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Amy's Story

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Casey and Amy get ready to go out with the boyys

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Happy Birthday To Me!!!!!


Gerard, Ray, Bob, Casey and Mikey showed me around the building. It was a pretty big place. It had 4 swimming pools, backet ball courts, volly ball courts, there was even a recording studio. After we had seen most of the building we walked outside. It was a Huge grass fied with a soccer and football field and random tree's planted around the place. We sat in a circle around a rather large tree. I sat next to Ray and Casey.

"So. Your from Australia eh?" Frank asked.

"Umm yeah. Well I was born in South Africa but I moved to Australia when I was Five." I answered quielty.

"So why'd you move?" Bob asked me.

"Umm. I ah... umm. My dad was transfered by his work." I lied.
Casey looked at me suspiciously so I just smiled.

"So what time are we heading out tonight Gee?" Bob asked.
I stared blankly at Gerard.

"Umm about 6 I think. We are going out for dinner tonight if you want to come too." Gerard Asked kindly.
I nodded
"Yeah sure."
"I'm getting ready with you then. If that's okay." Casey said exited.
I laughed
"Okay but we'd better get going soon then. It's already 3." I said

"Okay lets go." Casey squeeled as she leaned over and kissed bob on the cheek.

"You don't need three hours to get ready." Bob complained.

"We're girls honey!" Casey shouted while walking away.


"Hey I'm just gonna go get some clothes from my room. I'll be right back." Casey told me as I unlocked my door.

"Kay." I replied and walked in. I ran straight for the shower. A couple minutes later a walked out with my towel around me to find Casey looking in my wardrobe.

"Colour co-ordination?" she giggle. I laughed and rolled my eyes as she left for the bathroom. I looked through my closet and pulled out my red skinny legs and a black shirt. I slid them on and went to my bed side table and grabbed my locket. I opened it and looked at the picture inside of it. I studied it for the next few minutes. Casey screamed in my ear to scare me, which made me drop the necklace. I laughed and put it around my neck.

"Wow that's gorgeous!" Casey screamed looking at my locket.

"Thanks." I said closing the box it was in.

"Hey wait. What was that thing inside the box?" she said jumping across the bed. She opened the box and read the note. She stared at me shocked. I pretended not to notice and just kept on doing up my converse.

"Amy?" Casey asked worried.
I looked up slowly. Tears filled my eyes.

"My Dad wasn't transfered to Australia." I breathed in deaply. "He and my mum were killed when I was 6."

"Amy Im so-" Casey was cutt off.

"Don't be. I woke up in the middle of the night to screaming and when I went to find them they were on the floor. Their throats were slit." I said while tears streams down my face.

"Did they find the killer?" she asked softly.
I shook my head.

"After that I was sent to Australia to live with my Aunt and Uncle. My uncle was an alchoholic. He would come home in the middle of the night and asult my Auntie and bash us both." I added.

"Asult as in... se-" Casey was cut off by the look on my face.

"My auntie sent me here to get away from my uncle." I said softly.

"So you mean he doesn't know?" she asked with a shocked look on her face.
I shook my head again.
Casey pulled me into a hug.

"Sorry Amy." She whispered.
We stood there for another minute or two.

You never realise how much someone means to you until you loose them. Until you are told you are not going to ssee them again. Ever. That is why you wish that there is a heaven. Believing.

"We'd better start getting ready to leave." I said wiping my face.
She smiled and we finished up and left.


You like it? This actually kinda happened to me. Well to my friends. I used to live in South Africa and we moved because our close friends were killed this way. But not the abusing thing with the uncle and that stuff.. But it does happen. Which is sad.

Hehe it's my Bday!!
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