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Body and Soul

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The battle for Hogwarts.

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Chapter 9: Body and Soul

Hermione watched the army approach and the defenders tense. She scoffed at the assortment of defenders, most were untrained and didn't have battle experience nor enough power to last long. She doubted they could use the magic needed to kill the multitudes of people. She'd have to narrow down the numbers.

Hermione closed her eyes and let her magic reach out. The majority of Voldemort's army was made up of the outcasts of the wizarding world. Werewolves and vampires were there in the hundreds. She would need to cut down their numbers.

She snapped her eyes open and lifted her right hand, which was already covered by a bright orange glow which grew brighter by the second. They managed to create clouds to block the sunlight, she would make a sun below the clouds. With a flick of her wrist the glow shot a hundred feet up and exploded in a bright blast rivaling the sun in intensity. When the flash died out the glow was only slightly less severe. She'd created a miniature sun. With a grin she turned to look past the shocked defenders and stared at the now stationary and smaller army.

She could sense that there were still vampires out there, but the majority of them had been taken by surprise. Most people aren't able to conjure an imitation sun in the midst of a siege. The ground was covered in dust and the air was filled with the smell of flash fried flesh. That kept the army wary and the sun still in the sky kept the remaining vampires from movingly with their previous swiftness.

Hermione grinned at the army and flash stepped to a spot several dozen feet away from the army. She closed her eyes and put her hands at her side. She took a deep breath and exhaled as she lifted her hands. As her hands rose a dense fog seemed to rise from the earth. It made the entire front of the invading army to back away with savage snarls and growls.


“Why did she summon fog?” Minerva questioned as she stared in bewilderment, “It will hamper us as well as them.”

Remus, who found himself snarling at the cloud, was the one to answer.

“It's not really a cloud. It's a mist of tiny silver particles. For a werewolf, walking into that mist would be like walking into a fire. That mist will stop any werewolf from passing and since most of the remaining front attackers are werewolves, she effectively stopped their advance. That mist covers the entire width of grounds.”

Dumbledore hummed as he watched the mist stabilize.

“Remus you stay here, the rest of you follow me. We're going to hide in the mist and attack from it. They'll be fighting blind but we wont be.” He ordered.

Every nodded and together they advanced into the mist to aid Hermione in the fight.


Hermione grinned as she looked at the werewolves in front of her. They were regarding her warily and why wouldn't they; she can create a cloud of silver mist of enormous size. They didn't want to get too close in case she made another cloud of silver mist, but they knew they needed to go past her to kill Dumbledore's men and get into the school. Not doing so would get them punished or killed by the dark lord, but going forward they would have to fight a powerful witch who could just conjure up their weakness at will. It was a lose lose for them and they were trying to decide what the lesser of two evils was. The fact that the red haired, orange eyed witch was grinning at them wickedly just made hit harder to decide.

The werewolves were caught by surprise when a spray of spells came shooting out of the mist and hitting several of the fighters in the front. They angrily responded by firing their own volley of spells into the silver mist. Their attention was again caught by Hermione as their spells approached the mist. Their spells vanished into rippling air just as they passed Hermione. The fighters in the mist, who began firing regularly into the army, were never touched by the spells.

Hermione giggled mockingly at the werewolves as they grew frustrated at their inability to fight back and had to throw up shields. She lifted her right hand and focused her magic. Her hand began to glow orange and she let it go. A three meter wide spearhead of fire flew into the crowd of fighters, plowing several dozen meters into their ranks, and then exploding outward for several meters in all directions. She was immediately assaulted by over a hundred spells that only just vanished before hitting her. She grinned and lifted her hand again, but before she could fire another spell she was hit by a green crescent shaped wave that threw her into the mist with a yell of pain.


Hermione groaned as she sat up and held her chest. She looked up and lifted an eyebrow as McGonagall and Dumbledore were staring at her in surprise.

“I got hit by some green spell from the side. It had a lot of power in it, but I didn't recognize it. I think it was just a blast of raw magic. I don't really think it was a spell at all.” Hermione said with a curious tone and a lifted eyebrow.

They were all startled as the mist abruptly vanished. They looked around quickly before they head a scream from one of the other order members. They turned in that direction and gasped as they saw the cause of the green wave and the vanishing of the mist.

Voldemort was standing at the front of his remaining fighters with a cold smile on his face. He had a faint pale green aura and a large pale green snake coiled loosely around him. He was staring right at Hermione and made a mocking bow to her.

“Hello Miss Granger. You've proven to be a rather strong inconvenience. I'm going to kill you and perhaps it will draw out our dear Harry. I'm sure he'd be upset if his whore was killed.” The grotesque man said as he began to approach her.

Dumbledore reacted as the Dark Lord came closer and fired a spell at him. To the old man's shock, his spell vanished as neared the Dark Lord. He fired again with the same results.

Voldemort laughed at the old man as he watched the spells vanish. This power made him invincible. No magic could touch him if he didn't allow it. He grinned as he threw a sphere of green magic that tossed the old man back several meters to crash into the ground with the sounds of cracking bones. He turned back to Hermione, but only saw a flash before he was filled with pain.


Hermione had been filled with rage from the moment she eyed the snake of a wizard. She didn't hear his boastful taunt nor did she notice Dumbledore getting blasted. She was eying Voldemort with hate filled, glowing, hellish eyes and a red-orange aura that generated immense heat surrounded her and scorched the ground around her.

Everything that had happened to Harry was Voldemort's fault. He caused everything bad to happen. He killed Harry's parents which left him in an abusive environment. He continuously attacked Harry over his years at Hogwarts which endangered his life and made it even more important to Dumbledore to keep Harry at his abusive relatives' home. He caused the death of Cedric and Sirius, both of which left scars on Harry. Most of all it was because of him and his minions that Harry's powers awoke early and he began to loose himself. He was the reason she was loosing her Harry.

Her aura grew denser and brighter as fury filled her. She watched as the snake of a wizard turned to her and immediately flash stepped. She appeared kneeling in front of him and thrust her right hand into his stomach. Boiling heat was pouring out of her hand and covering his stomach. The boiling heat began to twist around him, growing up to his chest and around to his back. She smiled as he screamed, but frowned as she noticed his green aura begin to battle against the expanding heat wave.

The two had attracted the attention of everyone on the battlefield. The Dark Lord's Forces and The Defenders of Hogwarts watched in awe as the two powerful fighters battled. The magic pouring out of the two was astounding and enough to thicken the air and increase the pressure of the air around them.

It was an interesting battle in terms of who the two were. The leader of the pure blood movement and a muggleborn witch. They were the two extremes of the war.


Voldemort growled as he focused his aura and magic to fight against the painful heat wave trying to expand around his body. He slowly gained ground and isolated the heat wave to his sides and stomach. It was taking too much effort to hold it, if the mudblood kept sending the same amount of force into it, then he wouldn't be able to keep it isolated. He needed to break contact.

Struggling to keep focus so he doesn't loose ground, Voldemort gathered magic into his hands and thrust them into Hermione's face. She screamed as the magic split her face open and threw her back.
She hit the ground and curled into herself screaming as her hands rushed to her face, where blood was pouring from.

Her face had been split up the center and peeled back slightly with over two dozen smaller cuts covering her face that were all peeled loose. The magic Voldemort used was targeted to cut open her skin, peel it back away from the muscles, and pour in an acidic compound that ate away at the muscles.

Voldemort grinned at the girl as she continued to scream in pain. His recently gained power was immense. He heard the stories of Harry's battles and the powers he wielded. Voldemort worked long and hard to find ways to replicate the powers for himself. He had succeeded and was not disappointed. Unfortunately for him, modern muggle warfare proved that though cheap copies of powers and weapons were strong and effective, they were nothing when placed against the original. Hermione's power was natural for her, while Voldemort's was unnatural and alien to him. Voldemort realized that there was more to Hermione's power when she suddenly stopped screaming and was simply breathing heavily.


Hermione's breath came fast and hard. Her face was resting in a pool of her own blood, but her sweat had washed most of it off her face. The cuts that were covering her face were healed, the skin reattached to her muscles, and the acidic compound dispersed by her magic. At that moment, Hermione would highly debate the fact that the cruciatus curse caused the most pain. That experience had been excruciating.

After her breathing regulated and her body was no longer pouring out sweat like rain from clouds, she stood on shaky legs and turned a hateful glare at Voldemort as she flared her aura.

“That really bloody hurt!” Hermione shouted as she quickly turned towards Voldemort.

She threw her right arm forward releasing a wave of white fire and followed it with her left arm which three a large sphere of white fire. Both flew with high speed at Voldemort's surprised form.

Voldemort's eyes were wide and his hands slightly shaky. He couldn't believe that the mudblood had healed her wounds and moved past his damaging attack in mere minutes. It was insulting to the amount of time he spent creating that spell. He was in such a state of frustrated surprise that he almost missed the approaching white fire attacks.

He threw up his hands and moved his magic into a shield surrounding him. The wave crashed into the shield and wrapped around it before dispersing. As the wave hit the shield, the heat pushed through and burnt away the sleeves of Voldemort's robes and left his skin blistered. He kept the shield up against the sphere of white fire.

When the white fire hit the shield it exploded apart like a drop of water splaying apart. The large and small bits that splashed apart stuck to whatever they touched. Voldemort let his shield down too early and the parts of white fire that splashed up above him, rained down and stuck to him. He screamed as his skin blistered and burnt. He ripped his robes off leaving him in loose pants as she clawed at the flames stuck to his skin. He had to rip chunks of skin out to get the sticking fire off.

When he finally got the fire all off Voldemort was breathing heavily as blood poured from the wounds. He focused his magic to heal himself, but it took much more power and effort than it had for Hermione. Her magic reacted instinctively to heal her, but Voldemort's had to be forced to heal him.

Voldemort reached a startling conclusion as he thought about his fight with the mudblood. He couldn't win by firing powerful spells and having strong shields. She would defeat him, but it wouldn't make sense. Potter was the one prophesied to defeat him. That meant there was a way to defeat this girl, regardless of her being stronger than him. Only Potter had the ability to defeat him, only Potter was his equal. He decided to play to his strengths. His strongest ability, the one he was most known for by his followers and enemies, was legilimency. The girl had no history of knowing it or occlumency. That would be his winning tool. With a grin he faced the girl, prepared to win.


The crowded grounds of Hogwarts were still outside of the battle between Hermione and Voldemort. The defenders of Hogwarts watched in awe at Hermione's ability to combat Voldemort and not loose energy or stamina while Voldemort seemed to be weakening. The Death Eaters and servants of Voldemort watched in awe, horror, and incredulity as a mudblood humiliated their master.

None of them, on either side, could believe what they were seeing. Both fighters were releasing immense magical pressure, but as Voldemort grew weaker, Hermione seemed to be growing stronger as the battle went on. It was as if her magic was growing and adapting from the fighting with such a high powered enemy.


Voldemort watched the fire using witch carefully as they stood across from each other, waiting for the other to make a move. Voldemort was focusing his magic to his mind as he prepared to use the only thing that could really help him win this fight.

He got his opportunity as Hermione lifted her eyes to his. He smirked and let his magic loose while activating his legilimency and forcing his way into her unguarded mind. He entered and found her mind surprisingly organized. He smirked and let his magic loose in a fierce storm that shook and scattered her mind. He pulled out and smiled at his success. It had taken only moments, but the girl was on her knees holding her head.


Hermione was growing frustrated. Voldemort wasn't making a move and she was wary to make one herself. After several minutes of watching his movements, Hermione lifted her eyes to his. That was her worst mistake throughout the battle. In seconds she felt the breech of her mind. She felt his tainted magic rush into her mind and scatter it. It brought more pain that his attack on her face had.

She fell to her knees, her mind filled with confusion and fear. Nothing made sense as she gripped her head. She felt pain, but couldn't see or hear. She shook her head and tried to understand what was happening as her mind was ripped apart and scattered around.

She felt herself grabbed roughly and she unseeingly swung at the groper without success. She felt even more fear and confusion fill her as her stomach was cut open and she felt blood flowing out. She loosing her sense of self when she was suddenly cloaked in an immense magical pressure that her own magic reacted to. She felt the wound in her stomach close and her sight and hearing slowly began to clear. Her mind began reordering itself and the confusion and fear began to leave her. She felt the hands holding her before vanish. She blinked several times as blurry figures began to clear.


Voldemort grinned as he rushed over and grabbed the mentally injured girl up. He took great pleasure in using his magic to split her stomach open. He laughed at her groan of pain. He would have done more, but was assaulted by an immense magical pressure that dwarfed his own terribly.

He was having trouble breathing and turned to find out what was causing it. His eyes widened and his jaw dropped as he saw the source. His hands dropped Hermione as he watched cold, powerful green eyes glare into his. He had a short memory flash of similar glaring green eyes when he killed the Potter woman. It made him flinch then, and they made him flinch now.

Harry Potter stood on air a dozen feet above ground not very far from Voldemort. He glaring as his amethyst colored dragon roared and swirled around him. His power was fear inducing and had Voldemort frozen.

Harry moved faster than the snake could track and gripped his throat. The green eyed wizard lifted Voldemort off the ground and glared into his eyes.

“I'm going to erase you from existence today,” Harry stated as his hand began to glow a dark purple.

“Not before I burn his body to ash!” Hermione screamed in Fury.

Voldemort felt the paint, but was unable to respond to it. Hermione's hand was covered in a bright red-orange glow as she thrust her hand through Voldemort's back and out his chest just below the ribcage.

The viewers looked on in shock as the glow on Hermione's arm turned to flames that wrapped around the dark lord and swirled like a fiery twister. Voldemort screamed as his body was destroyed, again, and he felt his spirit being stripped away from the his burning body. As the dark lord's body fell to ash on the ground, everyone watching gasped in surprise.

Voldemort's soul was full formed in the same shape as his body. It was a disgusting blackish gray color and gave off the feeling of taint. Hermione pulled her hand away as Harry held tightly to the spirit of the dark lord.

“I told you that I was going to erase you Tom. Your spirit is tainted horribly, but it keeps your spirit on this plane and keeps it able to gain a new body. To fully eliminate you, I need to destroy your spirit. I'm going to do that and you'll be gone from existence, never to bother the world again. Goodbye.” Harry explained as his purple glowing hand slid into the spirit's chest.

Voldemort's soul emitted a horrible screeching as purple seemed to filter in and consume the black soul. When the soul was fully encased in purple, it seemed to solidify into an actual amethyst jewel. The spirit's face was frozen in horror and pain. It's mouth twisted in a scream, it's eyes wide and strained.

Harry nodded as he looked it over and then thrust his hand through it, causing it to shatter to pieces. He then pulled fire from the amethyst dragon and burnt away the crumbled pieces of the jeweled soul. The soul of Tom Riddle was erased from existence, neither going to the after life, nor remaining on the plane of the living.

Harry let out a strong breath and turned to Hermione.


Hermione watched Harry finish off Voldemort. It was the first time she took notice of a difference in Harry. His hair was black, his eyes were green, and his dragon aura was purple. The last time she'd seen him let his power out, his hair and eyes were purple and his dragon was black. As Harry destroyed the last bits of Voldemort's soul and turned to her, Hermione spoke.

“Harry? Is that you?”

Harry grinned as he walked over to her.

“Yeah, I managed to take full control.”


“You called for me. You needed me and I sensed it when he was about to kill you when he scrambled your mind.”

“Are you in control for good?”

“I don't know.”

Hermione frowned, but threw herself into Harry's arms and hugged him tightly. She turned up to him and felt her power leave her. Her hair and eyes returned to normal. She smiled and pressed her lips against Harry's while she knew he was there. She didn't know how long Harry would have control, he wasn't even sure, so she wanted to hold him while he was there.


Hermione and Harry stood together near the stairs leading into the now safe school. With the fall of Voldemort, the invading army surrendered to the Ministry forces that had arrived at the back of the army.

Hermione was very happy and was resting her head on Harry's shoulder while his arm was around her waist. She was taking advantage of the time she had, and letting herself think it might just last a while.

She'd been told by McGonagall that Dumbledore wanted to speak to her. He knew Harry wouldn't go near him. She also knew he wanted to talk to her about her power and why she hadn't told him how far along she'd gone in it. He probably wanted to turn her into a means of control for Harry. Like hell she would let that happen. She wouldn't be used and she surely wouldn't be used to control Harry. Her peace with Harry was shattered by members of the Ministry. It shouldn't have come as a surprise to her, but it did.

Several squadrons of Ministry Aurors approached them, wands drawn, and surrounded her and Harry where they were standing near the doors to the Entrance Hall. Hermione frowned as she questioned them.

“What do you want?”

“Quiet traitor. If you weren't protected by Dumbledore we'd take you as well,” The pompous lead auror stated.

Harry frowned, his eyes flashing purple and staying that way. This fool thought he could take him? He should have known. He saved their asses and they attempt to arrest him.

“Harry James Potter you are under arrest for mass murder of innocents, crimes against wizards and witches, inciting panic, and forcing hundreds of diseased witches and wizards to take up arms against their purer brethren.” The lead Auror stated as he leveled his wand against the now amethyst haired man.

“You're accusing me of forcing that army to attack Hogwarts when plenty of people say Voldemort was there and in control of the army? I saved you from him and you're trying to pin his actions on me?” Harry asked with a raised voice.

His eyes were wide with red lines filling the whites of his eyes. He was furious. Nothing about the people changed.

“And Here I thought you pathetic, filthy, corrupt fools would've learned something by now. I wanted to mind my own business. You're the ones who sent people after me. You're the ones who placed a bounty on my head that made people seek me out. I simply wanted to mind my own business, but you wouldn't leave me be! You've been painting me as enemy this entire time. You want an enemy, fine, you've got one!” Harry shouted at the now nervous auror.

Harry's shouting had attracted the attention of the crowd around them. Harry glared at the aurors and took one look at Hermione. He sneered and vanished into a cloud of black smoke.

Hermione stood in shock. She'd been happy, looking forward to being with her Harry again. The Ministry, the damned Ministry always made a mess of everything. She turned a glare on the aurors and vanished in a wave of heat.
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