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Hey lames this is DJ KillaCore comin' to you live from the station...

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Oh, and who could forget that Caddy Clique "The Aesthetics"

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"Maaaaann that...that party was-was SWEET!" A very drunk Mike Carden slurred as he stumbled out of the club. Sisky just shook his head as he put his hoodie up and helped guide Mike over to the car.Jack, Bill, Chizzy, Kelsey and the Butcher walked through the parking lot laughing and having the time of their lives.

"Boy, that was one wild par-taaayyy!" Jack laughed as he tripped over his own foot. Kelsey quickly grabbed onto his arm and helped him as they reached to the car. William looked at the car and frowned in confusion.

"Where's Sisky and Mike?" He asked as he looked both directions.

"We're over here" Sisky's voice rang out behind the car. The other five walked behind the car and found Mikes butt facing them.

"Ohhhh what a Charming view!" Jack laughed loudly. Sisky placed his hand on to Mike's back as he let go of all the food and drink he consumed. A foul stench went through the air. Kelsey plugged her nose and winced at the gagging noises he made.

"Is he alright?" She said in a muffled tone. Sisky nodded lightly and rubbed his back some more, another gag was let out along with more puke. Jack's face suddenly went pale and he slid his arm off of Kelsey as he ran over to the grass. Kelsey watched as Jack tripped over himself and fell as he coughed out his dinner. Mike was finally finished and he stood up straight with a moan. He wiped his mouth with his sleeve and turned back towards the others. William looked at him with slight disgust and then turned over towards where Jack was puking his guts out. Chizzy walked over to where Jack was and hovered next to him, rubbing his back softly.

"C'mon Jack, you're alright buddy, you're alright" He said over and over as Jack let out a gag and spit. He groaned loudly and reached out to be picked up. Chislett grabbed his hand and lifted him up, the bitter stench running up his nose. He put Jack's arm over his shoulder and staggered over to the car. Kelsey opened up the car door and helped Jack in over to the window seat. She turned back to sisky and Mike.

"You me and the butcher should be in the middle, put Santi over by the window" She directed.
"Put your FACE over to my window bitch!" Mike sputtered out with a loud laugh. Kelsey just raised an eyebrow and shook her head as The Butcher hopped into the car next to Jack. Chislett got into the front seat and looked back as Sisky and Kelesy got in with Mike.

"I don't think there's enough room for all of you, one of you will have to sit on someone's lap" He explained.

"I'll do it, I'm lighter" Kelsey claimed as she reached across Santi and slammed the door shut. She squeezed out of the tight space between The Butcher and Sisky and sat on Sisky's lap. She spread her legs across the butcher's lap and used him as a foot rest. Sisky began to tense up and he felt his body temperature rise slightly. Kelsey looked directly at him and smiled.

"Hello" She greeted. Sisky nodded and tried to look at something else. William slid the keys into the ignition and started up the car. As they began to move out onto the road William pushed the two buttons that let down the left and right window. A quick breeze rushed throughout the car and Kelsey let out a big sigh. The Butcher looked over at Kelsey with a slight smile, the kiss running over and over in his mind.

"Hey thanks for coming with us tonight kels," William called out from the front,"Haha, I'm pretty sure you topped Jack's week today." Kelsey looked over at a snoring Jack who's head was hung out the window, whisps of his brown hair blowing in the wind.

"So where do we drop you off? At your house?" Chislett suggested as he looked a red mustang in a drive-thru.

"Oh! Uhhh you can just take me to the bus stop" Kelsey spoke.

"Nooo," The Butcher whined,"That's when all the sickos come out and take people"

"I've done it before, I do it practically every night" She explained to him.

"But don't you remember the story of that girl who got shanked at 11:00?" Sisky asked her.

"How do you know what time it was?" She inquired back. Sisky just shrugged his shoulders and let out a smile. He then looked to his right and started to poke Mike, who by the way was now passed out.

"I'd feel much better if I dropped you off, can we do that instead?" William asked softly. How could she refuse? Why, with those big brown puppy dog eyes of his, mountains would practically shatter if he asked them! Kelsey agreed and The Butcher clapped with a loud 'YES!'.

X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X : X :


11:30. She had stared into the bright red numbers long enough that when she took her eyes off them, she could still see the numbers in the darkness. She's not home yet. she thought. She quietly opened her door and crept out into the kitchen. She turned on the light and looked at the fridge door where the post it stood.

" Hey guys!
Going out with Nanau and some friends!
Call me if you need me!
XoXo Kelsey
She smirked at this note as she took it off the fridge. She crumpled it into her hands and threw it into the trash bin.

"Ignorant, lazy no goo-" Suddenly she heard many voices come from the hallway. The doornob slightly wigged and she heard the rustling of keys.

"Okay, i'll get the ice packs, but then you guys have to leave!" a voice whispered loudly.

"Yes yes yes, we know the plan" a different one whispered a reply. The girl quickly turned out the kitchen light, ran over and leaped onto the couch. She quickly pulled the blankets up to her shoulders as the door creaked open. She put her head down and closed her eyes as she heard several footsteps enter the room.

"Wooow, is this where you live?" she heard a voice whisper.

"For the time being yes" she heard Kelsey reply quietly.
"Hey who's that?" She heard a voice not like the others whisper. It sounded slightly british, slightly aussie.

"Oh that's Rory, she's my older si--Chizzy don't touch her!" She whispered loudly.

"I wasn't touching her! I was--"

"Are you getting the ice packs?" a semi-boyish voice whispered.

"yes i'm getting them! Hold on!" Kelsey whispered irritatingly. Just then all the whispers merged together and started arguing with each other. Rory then bolted up from the couch and kicked the blankets off of her. She stood up towering above the others. She pointed her index finger straight at Kelsey, as if condemning her at a trial.

"AHA! CAUGHT Y-" Her voice was suddenly stopped at the sight of all the boys in room. All of them which she knew, and never even dreamed of being in their house. Her eyes went wide and her mouth hung open. Kelsey walked up to her big sister with an apologetic look. She stood to the side of her and began to speak.

"Umm, Rory," she began, "this"

"A bunch of boys who make huge amounts of money and sell-out." Rory finished. Kelsey shot a mean glare at her.

"What? it's true!" She replied to Kelsey's look.

The boys just exchanged glances and then looked back at the two girls. Rory just rolled her eyes and just brushed past them.

"I'm going to bed, I won't tell mom and dad if they're gone in 5" She called as she entered back into her room. She closed the door shut and Kelsey turned towards them and apologized.

"I'm sorry guys, she's a bit of an extremist when it comes how it runs" She explained sheepishly.

"ah...i see" Sisky spoke as he looked back towards Rory's door. Kelsey felt a heap of embarassment run over her. They must think she's so wierd! Having an oddball Mother and an extremist "Anti-Human" sister, the perfect First Impression! Speaking of an oddball mother.

"Ack! The Icepack! i gotta give it to you before mum wakes up!" She whispered as she rushed over to the freezer. She quickly dug through the ice box and started pushing aside frozen goods. As she did so, the Butcher and the rest of the boys scanned around the room and began to look at all the different displays. Sisky picked up a picture frame and peered at it closely. It showed a much younger and pudgier version of kelsey wearing huge cokebottle glasses and a pink summer outfit. She had a huge gap in the middle of her little teeth and she was standing outside of Disney world's Enchanted Castle with her mother and sister. She looked so happy, so alive here. It made him smile. He placed the frame back onto the fireplace with care as William looked over at a painting that Rory had done. It showed a young girl in a yellow sundress sprawled on the ground. Blood stains were all over her gown and her arm was cut and covered with blood. dirt covered her face, and she was surrounded by white flowers that had missing petals and were broken. Behind the girl were sillouhettes of people holding what looked like AK-47s high in the air. The canvas was bordered with colorful hand-crafted butterflies. On the side, red colored words were painted "Hate is Love's Jealousy." This was an intense picture for William, it had such a dark feel to it, he kind of bad for the little girl.

"She must really hate the world" He spoke over to Kelsey. Kelsey nodded as she yanked out an Ice pack. Michael, Sisky, and The Butcher looked over at the painting as well. They all stood back a bit with interest as Kelsey walked over and handed Michael the ice pack.

"Here you go, I'm sorry about Santi and Jack" She apologized. Michael smiled at her sweetly, showing his crooked teeth.

"It's alright, it's not your fault. They're just a bunch of wild animals" He explained. Kelsey let out a giggle as William hugged her goodbye.

"We'll see you again soon, alright?" He assured. She let out an "mhm" and gave Sisky a big hug.

"Don't forget to call that friend of yours" Sisky reminded. Kelsey nodded and then let go of Sisky to give The Butcher a warm hug. The other boys headed out the door as The Butcher wrapped his arms around her. He tilted his head a bit and kissed her cheek. Kelsey could practically feel her face turning red. The Butcher snickered at her and kissed her cheek again. She let out a giggle moved over to meet his lips. He pecked them softly with his own and brushed her cheek with his hand.

"I'll see you soon" He whispered as he gave her another light kiss. Kelsey smiled and gave him a tight hug. The Butcher unwrapped his arms and turned as he headed out the door. Kelsey let out a silent goodbye as she quietly shut the door behind them.

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RIRIRIRIRIRIIIRIIIIINGG! The bell screeched throughout the school. Students flooded the hallway as Zero hour ended and passing period began. Kelsey merged in with the crowd and yawned as everyone chattered and yelled across the school. She held the Caramel Frappucino in her hand tightly as the memories of last night still danced in her brain. She couldn't help but think about how wild it was, how much fun they had, and the kiss that she shared with The Butcher. That was just it though, was that kiss meaningful? or was it just because she was another fan? She didn't want to be just another teenie fan though, nor did she want to be some groupie. She just wanted to be Kelsey Roberts: Fun Friend and Devoted Diehard. That kiss though was the most golden thing she had ever recieved. She silently wished that somehow The Butcher had feelings for her, but that, just like her other dreams was far-fetched. It had only been one day, what were the chances? 0-none. Kelsey rushed through the crowd and headed to her locker, only to be stopped by a big flash from a camera. She jumped a little, but then rolled her eyes as she focused on her lock. Standing behind the camera was none other than Gordon Leopald Fitzgerald, the freakishly tall boy with shoulder length pin straight brown hair, thick rimmed glasses, and a taste for old hard Rock. You could say he belonged in the 60's or back in the time when Motley Crue was at it's Rock and Roll peak. Either way, he looked like a hippie.

"Fitz, if you keep on doing that i'm-"

"Look Kels," He began,"Ms. Rubino is gonna have my head if I don't have any snaps to develop, so say cheese!"

Kelsey sighed heavily and smiled casually. snap snap a few more flashes went off, Kelsey just grabbed her books and shut her locker. Fitz looked at her up and down. She was wearing a school girl outfit today.

"New duds?" He asked as he snapped another photo. She turned her head and nodded.

"Yeah, It's Nanau's, hey isn't your class the other way?" She asked back as he caught up next to her. Fitz made an "oh yeah!" look on his face and let his camera hang from his neck. He pulled out a black and red flyer and handed it over to Kelsey.

"I think you might find interest in this" He spoke. Kelsey looked at the flyer and read carefully.


Kelsey's heart began to pound loudly, a smile stretched across her face. It was another oppurtinity to see them. She had to keep cool though, even though she wanted to jump up and down and squeal like a little girl.

"When are they coming to Chicago?" She interrogated.

"June 10 and 11th, tickets are going out quick" Fitz informed. Kelsey smiled deep inside herself. She was going to be there for both days, no matter what. She was going to see them again at the tour and show them what she's made of, what her future band will be made of. She couldn't wait. Just then a whole swarm of kids started to murmur and whisper as they all formed a narrow clear path. The sound of clicking heels getting louder towards kelsey.

"Oh no..." Fitz groaned.

"Here they come...." a student muttered next to them.

"the one and onlies" Kelsey added.

"The Aesthetics" A whole bunch of students stated in unison.

They were aesthetic alright, with their high-class clothing, their thin frame, they were perfection. They made the rules, the people obeyed them. What ever they wanted, the people gave. That's just how it was. No one dared to touch them, only if they wanted to be touched. No one dared to wear what they wore, they just weren't made for it. Their money status was unknown, all they knew was that if it was allowed, they could buy 6 islands and still have money left over. They strutted down the narrow path like models, five girls; not one more, not one less. Everyone whispered and gawked at them in envy.

"Is the queen of England here or something?" A girl standing behind kelsey asked her. Kelsey turned around and looked at her. Her voice had an accent. She was wearing an Army print Chanel shirt along with tight blue skinny pants, simple, yet flossy. Her skin was a mocha tan color and her black hair was dishoveled and all over the place. Her eyeliner wasn't put on too well either. it was applied thickly and smudged.

"It's the Aesthetics, the queen clique of the High School world" Kelsey explained to her. The girl just simply rolled her eyes.

"Oh gag me" she huffed. Her words were a bit loud, so everyone's eyes faced her and pierced through her thin body. Lots of people gasped as the plastic beauties stopped in their tracks. They turned their heels in unison and faced towards her, their fake eyelashes batting in her direction. A group of people cleared out of their way as they walked over to her, looking at her up and down. This girl was a joke to them. The blonde Aesthetic on the far right walked straight up to her and got in her face. Their beauty was uncomparable. The blonde Aesthetic had blue and pink coontails in her hair with pink, black and blue stripes. Her skin colored lips were decorated two snake bite lip rings and her green eyes were outlined with thick black eyeliner. The wierd girl was slightly intimidated by her beauty, but that didn't mean she would back down. The Aesthetic opened her mouth to speak.

"You must be Mariella" She spoke smoothly. Her voice sounded sweet, yet slightly cold and demanding.

"It's Ari, and what's it to ya?" Ari replied angrily. The blonde just smirked at her and smoothly reached out her hand.

"My name is Rachelle, Rachelle Milan" She greeted sweetly. Ari took her hand cautiously and shook it lightly, her palms were soft like velvet or cotton. Kelsey winced a bit as the other Aesthetics started to giggle, the same kind of giggle that meant that they found their new victim. Fitz just shook his head.

"She's for the snakes now" He murmured to Kelsey. She knew it, the whole student body knew it. This girl was going to go through hell. She couldn't allow it though, especially since she went through it all and it was absolute torture.

" I love your voice Ari, where's it from?" Rachelle asked with deep interest.

"the same place as me, New york city" Ari replied smoothly. Suddenly the two minute bell went off and everyone started rushing into action. Everyone was yelling to each other and pushing each other aside, hoping that they wouldn't have to answer to the deans for being tardy.

"Ellie! Gimme your notes!" a male student called out.

"has anyone seen my book?!" a girl asked.

"Oh. my. god. Where is my homework! I am FUR-EAKING OUT!" another girl yelled out. Fitz gave kelsey a quick hug goodbye and bolted down the south hallway. Kelsey tried her best not to get in anyones way so she stood close by the wall. She looked over at The Aesthetics and saw Rachelle take a hold of Ari's arm. She told Ari something and her face immediately lit up with a smile. Ari sudddenly went all giggly and held her books closely to her like a shy school girl. Rachelle put her hands to her mouth and blew a quick kiss goodbye to her. She turned her prada heels towards the west hallway and the rest of her drones followed suit. Ari quickly giggled and started her way down the north hallway towards the History wing of the school. Kelsey pondered on what Rachelle could have said to make Ari, who seemed tough as nails, all bubbly and giddy. Whatever it was, she would find out soon. She watched her turn into Mr. McKenna's history class, which is what she had as well.


"The Spartans were a very practical group of people," Mr. McKenna explained," Can anyone tell me why?" Nick Carnot, one of the boys from the Football team raised his hand. Mr. Mckenna pointed to him with his chalk.

"It's because they fought against persia with only 300 men!" They class a giggled at his answer and the teacher rolled his eyes.

"No Nick, it's not because of 300, anyone else?" He asked out into the crowd. No one raised their hand. The teacher just groaned and turned his back towards the class. He started writing down examples of why Sparta was "practical". Kelsey could've cared less though, all she cared about was what that Satanic sex-kitten Rachelle said to Ari. She quickly slipped out a piece of Chococat paper and scribbled:

Hey, it's me, Kelsey. The chick 3 seats down from yours, what's up?

Kelsey folded up the paper and told the guy in front to her to pass it down to Ari. Once the chain of students passed it down Ari opened up the paper and read it quickly. She quickly scribbled something down and told them to pass it back. Once the letter was sent back to her she quickly opened it to read.

Yeah, i know about you, Riley told me. Cute paper btw :3
XxX Ari Angelus XxX

Kelsey was surprised to know that the new kid already knew Riley. Usually you had to be here for a few weeks before you got to meet that kid, he was such a popular guy. She quickly shook off the thought and wrote down a reply. back and forth and back and forth, that's all it was. The two boys were starting to get annoyed, so kelsey decided to write down the main question.

Thanks! ;3 Hey i don't mean to pry but...What did Rachelle tell you in the hallway?
Kelsey handed the paper to the students who passed it to Ari. She opened up the note and peered at it for a good minute. She then gripped her pencil and began to write.

"Alright kids, time to form your groups! Mariella, you'll be with Sean and her group" Mr. McKenna explained. Ari just grunted and muttered as she grabbed her bag and books. She walked over to Kelsey and Sean and dropped her books on the desks, making a loud obnoxious "WHAM!". She plopped down carelessly and then leaned in to speak to Kelsey.

"She told me a bunch of fake shit," She explained,"Like, that she liked me and wanted to be my best friend." Kelseu just shook her head, that's how she played all the time. She acted as sweet as sugar at first, then got bitter and rotten the next.

"I can't believe her..." Kelsey sighed. Ari nodded her head in agreement.

"Yeah i know, she asked me if i liked Gym Class Heroes" Ari mentioned. Kelsey leaned in with interest, this never happened before to her.

"Why?" She asked. Ari just shrugged her shoulders as she started to doodle missles and skulls with huge mohawks on the side of her binder.

"I dunno, she said that she knew someone from TAI who could hook me up if I hung with her." Ari scoffed,"That's bullshit if you ask me."

Kelsey suddenly felt funny. She didn't know if it was jealousy, nervousness, or something else. All she knew was that she felt it, and it was making her feel slightly queasy. She had to get something started to blow this emotion away.

"So... do you like Gym Class Heroes?" Kelsey asked as she doodled SANTI on her paper.

"Hell no, I fucking love them. I just don't want some snooty bitch wrangling easy access to them in front of my damn face" She replied as she wrote "Travie > You" on her binder. Kelsey smiled a bit. This girl was alright, she could get used to her. Time for the ultimate test... Kelsey thought.

"Do you like the Academy Is...?" Kelsey asked coyly. Ari looked over at her blankly. She blinked at her a few times and then went back to illustrating her GCH covered binder.

"Yeah, their music is pretty tight" She looked over at kelsey and pointed at her with her index finger "Beckett's got some raw vocals there, that's fer sure"

This girl passed, she officially was let in to Kelsey-Land. As long as you were YOUnique and passionate about FBR, then you were let in for VIP, the rest had to work for it. Just then the bell rang and the students hopped out of their seats and into the hallway. Ari picked up her HorrorPops bag and walked out with Kelsey. They ranted on for countless periods about all the tours they went to and all the Meet and Greets they endured. They laughed and joked with each other. Heck, They both cut their last period class to hang out and have ice cream together. On the way there Kelsey had found out she had every single class with Ari except Brit Lit and Art. That didn't matter though, she had made a new friend, and she had a feeling this friendship was going to be great. Once they finished their dessert they walked out past the main highway and into the burbs of Chicago. Ari balanced herself on the thick balance beam like concrete as kelsey walked beside her smoothly. She looked up at Ari with curiousity.

"Hey Ar, where do you live? Maybe we can drop you off" Kelsey suggested. Ari faltered a bit but remained her balance, she jumped off and placed her hands in her pockets. She looked nervous.

" i tell you something?" Ari asked as she peered around her. Kelsey got closer to her with interest. This seemed pretty big.

"Promise me you won't tell anyone!" She whispered desperately. Kelsey swore on her life she wouldn't tell. Ari looked around closely to make sure there weren't any evesdroppers. She then turned to Kelsey and let out a huge sigh.

"The truth is...I don't really have a home, i was kicked out" She admitted. Kelsey's eyes went slightly wider when she heard this.

"I got caught with some slime and i had to do rehab time for it, but once i got out of it and came home, my stuff was thrown out on the lawn and the locks were switched." Ari explained.

"Wow....that must've sucked"

"Hell no, they were doing me a fucking favor for once!" She laughed out loud. Kelsey let out a laugh as well, but then quickly thought of an idea. A brilliant idea.

"Hey! how about you stay with me?" Kelsey suggested happily.

"What?" Ari asked, unsure if she heard her correctly.

"You staying with me! Yeah! that'd be perfect!" Kelsey chirped.

"Hun...I just met you" Ari stated.

"So? it's not like i'll rape you or anything! It's just until you get your own place!" Kelsey explained. Ari scratched her head a bit and crossed her arms, this was a big decision, she had to think on it.

"For free?" Ari asked curiously. Kelsey nodded rapidly with excitement. Ari then close her eyes and thought hard. Kelsey leaned in closer, hoping over and over that Ari would say the right answer.

"Aight, i guess i'm down" Ari shrugged. Kelsey cheered with excitement and clapped her hands with excitement. She grabbed ari and put her in a tight warm embrace. Ari's eyes just grew wide and peeled her off of her.

"Goddamn your a wierd chick!" Ari laughed. Kelsey grabbed her hand and began to lead her to her house.

"It runs in the fam!...Oh! Speaking of fam, you're gonna have to meet them first!" Kelsey mentioned.

"this is gunna be-SAY WHAT?!"
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