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Next to the last.

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There is only one more chapter left. I hope you guys love this as much as I do!

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‘Do you wanna go check on mommy?’ Brendon asked as he held Thomas’ hands while he walked slowly around the house that morning.

‘Ma ma ma ma.’ Thomas cooed as Brendon picked him up and walked down the stairs and into the kitchen where Chelsea was sitting with a wedding planner that truly annoyed her to the end of the world and back.

‘Hey baby.’

‘Brendon thank god you’re here. I need your opinion on something.’ Chelsea said grabbing his arm as he walked in.

‘What’s up sweetie?’ he asked sitting down next to her.

‘Chelsea you shouldn’t bother Brendon with the details.’ Alicia said.

‘It’s his wedding too besides he’s going to be wearing it.’ Chelsea said as she pulled over the four pictures of the tuxedoes.

‘I like this one.’ Brendon said.

‘That’s not the one we’re going with.’ Alicia said taking the pictures back.

‘Okay I realize that you’re the wedding planner but it’s our wedding. I want this one not that one.’ Chelsea said.

‘Why don’t we go in and watch some TV buddy let mommy get back to wedding planning.’ Brendon said picking Thomas up from the floor, kissing Chelsea’s cheek and walking into the living room.

‘Chelsea I am the wedding planner so why don’t you let me do my job. We’re getting this one.’ Chelsea glared and got up from the table quickly walking out and up the stairs to call her mom.

‘Mom I can’t deal with this anymore. She’s stressing me out. She won’t let me make any decisions and she keeps yelling at me about how she’s the wedding planner blah blah blah.’ Chelsea whined to her mom half an hour later as her mom stood in her bedroom with her.

‘Sweetheart, that’s her job she’s a wedding planner.’

‘I realize this but this is my wedding. I’ve waited for this day for the past three years mom and I want it to be exactly what I want it to be and that’s it. I don’t want her suggestions, I don’t want her to tweak my plans, I want what I want I’m paying her to help me not do it for me.’

‘Have you talked to her?’

‘She won’t listen to me. I try to make a decision and she goes right behind my back and un does it.’

‘Chelsea go talk to her before you completely fire her. You’re being irrational and I’m sure that your poor fiancé doesn’t want to spend forever looking for a new wedding planner.’

‘Fine.’ Chelsea whined as she got up and stomped out of the room. She walked down stairs and into the kitchen where Alicia was on the phone. She took the phone out of her hand and hung it up, ‘Alright Alicia I’m having a problem here and instead of being irrational about it I’m going to be calm and cool and collected.’

‘Should I get a camera for this?’ Brendon asked from the door way. Chelsea glared at him before he scurried away.

‘I have waited for this day for the past three years, maybe longer than that. Brendon and I have been together for the past eleven years. We’ve known we were going to get married for the past seven. This is a big deal to both of us but especially me. I realize that you are the wedding planner but your job isn’t to pick what you want for the wedding it’s to help me after I’ve picked what I want for the wedding. So either we’re going to do what I want or we’re not going to do it at all.’

‘Don’t you think that’s pushing it just a little bit? You’re being selfish.’

‘It’s my wedding do you understand this. My wedding. If it were your wedding you would put what you want in your wedding not what someone else wants for your wedding but what you want and since this is my wedding we’re putting what I want in the wedding period end of discussion if you don’t like it you can leave.’ Chelsea said.

‘I have never worked with someone as spoiled and selfish as you are.’ Alicia said as she stood up gathering her things, ‘I pray that you find a way around your selfishness or your pretty little soon-to-be-husband in there won’t be for long.’ She said before slamming the front door shut behind her.

‘What happened to being calm and collected?’ Brendon asked putting his arms around her neck from where she was sitting at the kitchen table.

‘I was calm and collected….okay maybe not calm but I was collected.’

‘Where did Alicia go?’ Mrs. Reeves asked after laying Thomas down for his nap.

‘She quit. She said I was spoiled and selfish because I wanted to make the calls for the wedding.’

‘Oh Chelsea.’

‘Mom, I was calm, and cool, and collected. I did exactly what you told me to do she just didn’t like how I did it, it’s fine anyway we didn’t need a wedding planner besides she left the check list.’ Chelsea smiled.

‘Chelsea, I don’t know if you’ll ever learn.’ Her mother said shaking her head while she sat next to Brendon.

‘Don’t worry mom, we’ll be fine and we won’t have any problems with anything for the wedding.’

‘Honey do you understand how big this wedding is going to be? Your dad has a lot of influential people that will be at this wedding. We need a wedding planner.’

‘Why don’t you do it? You can do this stuff. You do it all the time.’

‘Chelsea weddings aren’t really my things.’

‘Mom I’m sure that you can do this and besides you have plenty of people that can help you. I’m sure you won’t have a problem.’

‘Alright fine BUT only because you’re my only daughter and she only gets officially married once to the love of her life.’

Over the next three months, Mrs. Reeves, Chelsea, and a couple of close family friends planned the wedding of a lifetime.

By the time the wedding rolled around everything was set. The wedding was set for April 24, the original date the young couple married in the Vegas chapel on the strip at the age of 17. The time was set for 7:30 just as dusk set on the beautiful city of Las Vegas.

Both Chelsea and Brendon could feel the future knocking on the door as they prepared themselves for one of the greatest days of their lives.

Hey guys, Holly and I thought maybe you guys would like to see exactly what we planned for this wedding so here are the links for everything that is important in it. If they don’t work send me a message if you really want to see them! Enjoy!! ---> Dress --> Tiara for Chelsea. ---> Chelsea’s garter --> Bride’s bouquet. --> Brides’ maid dress. --> Chelsea and Brendon’s wedding band Chelsea’s engagement ring --> The boys tux with a light pink tie. . . --> Thomas’ tux. --> Outside reception. --> Alter  Candles. --> Wedding cake. --> Brendon’s groom’s cake Chelsea’s lingerie.
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