bakery scent? Well that was the stench from all the smoke from the factories and dead, rotted things on the street. That little girl whose eyes were fixated on the window? She wasn't looking at cake at all, as a matter of fact, she was loooking at a butcher put on a display of fresh cow tounges and sausages.

A fella looking dapper - and he's sitting with a slapper,
Then I see it's a pimp and his crack whore!

This my friends, was the Great Britian, the Great London Town, that Hayley grew up with. It was another grey day for her, she figured it was time for a semi-nice stroll in the streets. She rode fast past the alleys and the old bridges, trouble's been known to brew there. She turned onto the park area where all the old ladies came to feed the pigeons their burned pastries or their stale, poisonous biscuts. They seemed to like that, funny how the bird count hasn't dropped.

There was a little old lady,
Who was walkin down the road,
She was struggling with bags from Tesco.
There were people from the city havin' lunch in the park,
I believe that is called 'al fresco'.

"Hello Hayley dear!" an old voice called out. Hayley slowed her bike down and turned towards the voice. She recognized that sweet old face anywhere.

"Mornin' Ms. Bartelby! How are your legs holding up?" Hayley asked with concern.

"Oh they're doing me just fine, 'twas just a little case of the dingies that's all" Ms. Bartelby snickered as she patted her knees. Hayley fake chuckled a bit as she mounted back onto her bike.

"Well i'd like to stay and talk, but my f-"

"Fatha's expectin' me to be home for dinna. I know deary, go on ahead" Ms. B waved off. Hayley apologized quickly and rode off fast into the park area.

"You shouldn't 'ave don that to her, she's an old woman, she is" a teeny cockney voice peeped in her head.

"I know, but she's such a drag sometimes, she goes on and on about her old cat and her leaky pipes and her spinach jelly!" Hayley suddenly grew shivers up her spine as she turned onto the walk, just the words were gross. Hayley genlty rode over to the left as she passed a homeless man wrapped in newspaper and cardboard. This day couldn't be any more depressing. Then again, every day was depressing. She finally rode out of the park and into the homes area. She rode past the little kids playing Jacks and jumprope and just barely missed a car that was backing out.

"Watch out you bloody pest!" The man screeched out shaking his fist. Hayley looked back and stuck her tounge out in anger.

"Fat Repulsive Wanker!" She retored loudly. The driver stuck his huge head out the window and called out to Hayley.

"You best be watchin yourself! Your fatha will be 'earin 'bout this!" He bellowed loudly. Hayley just stuck up her middle finger at him and listened as his old beat up car screeched off into the other direction. A cloud of thick white exaust came over her and filled her lungs. She let off a few loud coughs and slowed down in front of her house. She placed her bike on the side of the house, hidden in the shrubs. She walked around front and opened the door.

"Home." She called out. The sound of the TV murmured in the other room, she heard a loud belch along with a few coughs. Her dad was home. Hayley's heart began to thump loudly, she hated being home alone with him. She closed her eyes and prayed that Vikki was home as well, nothing too bad would happen if Vikki was home. Hayley took in a deep, silent breath and crept silently over to the stairs, in her mind regretting ever calling out that she was home.

"Hayleeeyy" A drunken, slurred voice called out. Hayley didn't answer, only her pounding heart replied back.

"Hay...ley" the man called out.
Hayley felt her hands shake, her mind race, her knees grow weak.

"GET IN HERE NOW!" He screamed out. The house practically shook at the sound of his voice, it was like rolling thunder, in a violent deadly storm. Hayley quickly snapped into action and raced into the room, just as she was about to turn and ask what he wanted, a fist met with her face. Bam! straight to the ground like a bowling pin. She held her face in pain and agony.

"WHEN I CALL YOUR NAME BITCH YOU ANSWER" He bellowed in fury. Hayley couldn't move. She refused to move. It would only make him more angry, all she could do know was lie there at his feet, submissive like a slave to a king. She didn't want to though, she wanted to get up an run, she wanted to leave! She'd get hurt countlessly for things she never even did, things that never even happened.

"Wh-what did I-" Wham! another smack in the face, her drunken father grabbed fiercly at her hair, yanking it hard, making her scream and claw at his hands.


Hayley held onto her hair to prevent it from hurting more, but the tighter she held on, the harder he yanked. She put her face down to his feet, a line of blood pouring out from her mouth and onto her dad's old smelly sock. He noticed this immediately and kicked his foot upwards, crashing into her face. She let out a scream so loud you could've sworn that a few glasses cracked.

"YOU UGLY WHORE!" He screamed out as he kicked her side "YOU SEE WHAT YOU DID TO MY DAMN SOCK?!" Hayley just cradeled her face, the blood rushing out rapidly from her nose and mouth. She didn't want to be here right now, she wanted to be somewhere else, somewhere happy.

"DID. YOU. HEAR. ME!" He slurred out loudly. Hayley shook her head rapidly and opened her eyes slightly, her beautiful white blonde hair was being stained in a red sea.

"Clean this mess up.....i' going bed" He mumbled as he staggered his way up the stairs. Hayley stayed there on the ground all night, silently crying to herself, praying to God that he would take her away.

X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x X x x X x x X x X x X x X x X x x X x X x X x x X x X x X x X x X x X x X

Hayley didn't go outside today. or any other day for the whole month. It would take forever for her wounds to heal. She had to stay home. She had been pulled out of school so many times, she was surprised that she was even able to understand the classes and the assignments. Hayley was such a smart girl, top rank in her class, which was pretty odd for a girl who barely even stayed in it. That didn't matter to her though, barely anything mattered to her anymore. Only three things mattered: Starting a new life, going to America and making music someday with her favorite band, Paramore. That was it, nothing more nothing less. That band meant everything to her. Hayley Williams and her not only shared the same name, but also the same beliefs. She would kill to have Hayley as a sister. She was so cute, and sweet, and funny, unlike Vikki who was distant, quiet, and careless. She sighed heavily as she watched life go by through the cracked window. She thought to herself as she watched 'The Old Fat Wanker' scold two little children for dropping their ball in his yard. She had to get out of here, this place was a hell, a prison. But how? The only way she could was by stealing from the safe, and running away. That was murder though, suicide. Her father would track her down and kill her on the spot. There had to be another way, an alternative plan. Just then there was a messy rapid knock at the door. Hayley quickly turned around and faced the doorway.

"open up..." a groggy voice demanded. Hayley closed her eyes tightly. Vikki wasn't home today. Hayley walked over to the door slowly, each step made her heart pound harder. She wrapped her fingers around the knob when another knock sounded off.

"Hurry up!" he yelled. Hayley opened it slowly and kept her eyes down on the ground. The Dad slid his index finger under her chin and gently lifted her face up.

"You ready?" He asked in a low graspy voice, the stench of Jack Daniels on his breath. Warm tears started to well up in her eyes as the father closed the door quietly behind him, now Hayley REALLY wished Vikki was here....
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