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Colour Co-Ordination... Bam!

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Amy meets the boys

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I woke up about three hours later to the sound of chattering next door. I groaned and slowly sat up on my bed. I looked around at my boring room. It had cream-coloured walls and discusting dark blueish carpet. There was a small TV across from my bed and an old crappy, two-seater couch against the wall. I got up and walked to the bathroom. The walls in the bathroom were the same filthy colour as the walls in the bedroom exept tiled. It had a toilet, bath, shower, sink and basin. It was really big but nothing too fancy. I looked in the mirror that hung above the basin. I was a COMPLETE mess. I had smudged eyeliner around my eyes that made me look like a racoon and my hair looked like I had been attaked by one. I pulled my phone out of my pocket to find the time but I forgot that it still had the Australian time. It read 9pm but it was completley sunny outside. There wasn't a clock in the room so I decided to ask if the person next door had the time. I knocked on the door that joined my room and the room next door. I heard a male voice in there.

"No wait Gee, don't open it yet. Im not dressed." He said and I heard another guy laugh.

"Okay I'm ready." The same male voice said.

"Umm hi. Im Amy. I just moved here from Australia. Do you think you could give me the time?" I asked shyly while looking at my feet.

"Yeah sure. Amy is it?" he said. I nodded and looked up at him. He was tall and had medium leangth black hair that streamed across his face. He looked like one of the guys I spotted when I first walked through the door. Behind him was another tall guy but he had brown frizzy hair that looked like he had an afro.

"It's 1pm. By the way I'm Gerard and this is Ray." The guy with the black hair said.

"Hi. I'm ah.. I'm sorry I don't usually look like this. I've just been sleeping." I said while putting my hand up to shake Gerards.

"Well if you want me and the guys could show you around the school. I mean only if you want to. Do you?" Gerard asked nervously.

"Umm. Sure. After I get cleaned up and unpacked, I'd love that." I replied.

"Okay so 2 hours?" Gerard asked.

"Uh. Yeah. My room or your's?" I asked.

"Your's... ours isn't exactly... clean." Gerard said looking around their messy room.

"Sweet. So my room at 3?" I asked.

"Yeah. you don't mind if the others come too?" Gerard asked.

"Others?" I asked confused.

"Yeah there are 4 more. Frank, Bob, Casey, Bob's Girlfriend and Mikey, Gerards Brother." Ray explained while doing up his converse.

"Okay see ya at 3 then." I smiled while closing the door.

I ran into the bathroom and took like a 20 minute shower, trying to get the knots out of my hair. I slid on one of my 5 pairs of black skinny leg jeans and my 'panic at the disco' shirt. I scurried through my bags to find my blow dryer and straightener. I rushed my hair and make up and began to unpack my suitcases.

I had a huge walk-in wardrobe. I breathed deeply and began unpacking. I arranged my clothes in colour co-ordination (call me a clean freak. I take after my mother.) Which was easy considering I only had black purple and red. I had gone through one bag so I shoved it in the corner of the wardrobe next to my shoes which were also colour co-ordinated. I started on the other bag. After I had put away all my clothes I came to the decorations that would make this boring place a little more livable. There were posters of all my favourite bands on the wall like The Used, Linkin Park and Panic at the diso. There were pictures of me, my Auntie and the friends I had left back home in Australia. I had unpacked everything until it came down to one little box that was shoved in the corner. I don't remember backing this. I slowly opened the box to find a little not inside that read,


Your mother left this for me to give to when you were 16.

Aunt Carol.*

Inside the box there was a golden locket that was shaped in a heart. Inside the locket there was a picture of my parents. I could feel tears forming in my eyes but I know I had to fight them if I want to keep my face the way it looks now. But I let one tear flow down my left cheek as I closed the locket. I quickly wiped it with my cold hands. I was about to put the necklace on when I heard a knock on the door. I quickly shoved the bag into closet with the other one and walked casualy to the door.

"Amy!" Ray screamed and pulled me into a bone crushing hug.

"Ray, Hi. Let go of me please, so I can you know breathe maybe?" I said under my breath.

"Hi amy sorry we're so early." Gerard said

"You're 10 minutes late Gerard!" I smartly replied.

"Exactly. Now be a doll and let me in!" he sweetly said as I opened the door wider.

"I like what you've done with the place Amy" Ray said while sitting on the bed next to me.

"Thank you Ray!' I smiled.

"Hey do you play guitar?" Ray squeeked when he saw a pick on my bes side table.

" Umm yeah. My umm. Mum is going to send it up." I said on the verge of tears while looking at the necklase.

"Oh no. Omg. Are you in to panic at the disco?" Gerard said worried.

"Hell yeah! I love them to death!" I answered gladly.
Ray and Gerard looked at each other annoyed.

"What?" I asked slowly.

"Casey she's gonna f-" Gerard was cut off by an knock on the door.
Ray got up and opened it. There was a really tall skinny girl with piercing blue eyes and black boy-cut hair.

She screamed her head off.

"Omg you must be Amy. I'm Casey. Your shirt. OMG OMG OMG!!! I LLOOVVEE Panic!!" she screamed some more.
I just smiled through the whole thing.

"I know they're Frikin Mad!!" I screamed back.

"Isn't Brendon Urie like the hottest person to ever walk the earth!!!" I added still screaming.
Casey squeeled.

"Lets Be bestfriend!!" she said uncontroling of her voice.

"Okay!" I said then pulled me in and squeezed me tighter than Ray did.

Gerard and Ray were watching us. Jaws on the floor.

"Nooo!!" Ray yelled while dropping down to his knees.

"Okay who spread drama queen on your toast this morning?!" Casey said.

I giggled and we immediatly turned to each other to finish our descusion on Brendon Urie.

We were inturupted by another knock on the door.

"I'll get it... anything to get out of this conversation." Ray said begining to stand up.

Suddenly a small guy with long black hair covering his right eye jumped in making Casey and I squeel in unison.

"No need to my brother! Frankie's in the hizhouse!" He screamed.

"hey Frankie." Gerard said.

"And who might this fine lady be?" he asked in a really cute voice. I blushed and giggled.

"This might be Amy and she's mine so don't even think about it." Casey ordered.

"Backing off, backing off." He said while falling on the couch with ray and gerard.

"Where's Bob and Mikes?" He added.

"Here!" I heard an unfamilliar voice say.

Suddenly 2 good looking boys come in. One was tall and a bit musculy and he wnt straight over to Casey so I guessed that was Bob. The other one was tall and skinny and had Black Glasses on but it was covered by his Black hair. This was the guy that I caught contact with downstairs.

Bob went over to Casey and gave her a soft peck on the cheek.

"Hey babe!" he said kindly

"Hay this is Amy." Casey told Bob

"Bob. Hi" he said

"Hey! And umm this?" I asked and put my hand out for mikey to shake it.

"This is my annoying, gorgeous little brother mikey." Gerard said sarcasticly.

"And this is my fat ugly fucked in the head brother gerard. " mikey said happily while shaking my hand.

"Haha Amy" I giggled.

"Okay lets go and show you around." Casey said.

This was the start to an awesome friendship.
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