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Re-make of "Words I Thought I'd Choke On." Amy travels from Australia to go to school in America trying to escape her past. Please review.

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Hey! This is just a redo of Words I Thought I'd Choke On story. Same Characters just said differenty and a bit more DRAMA!! Okay enjoy and please review...

Happy Australia Day!! My birthday 2m!! Woooo!


"Take care of yourself Amy." My Aunt Carol whispered in my ear while she pulled me into a hug.
"I will. Thanks... thanks for everything. I love you." I whispered back while a tear escaped my right eye.
She pulled away from the hug and wiped it with her thumb.
"You'd better get going before your uncle finds out." She said while wiping her face, being careful not to touch the bruise on her left cheek.
I nodded and picked up my backpack and began to walk to customs. Just before I entered the huge doors I turned around and saw my Aunt carol crying her eyes out. My eyes immediatly filled up with tears that I didn't want to fight back. Tears were steaming down my face while I gave my last wave and walked into customs.

2 hours later I was settled on the plane and waiting for lift-off. I was on an isle seat which was good because me and planes... not really the best mix. I looked over to the front where the flight attendants were doing their 'incase of an emergency' demonstration. We were'nt even in the air for 30 minutes before I fell asleep. I woke up 8 hours later and turned on my TV and watched my ALL TIME fave movie E.T. I've watched this movie about 200 times! The rest of the flight was pretty ordinary. I watched TV played games and ate. We FINALY came to NJ and thank god the school wasn't far away. I spent another hour getting out of the airport befor taking a cab to New Jersy Sate Colledge or as the everyone else calls it NJSC.

Thank god I'm finaly here. I payed the driver and got out my 2 huge suitcases. I entered the giant building and the first thing I saw were a group of fellow black wearers. I cought eye contact with one of them I broke it immediatly. I walked to the elevators and sped up to the 14th floor. I pulled out a scrunched up piece of paper from my backpack and studied it. It was a rough map of where I was going to stay. I stepped out of the elevator with my suitcases and saw everyone staring at me. I hurried to my room and unlocked it as fast as I could. I dropped my suitcases and went to lay on my bed, falling asleep within 30 seconds.

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