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Everything's going to be fine.

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'Baby it’s already done. From now on baby everything is going to be fine.’ Chelsea smiled.

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‘Hi sweetie.’ Mrs. Reeves smiled as Chelsea walked in.

‘Hey mom.’ Chelsea smiled kissing her cheek.

‘Hi honey.’ Mrs. Urie smiled kissing Chelsea’s cheek as Brendon put Thomas into a chair.

‘How are you?’

‘Doing well, how about you honey you look a little pale.’

‘Oh I’m fine, nothing to worry about.’ Chelsea said with a weak smile.

‘So what’s the occasion? Usually when you two take us out to dinner there is something you need to tell us.’

‘There is something we need to tell you but let’s not talk about it on an empty stomach.’ Brendon smiled sitting down between Chelsea and his mom.

‘So what did the doctor say today honey?’

‘Mom, I’m not having a baby.’ Chelsea began.

‘I thought you were pregnant.’

‘It’s called a partial molar pregnancy. It was caused by what happened last year.’

‘Two sperms fertilized an empty egg.’

‘Yes.’ Chelsea started, ‘I’m having it terminated tomorrow.’


‘Mom, I’m not okay with this. I’m scared. I’m worried.’ Chelsea said as tears came to her eyes.

‘Is there anything that we can do?’

‘We can’t have another child for at least a year.’

‘That’s okay honey.’

‘It’s not okay mom, it’s not okay. Brendon and I had plans and now they are ruined. He ruined our plans, he ruined our lives, he ruined everything.’ Chelsea said as tears over came her.

‘Chelsea, everything is going to be okay.’ Brendon said rubbing her back before kissing the side of her head.

‘What are you two planning on doing with Thomas during the procedure tomorrow?’

‘I’ll probably just take him with me.’ Brendon said.

‘Nonsense, just drop him off with us tomorrow morning and we’ll keep him tomorrow and you guys can pick him up the next morning. It’s a stressful time you don’t need to be taking care of your wife after surgery and your son.’

‘Mr. Reeves I feel like we rely on you and my parents all the time to watch Thomas, I really think we’ll be fine.’

‘Brendon, the reason you rely on us is because you know Thomas is safe with us. We don’t mind. He’s our first grandchild if we left it up to you two to see him we may never get the chance so let us take him tomorrow. You two have enough stress in your life at the moment you need as much help as you can get.’

‘If you are sure I don’t want to impose my son on you.’

‘Sweetie he’s our grandson you could never impose him on us. We kinda love him.’ She smiled.

‘We have to be there at 8 tomorrow morning. He probably won’t be in a good mood when we drop him off. He doesn’t usually wake up until about 9.’

‘That’s fine. I’m sure he’ll go back to sleep. I’ll throw him in bed with grandpa.’

‘Are you going to be okay Chelsea?’

‘I just want to be over and done with.’

‘We’re going to start wedding plans this week.’ Brendon said taking everyone by surprise. Chelsea looked over at him as a smile formed on her lips right before Mr. Reeves was hit square in the glasses with mash potato causing everyone at the table to laugh including Thomas who roared with laughter.

Brendon sat in the waiting room of the doctor’s office as he waited for the doctor’s to come out to give him an update on his beautiful wife. He watched as couples walked in and out some getting the news they were pregnant, some getting the news of the sex of their baby, and others just happy to be pregnant.

There was not a single person sitting in the waiting room was there for the same reason that he was. After all, this wasn’t an abortion clinic; no one was having their baby terminated. This was the thing that Brendon couldn’t get off his mind.

As Brendon fell into a day dream he leaned his head back on the chair and shut his eyes thinking about his Chelsea.

Brendon suddenly heard a lot of people talking and a lot of movement. He quickly sat up and looked around. He was no longer in the small pregnancy clinic but now in the hospital he knew all too well. Except now he was in the emergency room. Brendon stood up and looked around he saw nothing out of the ordinary. No signs of why he should be there. Just as he started towards the nurses desk the ambulance doors opened and the rolled a gurney into the ER. Brendon looked down as it rolled past him to see Chelsea looking as lifeless as ever. Brendon began to panic as he followed the gurney down the hall with the doctor walking behind it.

‘What happened?’

‘She’s having a reaction to something.’ Dr. Beam said.

‘how long has she been down?’ another doctor asked.

It’s a 15 minute drive.’ Dr. Beam answered.

‘David, she’s gone.’

‘She can’t be gone; I can’t tell Brendon his wife is dead try something else.’ Dr. Beam demanded.

‘David, she’s been with out oxygen for fifteen minutes, there is nothing we can do. She’s gone. Someone call it.’

‘Time of death 8:45 AM.’ A nurse said as he turned off the heart machine leaving Brendon in the door way.

Dr. Beam turned around and looked at Brendon with tears in his own eyes, ‘Brendon I’m sorry.’ He said softly.

Brendon sat straight up in bed with tears running down his cheeks and a cold sweat running down his neck. He rubbed his eyes as Chelsea sat up with him.

‘Baby what’s the matter?’ Chelsea asked feeling the sweat on his back.

Brendon turned to Chelsea and pulled her into a hug, ‘I was so scared.’ He whispered soothing her hair back against her neck.

‘What are you talking about?’

‘I just had a horrible dream.’ Brendon said.

‘What happened?’ she asked sweeping the tears out from under her eyes.

‘I had a dream that you died during your surgery tomorrow.’

‘Baby it’s already done. From now on baby everything is going to be fine.’ Chelsea smiled.

‘Brendon…BRENDON!’ he heard someone say as he quickly snapped out of his sleeping state in the waiting room the next morning, ‘Chelsea is out of surgery and doing great. She’s awake if you want to see her.’ Dr. Beam smiled. Brendon rubbed his eyes and stood up following their doctor back to recovery where he found his gorgeous wife in the same place he left her with the exception of the drugged up state she was in.

‘Hi baby.’ She smiled as he took her hand. Brendon smiled as a single tear rolled down his cheek before he pressed his lips to hers in a soft sweet kiss beginning the start of everything being fine.
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