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Harry becomes the villain the magical world made him out to be.

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A/N: this is the last chapter for this book. It's not going to be that long, a couple thousand words or so. It's mostly setting up the second book, The Gathering. It'll be a bit before I start that one though. Hope you all enjoy this last bit of Rise of the Dragon.

Chapter 10: Villain

Hermione growled as she appeared in the shrieking shack. She'd been flash stepping around England for the past hour looking for Harry. He wasn't anywhere she'd figured he'd be and she couldn't track his magic anywhere. It was infuriating her and she could only imagine what Harry was doing to vent his anger.

“I hope you're not doing anything stupid Harry...please don't be serious about becoming the enemy they painted you out to be, please,” Hermione whispered to herself as she paced inside the shack.


Dumbledore was normally a kind and gentle man. People often said he had a grandfatherly aura. Those who really knew him though, they could tell stories of how terribly horrifying the man could be when angered enough. The people outside of the now recovering Hogwarts were witnesses to one of the few times Albus Dumbledore truly lost his temper. His magic was creating a strong pressure on the area around him and the air was growing misty as the old man's magic generated small amounts of water in the air, which happened to be the element his magic was attuned to.

“Were you given orders to arrest that boy by the head of your department?” Dumbledore asked the cowering Auror.

“No Headmaster. Our orders regarding the Potter boy was to avoid him at all costs unless he was harming innocents. Minister Bones figured that the only reason Potter was attacking anyone was because they were hunting him. Anyone he killed was a bounty hunter or a death eater. She figured he'd mind his own business if we left him alone.” The lead Auror explained as he shuffled from foot to foot in front of the intimidating headmaster.

“How interesting,” Albus said with an uncharacteristic snort “That's exactly what Harry said after you tried to arrest him. All he wanted was to be left alone, his actions even proved it! What did you think you were doing? Were you going to do what people far better than you couldn't and capture him? Were you aiming at getting famous for arresting him?”

The Auror squad in question all had embarrassed looks on their faces at the questions and looked anywhere but at the old man. If the situation had been any less serious, people would have found it humorous how the old man could inspire fear in a squad of battle trained, if dumb, Aurors.

“My Lord, you did think you'd get get him and be famous? You must've been one of Cornelius' men. Next time listen to the Minister who has managed to stay alive and away from the bad side of Harry Potter. Fools, the lot of you.” Dumbledore growled out as he turned away from the squad.

He was curious as his eyes found a wide eyed Hermione staring at the squad of Aurors.


Hermione was walking back towards Hogwarts to try and see if the Headmaster or someone else could guess where Harry had gone. She had just approached where the Headmaster was when she noticed the squad of Aurors who had tried to arrest Harry. Then it clicked in her mind. Her eyes widened as the Headmaster turned around and met her eyes. She slapped herself in the head for her stupidity and turned to the Headmaster.

“The ministry! Harry's at the ministry, I don't know what he's doing but he's pissed.” Hermione said as she flash stepped away.

Albus' eyes widened in surprise and quickly apparated, following Hermione to the location of the Ministry.

When he arrived into rubble and chaos he couldn't believe his eyes. The ministry was going to have a hard time covering this up, and Harry was definitely serious about his claim to becoming the enemy they said he was.


Harry was standing on top of Big Ben and staring over London. His face expressed his fury, and his magic showed his rage. His aura was flowing around him and the dragon, again black colored, swirled around him. The size had grown to enormity as he let his anger flow through him. This obviously attracted the attention of every person who could see it, many of which thought they were suffering hallucinations.

'How dare they try to arrest me when I'm the one that stopped the one who was truly evil. I saved their lives and the lives of their children and siblings and they dare to try that? They have no idea who they're messing with!' Harry's thoughts raged as he stared around the city. A noise caught his attention and he turned around. The sight of a half dozen military helicopters made him raise an eyebrow.

“Just like people in the government. They see something they don't understand with power they can't control and they send out their men to kill it. Pathetic.” Harry spat as he stared at the choppers.

As if to validate Harry's statement the choppers opened fire on him. The bullets all stopped three feet away from him, an almost solid wall of bullets. Harry frowned as he moved the bullets away so he could stare at the pilots inside the choppers.

“Both worlds seem to want me as an enemy. So be it.” Harry said as he unleashed his power.

To the horror of the pilots in the choppers and the thousands watching, The clock tower Harry was on top of completely shattered all the way to the ground and it all fell down in a storm of rubble. Harry tilted his head towards the choppers and the wall of bullets flew off with such speed the generated a sonic boom and ripped through all the choppers. The spray of bullets caused them to explode and the wreckage to fall to the ground, crushing buildings and cars as they fell.

Harry stared down at the chaos and grinned. 'I'm rather good at being villainous' Harry thought as he stared around.

His eyes stopped at the location he knew to be the underground Ministry of Magic. He grinned as his memories pushed forward his time going through the Headmaster's mind. The key to his ultimate goal lied inside the Department of Mysteries. He'd get that and unmask the Ministry from its hidden position.

“It's time London learns about its hidden residents.” Harry said with a grin as he flew over to the entrance of the Ministry.

“Time to say hello to the muggles,” Harry said with a grin.

His eyes glowed brightly as he let his magic flow into the ground and grasp the underground complex that made up the Ministry. He moved his hands down and bent his legs, closing his hands into fists as if he were grabbing onto something. He breathed out as his dragon blurred into a black mist that filled the area around him. He clenched his hands tightly and began to slowly lift them up. As his hands rose the earth shook violently and the sidewalk in front of him began cracking. The cracks quickly spread into the street as the complex began to surface. The buildings above the complex were lifted and destroyed, pushed out of the way as the underground complex rose. Harry grunted as the building began rising faster, the floors flying by quickly. Finally he got it all lifted and the ground beneath it filled he let his magic go and stood back with a grin.

The people in the streets who had ran in fear and confusion from the rising building were now watching in fascination as several people began appearing through the walls of the newly risen building and staring in shock at boy who had pulled it above ground.

A news crew from the BBC that had been filming the operation the helicopters had gone on, was now filming Harry as he pulled the Ministry of Magic from the ground. This was an event, an outing of the magical community, that wouldn't be obliviated from the witness' mind.

“Good Evening Minister Bones. I've come for something in the Department of Mysteries, and well this just seemed so much funner than just going underground to get it.” Harry said with a laugh as the furious monocle wearing woman walked towards him.

“Do you have any idea what you've done?” Madame Bones asked furiously, ignoring the power of the person in front of her.

“Of course I do. I've somewhat outed the magical community in a way that wont be easily covered up. The magical world wanted to make an enemy out of me even though I just wanted to mind my own business. The small minded people in your ministry and community feared my power because I wasn't under the Ministry's thumb. They painted me as a villain, and now they're going to find out just how good a villain I can be. Voldemort was nothing. He was short-sighted and close-minded. I'm going to throw the world into chaos and see what happens. You should enjoy the show, it'll be fun.” Harry said with a smile as he walked over to the wall.

“Why are you doing this? You defeated Voldemort and now you're going to be a villain?” Bones questioned as she watched the boy approach the wall.

Harry lifted his hand and pushed it towards the wall. An archway was blasted through the wall and continued in all the walls forming a path into the building and then up into floors above.

“I didn't initially plan on this Minister. I was going to enjoy being rid of that annoyance and the fact that you were smarter than your predecessor and were leaving me alone. It was when your Aurors accused me of planning the attack on Hogwarts and then tried to arrest me that made up my mind.” Harry explained as he broke continued work on the path he was creating in the building.

“Harry stop this! You've done enough, but the world can't handle this exposure! You can't throw the world into chaos just because you're angry!” Hermione shouted after listening to Harry's explanation.

She was standing close to Harry and her hair was already deep red and her eyes a glowing fiery orange. She scowled as she saw his hair and eyes were violet again and his aura was black again.

“Hermione I'm not in the mood to listen to you. They treated you as badly as they did me, I don't know why you're defending them.” Harry said with a frown as he turned to face her.

“I'm defending them because it's my responsibility with the power I have. I wont sink to their level, I'm not that petty. You need to stop this Harry.” Hermione ordered as she took a step towards him.

“There are hardly any people in this world that deserve to be defended. They're all pathetic sheep and corrupted authority figures. I'm going to throw the world into chaos and let the strongest survive. Then I'll raise them up to form a society of true success and prosperity. One where people cherish life, not because of bloodlines or ability, but because they're simply able to have their life and live free.

This world is filled with wars over land, money, and religion. The crimes people commit make me sick. The lack of justice in the justice systems of the world is horrifying. I'm sick and tired of a world of sheep filled with fear and corrupted shepherds driving the human race, both magical and non-magical, into the ground. I'm going to raise a society that is unified and lacks the fallen morals of today. You should be joining me not defending them.”

Hermione frowned as Harry explained his goals. She couldn't argue against it. He had a lot of valid points, but it wasn't worth the terror he would bring.

“I'm not going to let you do that Harry. I admit the world has a lot of problems, but this isn't the way to fix it.” Hermione argued, her eyes narrowed and her jaw clenched.

“It's like the shepherd and the wandering sheep. The sheep wanders away, the shepherd tracks it down and brings it back. When the shepherd has the sheep back he breaks its legs. While the sheep recovers and its legs heal, the shepherd carries it everywhere and takes care of it. Once its legs are healed it wont wander away from the shepherd again. The human race has wandered away from the prosperous path. The people have become selfish and greedy. I'm going to give them a mouthful of true villainy. I'm going to break the world and then set its broken pieces back in their proper spots and take care of it as it heals. It'll become more than anyone could imagine. It's like when you break a bone. If it's set right and given time to heal then when it's healed it becomes stronger than it was before. So what if lives must be sacrificed. When I'm through with it, the world will be a beautiful and prosperous place.” Harry said, a wistful smile gracing his face.

Hermione felt her heart shatter as Harry spout off his views. Her Harry was long gone. This was the other half, the darker half. Harry's anger let it loose and now it was in full control again.

“I'm not going to let you do that Harry. It's what you would want me to do if you were in your right mind.” Hermione said as she flared her aura and gathered her magic.

Harry scoffed as he looked at her with a raised eyebrow. Suddenly his expression turned vicious.

“You think you can stop me girl?” Harry spat out with disdain.

Hermione answered by flash stepping to him and slamming her fist into his face. Harry's body flipped backwards twice before slamming into the a piece of wall behind him that cracked on impact. She then let loose a stream of white fire from her hands that slammed into him and scorched everything it touched. Her attacks had dirt, dust, and smoke filling the air.

“I'm the only one who can.” Hermione said as the smoke from the attacks cleared.

Harry stood there staring at her with his clothes burnt and tattered, but his body relatively unscathed. Suddenly he grinned and chuckled.

“You've got a long way to go to stop me girl.”

Hermione gasped at the voice coming from directly behind her as the Harry she stared at vanished into mist. He moved faster than she could follow, faster than her flash steps. He left an afterimage solid enough to fool her powerful eyes.

She heard herself scream as something ripped through her stomach. She looked down to see a hand protruding from her stomach covered in blood and guts. She gasped as it was roughly ripped from her body.

“The other me isn't able to restrain me anymore girl. I have no ties to you. Get in my way again and I'll do a lot more damage. You can't even wake your beast, how can you possibly hope to challenge me?” Harry questioned as he kicked her body away.

Hermione felt disconnected from her body as she rolled across the ground. She wasn't feeling the pain from the injuries she had. She stared with unnatural sharpness as Dumbledore appeared and took in the horrifying scene. She watched as Harry calmly walked to the archway he created in the Ministry Building. He lifted his hand and after a few seconds she saw a large tome, probably a foot long and ten inches wide at two inches thick land in his hand. He looked at it and smiled before vanishing into black mist.

Hermione groaned as she felt herself reconnect with her body. The pain was intense but her magic was already healing her. She stood and gathered her little bit of strength. Staggering, she made her way to Dumbledore.

“I need training. Training with powerful people. I know I'm as strong as Harry, but I'm holding myself back. I need to break that barrier, whatever it is. I need to wake my beast to even have a hope of stopping him.” Hermione breathed out as her magic rapidly repaired the damage her body had sustained.

Dumbledore nodded with hollow eyes.

“I know just the place and the person to train you.” Dumbledore said.

He walked over to the Minister and sighed.

“This is a mess, but you're going to have to handle it. Miss Granger is the only I know of with a hope of stopping Harry before gets his plan underway. If she doesn't I have no doubt Harry will bring the human race to the brink of extinction. I have to handle her training so this will be up to you.”

Amelia Bones sighed as he heard this. It was going to be a mess and a difficult few years following this. She nodded and turned away from the old man. She had orders to give to her people and Auror squad to put in Azkaban for Insubordination.


Hermione sighed as she gathered her bags and exited her house. Her parents weren't happy with the situation, but they knew they couldn't stop her. Hermione had always been loyal to Harry and she would do anything for him. Even if it meant killing him to save him from himself. If anyone was going to take his life it was her. His life was hers to take, and nobody else's. Though for her that was a last resort. She wanted to save him and fix the split in his mind.

The bushy haired girl walked to the end of her street with her bags to meet the old man who had been her Headmaster for the past five and a half years. He'd take her to where she'd be training to stop Harry. She was very curious about where she'd be. She smiled as she stopped in front of him.

“Ready to go?” He questioned.

She simply nodded in response. He reached out and grabbed her arm. With a soft crack and displacement of air they vanished from the street and appeared on a stone pathway.

Hermione looked around curiously. There were clouds everywhere. They were next to her, above her and she noticed as she turned around and looked down that she was on a platform of some kind and clouds were below her.

“Headmaster, where are we?” She asked weakly as she saw a break in the clouds and caught site of a large amount of land very far away. She had a flashback to cartoons that would paint the earth in different colored squares from the air.

“You are in a place few people know exists. The Castle in the Sky, an old magical legend that bled into the Asian muggle world. This is the home of Nicolas and Perenelle Flamel. You will be training with Perenelle. It's an unknown fact that she is one of the strongest class eight witches in the world and has been for a few hundred years. She could never quite crack the mystery of ascending to class nine.

She was the one responsible for stopping the Scarlet Witch time and again during her reign of terror. It wasn't as well known as Grindelwald, but was at the same time. She was much more subtle in her actions and the fights she was in always left few witnesses.” Dumbledore explained as he and Hermione approached the large castle.

“Wow...” was all Hermione was able to come up with as she listened to the explanation and stared at the large and beautiful castle.

Suddenly the door they were heading towards opened and a man who looked to be in his mid forties exited and quickly walked towards them. He looked worried and was holding a folder.

“Albus we have a problem.” Nicolas said as he met the old man several feet away from the door to his castle.

“What is it Nicolas?” Albus asked with worry, if it was enough to worry a man who made his plans in decades and centuries instead of months and years then it was bad.

“Harry took the Last book of Atlantas, and after having gone through your mind he knows how to read it.”

The color left the Headmaster's face at the news and his legs grew weak. Ignoring the concerned questions of his old friend and his student his mind wandered to the damage that could be done with that book. Harry promised the world chaos, chaos he would indeed deliver.

---Closing Line---
That's all for book 1 folks. State tuned for book 2, The Gathering.
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