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I Win!

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Amy goes to dinner with... I shouldn't have to tell you

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Casey and I made our way downstairs to meet the guys. I spotted them waiting under the tree we were sitting earlier. Casey waved and ran over to hug Bob. I followed slowly with my hands in the pocket of my Hoodie.

"Hey Amy!" Ray said while pulling me in from the side to squish me in a hug.

"Ray. We talked about this didn't we? I NEED TO BREATHE!" I shouted, trying to escape.

"Sorry. I was possesed." He smiled. I giggled at his innocent face.

"You look pretty tonight Amy." Gerard said shyly.
I blushed and giggled.

"Thanks. You look alright yourself." I answered.

"Oooooooooooooooooohh!!" I heard Frank giggle. Gerard turned around and put him in a headlock. We all laughed and made our way to Bobs truck. I sat in the middle next to Mikey and Frank. Casey was next to Bob, who was driving and Gerard and Ray behind us. Mikey and frank were trying to tickle me by squeezing my sides and everytime they'd do it I'd let out a quiet squeel and jump up.

"You guy's are so annoying!" I said in between jumps.

"Good that means it's working!" Mikey said.
Frank giggled.

"You're gonna wish you were dead when I get out of this car!" I yelled and giggled.

"Oooh is that a threat?" Frank said lauging at me.
I sat there the rest of the 15 minutes jumping and squeeling. And all everyone else yould do is laugh.

We FINALLY got to the little resteraunt.

"You guy's can have a head-start." I smiled.

"We don't need a head start!" Frank yelled.

"Oh I think we do!" Mikey added as they both jumped out of the truck. I quickly followed them trying to catch them. I was a fast runner. I had trained back in Australia. I ran around the empty carpark trying to catch on of them. They were running so fast that Mikey's jeans fell down to his ancles and him to the floor. He tried to crawl away.
Casey, Bob, Gerard and Ray watched us laughing.

"Look at them!" Gerard smiled and shook his head.

"Can't get away now can yah Mikes?" I said quietly.

"No! You'll never take me alive!" he screamed trying to escape.
I put my foot on his back and smiled.
"I win!" I whispered and slapped his cheek softly. I took my foot off him and stuck my hand out to help him up. He smiled and grabbed it. He slowly stood up and pulled his pants up too.
Frank, Casey, Bob, Gerard and Ray were all clapping at us. We all headed in the small resteraunt and were seated. I sat next to Gerard and Mikey and opposite Casey. We ordered and talked about really random things until Bob asked what my parents do for a living.
I looked at Casey and froze. She looked at me and bit her bottom lip.

"Well... um. My... aah.. My.. Dad was a music producer. And umm. Mum was a singer." I said nervously.

"Was?" Ray asked.
I looked at Casey who had her hand across he mouth.

"I mean \is.\" I said quickly taking a bite of my food.
Dinner passed and we walked back to the car. We sat in the same spots we were on the way up. About 5 minutes into the ride home I fell asleep on Mikey's shoulder. It was 1 and I hadden't slept in like a day.

Mikey's POV

"Amy?" I said stroking her hair.
There was no responce

"Dude she's out. I'll carry her up to her room." I added.

"You need help?" Gerard said.

"Nah I should be right." I replied picking her up 'bride style.' She was light. Well lighter than I thought. Her long black hair hung down my arm. We finally came to her room. I totally forgot I didn't have her room key so I carried her back to my room. I unlocked the door and softly lay her down on the bed. I looked at her quickly and then fell asleep on the couch next to her.


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